Looking for a new house cleaner

By 31 March 2008 29

Does anyone currently have a house cleaner that they can recommend, and is looking for a bit more work? Work times can be quite flexible, and our house is in the Belconnen region. We would be looking for about 3 hours every fortnight. I would go through an agency, but their commission prices are not a welcome addition.

If you could ask your current cleaner (if you have had them for a while, and feel they are trustworthy) that would be appreciated. Please send their name, number and their general going rate (if comfortable to include), to revelations_10 AT

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29 Responses to
Looking for a new house cleaner
Joe Canberran 10:53 am
31 Mar 08

Lumnock if you get more than one enquiry care to pass on details to me? Similar area and also in need!

If you don’t get any takers it might be worth advertising (for free) for someone to do it on

Meconium 10:58 am
31 Mar 08

I’m in this boat too, mine just left for England for six months :(

She was really hard working, my only gripe is that she used to wash my clothes extra hot and put them in the dryer, and that damaged my new shirts… even when I kept them out of her sight, she managed to find my new clothes and ruin them! But that’s what happens when you pay someone to do the chores you’re too lazy to do yourself <:)

neanderthalsis 12:12 pm
31 Mar 08

Sounds like what you need is a WIFE:

W – washing
I – ironing
F – food
E – entertainment

I might go and hide before I start getting death treats from liberated women…

neanderthalsis 12:14 pm
31 Mar 08

oops, threats, not treats

ant 12:42 pm
31 Mar 08

Wives can be useful, you can tell the properties around me with Wives, as they don’t have to lock the gate when they leave. Wife is at home and will scare off robbers.

Mr Evil 1:05 pm
31 Mar 08

“Sounds like what you need is a WIFE:

W – washing
I – ironing
F – food
E – entertainment”

I thought it was -



realityskin 1:44 pm
31 Mar 08

I have an AWESOME one, but on the southside. Little Thai clean freak, she does wonders :D

CanberraResident 1:53 pm
31 Mar 08

I find the above post by the evil one extremely offensive.

Here’s a taste of your own medicine. No doubt you are divorced, have no money, hold down a job (but only barely), are living in the 70s, you eat fast food every night, and you have a dirty smelly bathroom. You leave the toilet seat up, you do your own dishes about once a week, and you wear the same undies three days in a row. Women run away from you at first sight. You pick your filthy toe-nails and leave them on the carpet. You treat dust as your friend, because you have no real ones. You have a bad reputation, and you probably gamble, smoke Winnie Reds, drink Draught beer and fart in public. Your favourite past-time is being an obnoxious ar@e on a public website.

You are … Mr Evil.

No correspondence will be entered in to.

Mr Evil 3:00 pm
31 Mar 08

So Canberra Resident, you think you can judge me because of a post????

Well, you’re totally wrong: I pick my nose and leave the boogers on the carpet, I’m living in the 80s, and I’m a non-smoker!

ant 4:21 pm
31 Mar 08

Oi! What’s wrong with doing the washing up once a week? That’s what weekends are for. I’m not wasting my precious eatin’ and TV-watchin’ time in the week doing washing up. No way.

Weekends is for doing the washing, airing the mattress (they should come with handles), cooking the week’s lunches, fertilising the plants, shopping and washing the dishes.

Mælinar 4:51 pm
31 Mar 08

There’s nothing wrong with Draught beer either. No further correspondence will be entered into unless its to compare it with East India Pale Ale, or suchlike.

I never knew that being metro meant having to have a humour labotomy.

For the record, I found both articles distasteful, as well as the entire topic only has a threadbare and failing fast link to Canberra/ACT.

Who is the filthier person: Mr Evil or somebody who needs a cleaner to pick up after them for 3 hours every fortnight ?

** Disclaimer **
I am a supporter of the cleaning/household industry, however the tenor of the article does not make this apparent.

I do not employ a cleaner or any form of household assistance at this present time.

BerraBoy68 4:53 pm
31 Mar 08

I took Mr Evil’s comment for what it was, merely adding to a humorous comment first made by Neanderthalsis. Obviously humor is a personal taste. Besides what’s wrong with leaving the toilet seat up? Why must women make us put it down when they can simply lift it up when they finish?

Back on topic – apart from having someone else clean your house what are the benefits of hiring a housekeeper and what is the general cost? Do they charge by the hour of by the amount of work to be done? I’m curious as I’ve never had one.

el 5:46 pm
31 Mar 08

You make it sound like a *bad* thing, CanberraResident!

