2CA’s little viral stunt!

AngryHenry 30 June 2008 38

I couldn’t resist turning this into a post after I saw all the people bitching about Canberra radio following the story “Help! My Mum now listens to 2CA“. I hope the guys from the network gave SimpleShane77 a nice performance bonus for his little peice of marketing… I think he really ‘touched the people’ with this one.

Have you heard of viral marketing? The guys at 2CA obviously think they have and this is a lame attempt at just that.

I think Miss Jill and co. should have a crack at radio personally. I found their posts more entertaining than the people whingeing like the radio was was a shoddy dj contracted to play the tunes at their 21st and didn’t have what they requested.

The commmercial radio stations are trying to do one thing and one thing only. Win you over. Through prizes, interviews, stunts, music, charity or whatever depravity they can use to suck you in. And once they’ve won you over their next task is to keep you listening through the commercial breaks and the songs. If someone sticks around for fifteen minutes, they get a rating point.

Here’s an example of how they do it…

Why do you think the radio always does things for kids with cancer? Because adults with cancer don’t have the massappeal, kids do. Adults don’t ‘test’ that well with the audience. We’re all suckers for sick/dying children.

Radio in Canberra has degenerated into nothing but a cost-saving excercise for the commercial stations and half the problem with the commercial stations is that they are stuck in a very small pond and are trying to be way bigger fish than the pond could possibly sustain. 2CA now resides in an upstairs office in Mitchell, 104 and 106 are based in an old building that resembles a demountable in Crace. Yet the boards and general mangers of these stations are so caught up in their almighty bottom-line that they can’t see the problem, they’re saving cash and it’s still rolling in so no worries.

The average commercial DJ in Canberra would earn about 40 to 45 grand a year, breakfast would earn a bit more (around $55 – $60), the average salary in Canberra for 2007 was about $66 grand. It speaks volumes about getting what you pay for.

And then there’s the music programming done by guys who look at pie-charts, graphs and statistics to see what’s ‘testing’ well. Whatever happened to a ‘good song’?

But let’s not get into music, that’s like talking about religion…

My two cents about commercial radio, you might not like them, I actually hate the station they work for but Scotty and Nige are the real deal as people. Nige is actually FROM Canberra. And both of them are the same guys on air as they are off. I’ve never heard jocks on air be more honest about the industry they are in and get away with it and that’s a good thing. But once they’re off the air or having a bad day, it’s back to the cd for me.
We’re all going to hell and your favourite band sucks.

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38 Responses to 2CA’s little viral stunt!
AngryHenry AngryHenry 1:05 pm 08 Jul 08

2CA Programming said :

Sorry to disappoint AngryHenry and others, but none of us at 2CA have contributed to the last couple of posts, allthough they were quite entertaining to read. 🙂

Once again, thanks for the free publicity.


2CA Programming

Hmmm, that is dissappointing Leighton… I guess it’s good to have loyal listeners buddy… And no worries about the free publicity.

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on the whole creativity vs bottom line theory though or even how you guys decide what is best for the listeners.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:56 pm 08 Jul 08

Just to clarify… I don’t work for any rivals of 2CA. I used to but don’t anymore and I certainly don’t care as to how popular one is against the other.

I think you kind of missed the point here people…

Which is this;

The quality of radio has declined in Canberra because of industry cut-backs and top-level greed that sees the creative people who work in the industry getting ripped off by bean-counters who really have no idea what appeals to the everyday person because they are BEANCOUNTERS, entertainment means nothing to them, the bottom line does! You think you lose out as the listener… Try having to create something entertaining in an environment like that.

Oh and Pirate, not everything needs to be a platform for gay rights… This post has NOTHING to do with that!

missjill missjill 10:21 am 03 Jul 08

Hhm. How can I keep this clean. I know!

Are you calling me fat Pandy? 😉

Pandy Pandy 7:00 pm 02 Jul 08

Missjill: Why lamb when you can pork?

miz miz 6:42 pm 02 Jul 08

“It’s AM…” No, it’s AM Stereo! (And they got me back when they dumped the weekend AFL!)

missjill missjill 6:24 pm 02 Jul 08

Pandy said :

C’mon people, rack your brains

Mmmmmm raaaack

Mmmmmm rack of lamb tonight.

