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Anger at the Police for this mornings disruption!

By Efsevia - 11 March 2009 214

This morning while driving down Gungahlin Dr (on my way to work, during peakhour) I was forced to merge into the right hand lane, because a police officer decided it was a HUGELY WONDERFUL idea to park his cruiser in the left hand lane (just after a set of lights and just before the GDE on ramp from GD).  He stood there on the side of the road, watching the traffic, whilst another police officer walked around the scrub behind him. She seemed to be searching for something? There was another car which was totally off the road in front of the police officer, and another plain clothes guy wandering around with the female officer…


Speaking of dodgy parking by police officers… I always thought there was some rule about where they pull you over? Now, one evening coming home from work, I was shocked at the stupidity presented by what I saw: a police officer had pulled over a motorist (fair enough) but he decided it was a good idea to do this just before a bridge, where it’s single lane in both directions, and where no one could see them until it was nearly too late. It’s an 80km road. Couldn’t the officer ask the driver to pull off the road, and do the same himself before attempting to fine the motorist? I was tempted to go back to the police officer and tell him off – but I figure that I’d end up getting into some sort of trouble by arguing with a police officer…

But seriously – doesn’t anyone else see this stuff and shake their heads at it? I’m sooo angry!

They get to uphold the law, but don’t use any common sense in doing so?!

[ED – *diving for the fire bunker…*]

What’s Your opinion?

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214 Responses to
Anger at the Police for this mornings disruption!
fnaah 12:10 pm 11 Mar 09

Efsevia, do you have anything you wish to say to the class? Hmmm?

Mr Evil 12:04 pm 11 Mar 09

Yep, it’s true – the Police are vindictive bastards who often block the road at peak hour just to piss people like Efsevia off.

Now go back to your very busy, important and meaningful life, and please don’t waste our time again!

johnboy 12:03 pm 11 Mar 09

10 years ago I thought London police were absolutely top drawer.

But I gather that things have changed.

Pommy bastard 11:59 am 11 Mar 09

Funnily enough, in my line of work I have frequent dealings with the AFP. I find them courteous, intelligent, fair and industrious.

If you think you have it bad here, have some dealings with the Pommy police, you’ll probably change your mind rapidly.

The police serve a vital, demanding and and often personally harrowing role within society.

Gobbo 11:56 am 11 Mar 09

I was tempted to go back to the police officer and tell him off – but I figure that I’d end up getting into some sort of trouble by arguing with a police officer…

Do it next time. Do it.

Make sure you are really, really, riled up as well. That will help the police officer to know that you MEAN IT.


Kizzle 11:48 am 11 Mar 09

Silly bacon.

fnaah 11:47 am 11 Mar 09

Hah, thanks Chewy. 🙂

fnaah 11:46 am 11 Mar 09

Okay, I’ll play Devil’s Advocate. Let me don my flame-proof hat.

In the first scenario you describe, perhaps the blocking of traffic in the left lane afforded the other officer a bit of a safety buffer between the area she was searching and the on-rushing traffic, eh? Perhaps they were attemptiong to stop commuter drones from haplessly destroying some crucial piece of evidence?

johnboy 11:43 am 11 Mar 09

AussieGal, in future I’d like you to make your point here without resorting to that kind of language.


chewy14 11:41 am 11 Mar 09

I saw this this morning going into Mitchell.
The car in front broke down in the left lane with smoke coming out of it.
The Police car then stopped behind it, to protect the car from being hit from behind.
Then car in front then managed to get his engine going long enough to get it off the road.
Don’t know what they were looking for afterwards, maybe just looking at the litres of oil left over the road?
Sorry to ruin a good rant with some facts.

screaming banshee 11:40 am 11 Mar 09

Pretty sure I saw the same site and its like 300 metres before traffic comes to a standstill at a form one lane while everyone has a vehicular argument about who should go first.

Whats the problem…..lost 3 seconds of your life you’ll never get back. I’d be more worried about that swolen vein on your forehead if I were you.

AussieGal83 11:35 am 11 Mar 09

What do you expect from those pig bastards? Im not at all surprised. Morons that they are.

ant 11:29 am 11 Mar 09

Well, it’s definitely not fawningly positive. but it’s a decent rant, plenty of facts and examples. I think it’s a fair comment.

peterh 11:27 am 11 Mar 09

Mr editor, for once, I am with you. Bunkering down…

justbands 11:24 am 11 Mar 09

Geez…take a deep breath. Sure, perhaps they could have parked off the road, but really…why let this make you so angry? It’s really not worth it….a few moments of some inconvenience is all it amounts to, go on with your day & stop worrying about it.

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