Would you buy your nitrous oxide system from a man in a Ford Festiva?

johnboy 19 September 2008 17

You might think the question would never come up. But here before your eyes is a man in a Ford Festiva actively soliciting Summernats car enthusiasts to buy a nitrous oxide engine kit from him.

So would you?

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17 Responses to Would you buy your nitrous oxide system from a man in a Ford Festiva?
GottaLoveCanberra GottaLoveCanberra 7:41 pm 19 Sep 08

Hahaha Shauno I was reading your comment looking for all the ammo that ‘anti-hoon’ people could use against you until you added your lovely little end word.


tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:39 pm 19 Sep 08

Slow news day indeed!

ant ant 10:42 am 19 Sep 08

That reminds me of a friend years ago who had spent years doing up his beloved Celica so it was unrecognisable. body kitted, and the most amazing black paint sort-of looked dark green, its rego was “widow” and the engine was a work of art. he moved to Canberra to work on a certain large building that was going up, and promptly had a conrod break out and go straight through the engine. So there he was, in a new town, and no car. This one sat in teh garage, tantalising but completely undrivable. I don’t know if he ever got it going again.

shauno shauno 9:51 am 19 Sep 08

Ive got a bog standard AU falcon that I was given after my Dad died and I was thinking of installing a 150hp NOS system just for a laugh. I sort of figure that 150hp would be around the limit for the standard motor but I reckon it would still be a 50% chance of blowing a rod out the side of the block after a spinning a main bearing lol. Which just happens to be what I did to my 2.5 litre subaru motor. Forged steel rod made mince meat of the alloy block at 7500RPM and 190km/hr sending clouds of thick smoke straight in to the windscreen as I struggled to keep it on the track.

tortfeaser tortfeaser 9:43 am 19 Sep 08

Meh. If its a good quality product at a reasonable price, why not?

Doctor Evil Pavarotti Doctor Evil Pavarotti 9:09 am 19 Sep 08

Slow news day JB?

How about you take your trusty camera out to Fyshwick one lunch hour and take some pics of all the d*ckhead drivers chatting on their mobile phones. Maybe put together a nice slideshow.

Just for sh1ts and giggles make sure you include their rego, and some nice shots of their business signage.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 8:56 am 19 Sep 08

Danman, I dare say the Festiva is running NOS. The driver probably needs it to run their air conditioning during the warmer months.

mdme workalot mdme workalot 8:26 am 19 Sep 08

Sometimes people do up cars that others would not consider appropriate. I know a guy who has a 2000 model Corolla that he’s poured an absolute fortune into. Not something I would consider, but to him it’s gold.

I think the only exception is Hyundai Excels – everyone knows those puppies should not be touched in any way, shape or form…

Danman Danman 8:23 am 19 Sep 08

Who is to say that the festiva is running NOS ?
Maybe its a business car – in which case smaller = better because of lower operational costs.
Maybe not – but how can you judge someone from seeing the back of their car.

P’raps you shoudl have got out (Where safe) and offered an interview JB – too much can be assumed from too little too often.

And if he is planning on making a buck from Australias biggest (And most boring IMO) car show – then all the entrepenerial(sp)karma to him.

kevn kevn 7:46 am 19 Sep 08

Inappropriately hotted up cars are some of the funniest things around.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:28 am 19 Sep 08

Amazing bit in Top Gear where they fitted NO to their barely holding together XJS. With the NO it was slow as, but with it, not only didn’t it not blow up, but it stomped on Lambos and Ferraris.

(In a straight line…)

Davo111 Davo111 12:30 am 19 Sep 08

Meh, if I had a business then I’d plaster my logo on every possession I had.

theonewhoanswersthephones theonewhoanswersthephones 12:10 am 19 Sep 08

Kid is just screaming, “Pretty please officer, pull over my car!”

bd84 bd84 11:06 pm 18 Sep 08

If they can only afford a festiva, I doubt they could afford the nitrous setup lol

I always chuckle when I see the biggest piles of junk that have been modified by engine or sound system etc that would be worth more than the whole car. Saw a rusty old circa 80s corolla with exhaust and engine mods the other day.. one would think you would be smart enough to save the money to buy a decent car instead of wasting it on doing up the old dattos and coronas.

ant ant 11:05 pm 18 Sep 08

He appears to have his front feet over a Stop line, too.

gargamel gargamel 10:58 pm 18 Sep 08

Pehehe – looks like the Hyundai Excel for the new millenium – gone baaaaad.

I hope he’s throwing in a set of fluffy dice (or is it die???) on those NOS sales (we all know that’s the real reason these kinda cars go fast).

iCanberran iCanberran 10:47 pm 18 Sep 08

Nitrous oxide injection on a Festiva? It’ll go two seconds and disintegrate.
Have seen stranger though, some nutter in the US pimped his Festiva by ripping the inside apart and adding the engine out of a Mustang. Made it go very fast… for a time.

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