Thumper 5:54 pm
31 Mar 08


I would have thought it was obviously abundant that it was a joke.

Thumper 5:56 pm
31 Mar 08

And now I will humbly submit to being soundly berated by my partner :)

realityskin 6:40 pm
31 Mar 08

BerraBoy68 said :

Back on topic – apart from having someone else clean your house what are the benefits of hiring a housekeeper and what is the general cost? Do they charge by the hour of by the amount of work to be done? I’m curious as I’ve never had one.

I have a cleaner visit every fortnight, she mops the floors, vacuums rugs and lounge, dusts, does 3 toilets, 2 bathrooms, cleans the kitchen (sometimes when im lazy she puts new sheets on bed ) 2.5 hours. $70.

Mælinar 6:46 pm
31 Mar 08

Besides what’s wrong with leaving the toilet seat up? – ahh a popular conversation. I love the irony of being accused of being lazy by not putting the seat back down, when its laziness driving the conversation in the first place by them being too idle to put the seat back up – and then having the gall to mention something about it.

I’ll quickly pass over the obvious solution that if everybody puts the lid down, then everybody has to lift something up, no matter how they are using the toilet.

You should always leave a toilet in whichever way you would like to be remembered. I’ll just put that out there as something everybodys grandmother should have told them as children. ??????????????????????- yes that message is for you, I know who you are, and you have grandmothers. And its a SEAT, same as a SEAT, that you use EVERY DAY in some form or another. I’ll not dwell except to say if thats how you want to be remembered, so be it.

The presented solution is often to leave the lid up, and the sitting seat down – hmmm so I’m to contribute infantessimally towards your obesity by using the calorie of energy it takes to flick a seat into how you want to interact with a toilet ?

Do it yourself lardass is my response to that one.

As I mentioned before, the obvious solution is to put the entireity in the down position. Believe it or not, there are several reasons why you should be doing this anyway. Firstly, particles from the loo when flushing get out. If thats not bad enough, if you have a 4 legged indoor pet, it drinks out of the loo. Anything thats in the loo gets transferred to your pet, and then whatever it licks in the future. If those two aren’t bad enough, natural evaporation takes over, and you lose potable water that should otherwise be drinking water.

Mælinar 6:47 pm
31 Mar 08

err the ??? is a chinese text – probably not installed on the computer…

BerraBoy68 8:33 pm
31 Mar 08

LOL, maelinar LOL…

Thumper 8:39 pm
31 Mar 08

I have no idea what the question marks mean…..

el 9:34 pm
31 Mar 08

I think I got it.

That was a reoccurring and disgusting issue at the ANU when I was there…

A seat isn’t something you’re meant to stand on.

This in particular applies to toilet seats, and the associated detritus when certain elements try to use the facilities whilst standing on them.

Thumper 9:44 pm
31 Mar 08

Yeah….. Right…..

I got it…

Ah, no I don’t….

Besides, Mael didn’t go to ANU.

Mælinar 10:14 pm
31 Mar 08

Hence the chinese text, I’m afraid I’m steriotyping again…

Thumper 10:18 pm
31 Mar 08


I still don’t understand cantonese.

Or Hongkongese for that matter.

Or simaese if you please…

el 7:33 am
01 Apr 08

Roger that, Maelinar.

Mælinar 9:20 am
01 Apr 08

I steriotype people, I play my stereo. I don’t care how you spell it.

Stressed_out 12:51 pm
02 Apr 08

realityskin, im looking for a cleaner on the southside. where did you get your cleaner’s details?

realityskin 3:03 pm
02 Apr 08

Stressed_out said :

realityskin, im looking for a cleaner on the southside. where did you get your cleaner’s details?

It’s one of my friends brothers wife. If you’d like contact details leave me your email address.

chauntelle 4:14 pm
13 Apr 10


I do cleaning in Canberra and surrounds. I am happy to do all types of cleaning including:

- dusting, bathrooms toilet kitchen vacuuming mopping plus more – further duties can be discussed (including ironing).

I provide all cleaning products which are all non-toxic.
Can do cleaning as a once off, weekly, fortnightly, move in/out and spring clean.

Competetive rates with 5 star cleaning. I have experience and refs (from very satisfied clients) if required.

Send me an email to discuss your needs at

Thanks for reading

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