Zed’s Greatest Hits for 2010

johnboy 10 December 2010 3

From the vantage point of the RiotACT bunker the Liberals have sleep walked through 2010.

The exception is Jeremy Hanson who has guilted the Assembly into passing bad laws on drug driving (achievement does not always equal progress, or is it the other way around?).

Much as it pains me to say it, Alistair Coe probably deserves a gold star for effort.

But that hasn’t stopped their leader Zed Seselja (remember him? tall muscly chap? nice looking family?) announcing his “Greatest Hits” for 2010 (which do not include using consistent style when compiling lists):

“There are many highlights for the Canberra Liberals this year, here are but some of them,” Zed said.

1. Introducing Infrastructure Canberra bill – A comprehensive structural reform for infrastructure delivery. This is supported by industry groups and now before the Assembly

2. Passed ACT’s first laws to limit government advertising being used for party political purposes

3. The only party to critically analyse the budget – revealing highest ever taxes and revenues against the highest ever debts and deficits.

4. Opposed the Virtual District Court, that was eventually canned after increasing disapproval

5. Introduced legislation to create a ‘cooling off’ period for ministers taking up positions on government agencies of boards after leaving the Ministry

6. Pushed for Campaign Finance reform leading to establishment of committee inquiry

7. Successfully moved to protect epic board from government interference

8. Pushed to have non-government schools included in Shaddock Review into disability services

9. Forced Government to back flip on support for disability services (Shepherds Centre and Noah’s Ark).

10. Increased the number of Individual Support Packages for people with disabilities—leading to Karyn Costello finally going home after being a dischargeable patient for 1100 days at the Canberra Hospital.

11. Exposed the Minister for Education’s misinformation to the Non-Government Schools Education Council regarding the Canberra Liberals’ position on funding to non-government schools.

12. Attention brought on the Government led to an extension of consultation period in the recent staffing cuts to Department of Education and Training support staff cuts.

13. Exposed bullying in hospitals leading to two reviews

14. Exposed failures in prison leading to Hamburger inquiry

15. Health forums and development of ‘state of our health’ review

16. Was the first to highlight false premise of botched Calvary sale, now referred to committee, saving a potentially wasted $77m.

17. Passed ACT’s first drug driving laws

18. Fought to protect street trees against $10m cut and end of program

19. Exposed downgrading of patients from cat 1 to cat 2 for non surgical

20. Establish shadow ministry for veterans affairs

21. Pushed better support for ESA management and support with legislation

22. Called for roads to be maintained and parks opened for public access

23. Introduced policy of centralised waiting list for Childcare and Childcare master plan.

24. Driving force behind the introduction of the Kambah master plan

25. Pushed for action at local shopping centres including Hawker, Manuka and Evatt shops.

26. Introduced Auditor General Legislation to protect the independence and funding of the Auditor.

27. Moved to support and protect small businesses being paid on time.

28. Exposed ACTION bus networks’ management that led to Auditor General’s report

29. Exposed Katy Gallagher and Jon Stanhope’s deal to hand over 50% of GST instead of 30% like other states.

30. Making the Government accountable with regard to its lack of support for community sports—triennial funding grants and offline community sports fields.

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3 Responses to Zed’s Greatest Hits for 2010
cranky cranky 6:46 pm 11 Dec 10

’30. Making the Government accountable with regard to its lack of support for community sports’

Hey Zed. Have you thought of the support you might be able to attract by actually obtaining some financial input by Govco for motorsport in the ACT.

Sonic obviously loathes anything on 4 wheels, and the faster the more loathsome.

Motorsport enthusiasts should not be treated as vermin at the whim of this Chief Minister.

WillowJim WillowJim 8:19 pm 10 Dec 10

“14. Exposed failures in prison leading to Hamburger inquiry.”

Is this as funny as it sounds?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 4:07 pm 10 Dec 10

Why on earth would Alistair Coe get a star for effort – wasn’t his highlight putting some incorrect flyers on a public notice board bemoaning the existence of public notice boards?

Also the list above is weak as piss: exposed this; moved for that; called for this…bugger me I think ‘sleep walking’ is being generous jb.

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