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Sizzle Bento Blast

By go3zone - 30 March 2009 37

I have always been a loyal and devoted customer of Sizzle Bento and adore sushi until my recent experience at their Garema Place store turned me off it completely.

I bought something to eat at the Sizzle Bento store in Garema Place and went to pay for my bill and the manager who works there started yelling at me and accusing me of being in there about three months ago and short changing her after getting very drunk!

Obviously, I was very upset and embarassed about this because not only was she clearly mistaken but she was abusing me and yelling at me in front of all the other customers.

I know she was mistaken because she accussed me of being in there with a child and I don’t have a child and nor do I ever look after any children. Not only that, but I do not drink and up until about a month ago I was living in Sydney and until this horrible experience I had not eaten in Sizzle Bento in Canberra for years!

When I tried to explain all this to the manager she dismissed me in a very hostile tone of voice and still refused to give me my money back. I would strongly advise anyone considering eating at Sizzle Bento to reconsider their options now at the risk of being put through the same thing I was!

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37 Responses to
Sizzle Bento Blast
ant 11:01 am 30 Mar 09

Certainly if the manager of a shop is abusing customers, and hanging onto money she’s not entitled to, this should be reported to whoever runs the business. It’s a bit much.

Spam Box 10:40 am 30 Mar 09

Spam Box say – “a quick email to headquarters leads to enlightenment” |-)

Spam Box 10:30 am 30 Mar 09

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster said :

No soup for you!


go3zone 10:08 am 30 Mar 09

Thanks for everybody’s comments on this matter – its very refreshing to know that the members of Canberra community are prepared to take a stand against business owner’s who abuse thier customers.

And to answer the question – not only did she refuse to give me my money back but would not even give me my change because she said I owed her money from last time I allegedly in there! I didn’t even know sizzle bento sold alcohol! However, I don’t care about the money so much as how embarassed and upset I was. I was having a peaceful lunch all to myself, enjoying my weekend and she left me completely shaken up. Even if I had been the person she thought I was – and I most certainly wasn’t – she could have been nicer about it. It never pays to be nasty to people in this world…. especially when you want customers!

knuckles 10:03 am 30 Mar 09

I can understand her mistaking you for someone else. Us round-eyes all look the same!

Jivrashia 9:53 am 30 Mar 09

I can’t believe anyone in Canberra would act the way this manager lady did.
The world has “6-dgree of separation”, but this town has only two-dgrees (e.g. if you don’t know someone, then a person you do know will be likely to know that someone).

Let Karma do its thing. I’m sure they’ll soon realise what damage they’ve done to themselves by the dwindling sales figure.

Grundy wrote:

grundy said :

And if you want sushi in Canberra…. Try Iori, just across the road!

Can’t disagree with you there, albeit slightly pricey.

Steady Eddie wrote:

Steady Eddie said :

I wouldn’t bother with sushi or sashimi at all. Full of salmonella.

Interesting you raise that point, because a lot of sushi place in Sydney has been done by the NSW Food Authority for “Fail to display potentially hazardous food under temperature control“. Here’s a sample penalty notice.

Steady Eddie 9:39 am 30 Mar 09

I wouldn’t bother with sushi or sashimi at all. Full of salmonella.

ant 9:37 am 30 Mar 09

What an unpleasant experience, I guess it left you feeling pretty jangled-up for a few days too. being exposed to screaming abuse by a stranger is never nice. I guess now quite a few people are quietly marking it onto their “don’t go there” lists.

Bells 9:33 am 30 Mar 09

Definitely not the place to go anymore. The sushi place near Supabarn is the best for a quick lunch. Iori for a good sit down lunch or dinner, but the place near supabarn is fantastic!

hetzjagd1 9:30 am 30 Mar 09

When I tried to explain all this to the manager she dismissed me in a very hostile tone of voice and still refused to give me my money back

Is that to say, you had paid for your purchase and then after the abuse you wanted your money back? If so I would’ve made an effort to get the money back or sushi out of it but if you were distressed and just wanted to leave, that’s understandable

Joker 9:23 am 30 Mar 09

That woman has an awesome memory. It must have been you!

grundy 9:19 am 30 Mar 09

You’re talking about the “AND DEN???” lady on the mic right? Or someone else there?


And if you want sushi in Canberra, Sizzle Bento is the last place you go. 😉

(Try Iori, just across the road!)

A Noisy Noise Annoys 9:01 am 30 Mar 09

No soup for you!

MadScotty 8:47 am 30 Mar 09

Lol, I stopped eating there shortly after I arrived in Canberra because they short changed me, I went back and told them and they would not give me my money back saying I was a liar. I $10 short by the way.
Suffice to say the $10 they kept from me that day was lost many many times over by me not ever going back.

TP 3000 8:33 am 30 Mar 09

I am surprised that she remembered you after 3 months. You should of asked her what you & the child were wearing. Also most people do not get that drunk (that they under pay someone) with a child in tow.

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