Pandy Pandy 7:28 am 02 Jul 08

C’mon people, rack your brains

Mmmmmm raaaack

astrojax astrojax 2:25 pm 01 Jul 08

what’s wrong with a bit (or even a lot) of ska, vb?

byron lee and bob marley were key ska instagators – or is that ‘inskagators’! – and i&i rekkun day ok, y’know. is irie, m’mon, so chill and groove wif da beat. hep to da heptones or get down with some smooth australian groove like da strange tenants. heck, even canberra had naughty rythyms – hey!

s’pose you are an andre rieu acolyte? 😉

missjill missjill 1:42 pm 01 Jul 08

Thank you Jazz.

So far, only two emails have come my way. One which offers 2CA memorabilia for a “song” (very amusing and promising), and another from a guy who probably reads Zoo Magazines during his lunch break.

There are so many worthy charities, many of which have helped my greater family in some way over the years, so it’s difficult to choose one.

I’ll see how I go with the emails first, and I may even place a small advert in the Tuesday Canberra Times (freebies under $100), asking for 2CA memorabilia. Missed it this week, so I’ll do it for next Tuesday.

I’ll see how many responses I receive, and then take it from there. Could I be the only one with an original 2CA t-shirt from the late 70’s? I doubt it. C’mon people, rack your brains. Do you have any 2CA memorabilia from decades ago? Preferably t-shirts, but I’ll take anything. Email me at missjillloves2CA@gmail.com. Thank you.

Note: To the conspiracy theorists, I have no affiliation to 2CA, just a long history in Canberra and many memories of growing up with 2CA, I guess that’s why I could never throw the t-shirt out. Selling it for charity though? That I would do.

Overheard Overheard 1:22 pm 01 Jul 08

Freaky. I’ve been going to my current doctors’ surgery for about seven years now and from memory they’ve been dedicated ABC FM listeners in the waiting room/reception. Just now? Yep, they’re on 1053 2CA. (I was going to make some devastatingly hilarious reference to the surgery and ‘viral’ campaigns, but even I’m sick of bad puns today.)

Jazz Jazz 12:13 pm 01 Jul 08

missjill said :

Calling all owners of 1970s original 2CA t-shirts. Would love to buy it if you have one? Might even auction them off for charity at some point.

Email me: missjillloves2CA@gmail.com

Happy to help with the auction missjill. I think that would be great – care to nominate a charity?

Duke Duke 11:47 am 01 Jul 08

Hey Leighton, you reckon you could arrange a few of those mad retro 2CA tshirts so expertly modelled on that other thread? I can organise my own DDs.


Colin_Dixon Colin_Dixon 10:55 am 01 Jul 08

Everyone I know listens to 2CC (talkback) because it’s real, local, entertaining and informative.

I tried the ABC but it was dull and patronising.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 10:34 am 01 Jul 08

Hey Leighton – any chance of getting your marketing team to knock up a 2CA branded swimsuit or underwear range?! We’ve got the model if you have the gear…

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:54 am 01 Jul 08

2CA lost me when they stopped broadcasting AFL on weekends…

Thumper Thumper 8:46 am 01 Jul 08

It’s AM…

Horrible, horrible sound 😉

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 8:41 am 01 Jul 08

2CA – it seems you’ve done well out of all this! Personally I like your station, and occasionally surf over to the AM band for a listen, just for a change.

2CA Programming 2CA Programming 6:56 am 01 Jul 08

Sorry to disappoint AngryHenry and others, but none of us at 2CA have contributed to the last couple of posts, allthough they were quite entertaining to read. 🙂

Once again, thanks for the free publicity.


2CA Programming

DJ DJ 4:33 am 01 Jul 08

Pirate – Huh? I think you might need some help there mate. You managed to turn a rant about advertising (please note the ‘s’) and bring up discrimination at an AM radio station that has a loyal but small following? Huh? Who cares about the orientatation of the DJ? Is it relevant to anything?

red red 10:37 pm 30 Jun 08

I cant stand 104, especially scotty and nige, one morning i had the misfortune of listening to their show and felt the urge to smash my head against a wall to get the feeling back in my brain. The station seems to have 4 or 5 songs they play continually.

Then again, the other stations aren’t much better. Canberra radio really needs a kick up the you know-what.

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