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2CC takes a pasting in the blogosphere

By johnboy - 12 July 2005 47

Irfan Yusuf is a blogger, a former Liberal candidate for Parliament, a Sydney lawyer, quite a fan of Canberra, and also a muslim. He’s got a very interesting story online describing going on 2CC to talk about recent events involving muslims.

The questions on assimilation were really quite silly. I mean, fancy a shock jock with a slightly English accent telling a Sydney lawyer with a broad “Strayn” accent to assimilate more.

I liked this bit too:

The interview ended with a humorous monologue in which the interviewer claimed that my describing his questions as those of a “shock jock” was racist. When I suggested to him that radio talkback hosts did not constitute a race, he completely lost it.

It was truly hilarious stuff. A shock jock tries to be a smart-ass with a poor migrant unassimilated pro-terrorist follower of extremist clerics looking forward to 72 fictitious virgins. And the shock jock ends up being given a good kick and completely losing it on air. In the end, most listeners would have realised where the real extremism was coming from.

Any of our 2CC listeners know which of their “talent” was responsible?

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
2CC takes a pasting in the blogosphere
kimba 9:11 am 13 Jul 05

I listened to Mr Yusuf’s interview. Yusuf seemed very defensive and just an apologist for the Muslim extremists.

And talking about Muslim businessmen in Canberra – most seem only to employ other Muslims, just look at Ali Baba.

simto 8:53 am 13 Jul 05

The awkward phrasing, Thumper, is the phrase “it needs a concerted effort by the Muslim community to come out as one and condone the cowardly efforts of terrorist bomber”.

Presumably, you mean there should be a concerted effort by the Muslim community to refuse to condone terrorism???

Personally, I’m distrustful of anybody expecting an entire community to think as one about anything – Catholics, Anglicans, all religions have major schisms and disagreements about how they should carry on – why should Muslims be any different?

And if you think that Anglicans and Catholics don’t bomb anybody, I’ll direct you to a little place called Northern Ireland…

Thumper 8:46 am 13 Jul 05


If it was Zemanik then it’s a whole different kettle of piscatorial creatures.

(Is that apostrophe in the correct place?)

RandomGit 8:43 am 13 Jul 05

M’kay, I guess someone needs to refer Irf to us for clarification.

Thumper 8:37 am 13 Jul 05

It was Mike Jeffreys on yesterdays morning show. Mr Yusuf carried on like a clown.

Then again, as I don’t listen to wankers like Stan Zemanik, who I would consider to be an arrogant prick and a true shock jock, then I can’t say whether or not Mr Yusuf had an interview with him at a later stage.

RandomGit 8:32 am 13 Jul 05

Now I’m confused, Irf said he talked to Stan Zemanak but you all keep mentioning Mike Jeffreys.

Who’s got it wrong?

Thumper 8:32 am 13 Jul 05

Huh? You got me there Random….

RandomGit 8:28 am 13 Jul 05

Irf iz da bomb.

That was a poorly chosen figure of speech wasn’t it?

Thumper 8:18 am 13 Jul 05

I would suggest Mr Yusuf get the transcript or a recording of the interview because Mr Jefferies at no stage lost it and, conversely, Mr Yusuf didn’t really answer a single question.

In fact, Mr Jefferys asked a number of pertinent and legitimate questions to which Mr Yusuf simply answered like a politician and skirted around the issue, much to the amusement, not annoyance, or Mr Jefferys.

I also believe that Mr Yusuf followed up his interview with a complaint to 2CC management about his treatment and then suggested that many prominent Muslim businessmen may withdraw their advertising from 2CC.

Hardly the actions of someone who believes they have won an arguement.

I would say to Mr Yusuf that next time you are interviewed, answer the questions and don’t skirt around them. This is a day and age where Muslim people are in great danger of being seriously marginalised and possibly put at risk of violence simply because of the terrorist threat that without doubt, exists. As such I would think that it needs a concerted effort by the Muslim community to come out as one and condone the cowardly efforts of terrorist bombers.

Mr Yusuf had this opportunity on the radio but chose not to do so.

I must also admit that I have always found Mr Jefferys to be quite logical in his arguments even though he can be a little opinionated at times. He is in no way what you could call a ‘Shock Jock’.

johnboy 10:02 pm 12 Jul 05


He seems a rather articulate and well written blogger though.

Kerces 9:55 pm 12 Jul 05

sorry Sam but you did.

Unless you meant “remeber, commecial radio gets it is funding from advertising”

(well you did ask)


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:15 pm 12 Jul 05

Oh, and Mike Jeffreys (That is the correct spelling!) is not a shock jock. He is in fact one of the nicest people you could meet. He certainly has some strong opinions, but that is what makes talkback hosts interesting.

In case you haven’t noticed, he does a breakfast show, which means that entertainment is high on the agenda…his little jokes and bits of satire are not “shock-jock lines”. seepi, you say that mike didn’t let you friend “get a word in edgewise”, that is something I would highly doubt, perhaps he didn’t let her get a word in when he was announcing that it was time to go to an ad break….remember, commercial radio gets it’s funding from advertising.

I hope I didn’t misuse an apostrophe there.


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:08 pm 12 Jul 05

Maybe I’ll just repeat my rant of a comment that I left on his blog…

I have been considering wearing a large 2CC sign and your comments have now prompted me to do so. It is people like you who manage to take an entire show out of context by listening (or contributing) to five minutes of it, come away with a bad taste in their mouth because they disagree with the presenter and then declare the entire station to be of the same ilk that give talk radio a bad name.

In my opinion, the fact that people seem to be moving away from talk radio in Canberra shows an amount of ignorance and a blatant disregard for the events that go on around them. Is it any wonder that the government can get away with whatever they want when people don’t try to be informed about what their elected represetatives are doing.
ABC Local Radio and 2CC both lost ground. ABC 1.1% (Down from 19.1 to 18.0) and 2CC 0.2% (Down from 7.9 to 7.7).

Maybe if people didn’t have these stupid little rants about how they didn’t like every word that the announcer said, then more people would know what is going on around them because they wouldn’t be turned off by idiotic lunatics.

Talk radio isn’t supposed to be something where everybody agrees, it is there to promote debate and discussion about the events that are occuring, and at the same time, provide some entertainment to the listener.

Don’t worry, only 7.7% of Canberra heard you get a pasting.


sk8erboi 8:59 pm 12 Jul 05

Ohh, he’s a blogger… so what? I pick my nose too and it’s about as interesting as writing a diary or keeping a blog – fascinating to the owner, and boring as batshit for everyone else.

seepi 6:49 pm 12 Jul 05

I’d say Mike Jeffrey. I did an interview with him once where he just sent me up the whole time and didn’t listen to a word I said.
A friend also did an interview with him where he just kept repeating his shock-jock lines and didn’t let her get a word in edgewise.
He fancies himself as Canberra’s Alan Jones I think. It is only cos noone in PR listens to his station that we all get caught out going on there once – then never again.

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