Wireless broadband for Canberra!

tom 1 June 2005 27

I love my iBurst veritel modem and now it looks like veritel’s coverage has been extended up to Gungahlin and down to Farrer.

Check out this map which shows the new extended wireless broadband coverage for Canberra.

I absolutely love my iBurst modem. I live in a part of Lyneham that transact, telstra and optus will not serve. I can take my iBurst to work (in the Parliamentary triangle) or even up to Sydney with me. No dialing up required – no waiting on Telstra phone people to install anything. I have the desktop version, so all I need is a power outlet. Magic!

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27 Responses to Wireless broadband for Canberra!
Geoffco Geoffco 2:49 pm 22 Jun 05

It’s been delayed indefinately. Read whirlpool for loads more info.

technophobic technophobic 9:52 am 22 Jun 05

Help guys…have landline adsl but am looking at broadband – speedwise how do they compare? Anyone know when the Red Hill tower will actually be running?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:13 pm 13 Jun 05

Nick, Dickson College by any chance, we had open wireless at the start of the year…but you would have needed a proxy username and password.


johnboy johnboy 10:51 am 13 Jun 05

Well there are a few free hotspots.

Nerdband is running in Pancake Parlour if you can stand the scientologists.

They used to be in valentinos but a rogue WAP was crapflooding garema place (somewhat suspiciously) I believe that can be overcome with the new routers coming out.

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 10:38 am 13 Jun 05

There’s no such thing as a FREE lunch Nick (except for ACT politicians ).

nick nick 1:46 am 13 Jun 05

what about FREE wireless?

there’s the nerdvana hotspot at deli marco in dickson, and i’ve found a few by driving around with a stumbler going, but…

i was parked near a school that had an open wifi network, surfing and downloading – and the cops rumbled me. guess i looked suspicious sitting there for a couple of hours a couple of days running.

and i’ve never been able to find an open wifi network in the civic area yet…

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 11:44 am 02 Jun 05

Good enough for me.

But what about this dodgy Ralph character…..


Ralph Ralph 11:40 am 02 Jun 05

I can confirm that tom is NOT a Veritel ‘stooge’.

Ralph Ralph 11:39 am 02 Jun 05

I can confirm that tom is NOT a Veritel ‘stooge’.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 11:27 am 02 Jun 05

Oh come on tom, you seem to almost be wetting yourself with your enthusiasm for Veritel. The only reason I don’t think you are a Veritel stooge is that I’d expect an ad man to be more subtle, although I may well be naive there.

tom tom 10:35 am 02 Jun 05

Sorry Ari – I’m only responding to the questions that people ask me.

You might want to “tone down” your patronising tone. You sound suspiciously like an idiot to me.

RandomGit RandomGit 10:30 am 02 Jun 05

300MB drifts to far into the ‘lame’ category for me.

I’ll wait for it to catch up to my needs.

Ari Ari 10:23 am 02 Jun 05

Tom, you may want to tone down the breathless pushing of Veritel.

Sounds suspiciously like marketing to me.

tom tom 9:43 am 02 Jun 05

Its real broadband. I’m downloading at 512.

The pricing is at http://www.veritel.com.au. I’ve opted for the $49 package which gives me 512 download at a 300MB per month cap. Once the 300MB has been downloaded, you dont pay more money. Your speed is just limited to 64k (which is still faster than dialup).

RandomGit RandomGit 9:30 am 02 Jun 05

OK, so it’s wireless but not really broadband? Or is it a case of your equipment?

vg vg 9:22 am 02 Jun 05

Can’t seem to find any pricing schemes on the iBurst website

shauno shauno 12:11 am 02 Jun 05

Sorry the above comment sould have said will hook up not won’t

shauno shauno 12:08 am 02 Jun 05

RandomGit Ive got a Dlink 604 4port ethernet and wireless router. Now this system won’t be able to hook up with your iburst modem. Im not familar with the iburst modem but it should have an ethernet conection and then from there you just connect to a wireless router such as my dlink and if its wireless anywhere within range

Spectra Spectra 7:21 pm 01 Jun 05

Geffco – True, the updated map is an improvement – my reading of it (in conjunction with the Whirlpool forums) is that both the Black Mountain and Red Hill towers are now scheduled for this month.

RandomGit – The point is that it’s not ADSL – that requires a fixed line. I’m not sure if they sell a router version of their modem – the only ones I’ve seen have been straight-up modems with ethernet and/or USB, but there may be more featureful varieties.

johnboy johnboy 7:05 pm 01 Jun 05

As a veritel user I’d say upstream speed is dial-up but the service as a whole is good enough I’m considering the external antenna to boost upstream speed.

I think a built in 802.11g repeater would be a bad use of resources, keep one box for each job I say.

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