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Woolies confused about Canberra?

By Gungahlin Al - 27 February 2008 45

Big colour ad in today’s Canberra Times is headlined “Grab a $5000 grant for kids in The Shire of Canberra”

Seems their ad agency is not aware that ACT is the one place in Australia where there are only two levels of government instead of three. I see the agency’s code in the corner has “NSW” in it. Sorry guys – one size does NOT fit all…

 Or perhaps someone’s been building a Hobbitown replica somewhere nearby for the tourists?

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Woolies confused about Canberra?
CanberraResident 9:42 am 28 Feb 08

bd84, from the crap you’ve gone on with above, it seems to me that you’re the one with the problem.

You don’t know me from a bar of soap, so this comment: “You’re a friendly customer CanberraResident? looks to me like you’re a whinging complainer from what you’ve said above. I wouldn’t be smiling at you either”.

Well, well, well, isn’t it great how you’ve totally ignored all the positive remarks I made about the store and staff? Selected reading???

Just quietly, I think you’re a customer service person, (probably a checkout operator) who’s been pulled up by the ‘boss’ before, and now it hurts when someone talks about it.

Smile why don’t you … it might just crack you up in more ways than one …

Primal 12:17 am 28 Feb 08

Supermarkets and department stores always go to immense efforts to look their very best… when there’s a regional manager coming from a visit. Store managers will go to extraordinary lengths to pretend that everything’s fine when their superiors show up.

bd84 11:16 pm 27 Feb 08

You’re a friendly customer CanberraResident? looks to me like you’re a whinging complainer from what you’ve said above. I wouldn’t be smiling at you either.

Did she scan your groceries and put them in your bag? then process your transaction, take your money and give you change? Looks like she did that fine, so does it matter either way if she was in a happy bubbly mood or a bad mood?

You know when the shop assistant asks you how your day has been they dont really give a flying fuck? it’s like “would you like fries with that”. People have bad days, simple. It makes me think of the runners shop ads, stupid, but true when they say “good service but you may not always get it with a smile”.

Also you were probably correct about it looking clean there, things happen when area and store managers visit, the stores normally get prior warning of the visit and pump double the number of staff the store budget will allow.

Anyway getting back to the main story, I think you will find the ad wasn’t actually designed to refer to council areas, rather the area in general. The shire would include areas including the immediate surrounds in nsw such as the stores in Queanbeyan, Yass, Jerra, Cooma etc. I can’t see how the words “the shire of” would be used elsewhere in the country if it was council areas.. could be wrong of course 😉

el ......TECortina 2 10:33 pm 27 Feb 08

Just when you think the whinging can’t get any better:

The moody checkout chick in the express lane spoilt it all by not asking me “how has your day been?


Jono 7:04 pm 27 Feb 08

Woolies also has signs up about “council regulations” prohibiting the dumping of trolleys or something like that. Pity we don’t have a council…

CanberraResident 7:02 pm 27 Feb 08

Snahons_scv6_berlina, you say “its more likely she realised how little she earns and the how unfulfilling her job is..”

Ok then. So the other happy staff at Gungahlin Woolies – and there are many of them – are either:

1. either very happy with their job and don’t care about their pay; or

2. Are very happy with their pay and that’s what keeps them smiling; or

3. Are happy they have some job to make ends meet; or
4. Are just great at customer service!!!

If this moody checkout chick can’t crack a smile to a friendly customer (yes, me!), then she can give her job to someone who wants it.

Providing good customer service is not that difficult, and if all you think about is how much you take home at the end of the week, then get the hell out of customer service and go clean public services offices at 9pm at night! Most ACT Government Departments are well clear of staff by that time, so it should be right down her alley … no-one to contend with …

abc 6:44 pm 27 Feb 08

yeah.. i was in Woolies Gungahlin at 9 this morning… there was about 200 woolies staff walking around… they out numbered shoppers by 3 to 1… and yep.. the shop looked great… now, if we could just them to Dickson.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 5:40 pm 27 Feb 08

CanberraResident, its more likely she realised how little she earns and the how unfulfilling her job is..

The managers on the otherhand get to boss around either 14yo’s or 44yo’s.

needlenose 5:26 pm 27 Feb 08

Sounds like a good time and place for the weekly shop, though! (Did they have any of the seafood crepe things Woollies has been stocking recently? I love those.) Might be worth a journey north.

Probably it’ll go the way of Manuka Coles in 6 months’ time, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

crabb 4:54 pm 27 Feb 08

It was the same this morning. Couldn’t move around the place for groups of employees being lead around being given pep talks by managers. Shoppers definitely in the minority, the place was sparkling and you felt bad taking stock off the shelves and spoiling the perfect rows. Don’t know what was up, but there were also many large groups of green shirted employees walking down the road to the Raiders Club. Maybe there was an something strange in those storm clouds last night and all Woollies staff were replaced by aliens?

CanberraResident 4:44 pm 27 Feb 08

Just got back from Woolworth Gungahlin about 15 minutes ago. There were literally about 20 Woolies managers walking around as one group.

This is what I saw: schmick clean; deli fully stocked and all the meats lined up perfectly, deli assistant they went out back to get salami so not to spoil the display; was offered Easter Buns as a bribe as I walked around with my very clean trolleyl was ushered over to an empty checkout by a very friendly manager (how did I miss it???)


The moody checkout chick in the express lane spoilt it all by not asking me “how has your day been?, no smiles at all, and she didn’t say thank you when she gave me my change and docket.

I guess she knew the managers were in the dairy lane at the other end of the shop?

West_Kambah_4eva 2:21 pm 27 Feb 08

Its the Canberra voivodship.

pug206gti 1:41 pm 27 Feb 08

I think they’re onto something. We’ve been calling it the Canberra Shire Council for a bit of a while now at our place. Along with Shire President Stanhope and Aldermen Gallagher and Hargraves.

Mælinar 1:31 pm 27 Feb 08

Woolies just thinks we are Hobbits, nothing to see here, and don’t make any trouble Mr G, its frowned upon amongst us shire folk.

AussieGal83 1:24 pm 27 Feb 08

That’s amusing on so many levels.

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