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2CC takes a pasting in the blogosphere

By johnboy 12 July 2005 47

Irfan Yusuf is a blogger, a former Liberal candidate for Parliament, a Sydney lawyer, quite a fan of Canberra, and also a muslim. He’s got a very interesting story online describing going on 2CC to talk about recent events involving muslims.

The questions on assimilation were really quite silly. I mean, fancy a shock jock with a slightly English accent telling a Sydney lawyer with a broad “Strayn” accent to assimilate more.

I liked this bit too:

The interview ended with a humorous monologue in which the interviewer claimed that my describing his questions as those of a “shock jock” was racist. When I suggested to him that radio talkback hosts did not constitute a race, he completely lost it.

It was truly hilarious stuff. A shock jock tries to be a smart-ass with a poor migrant unassimilated pro-terrorist follower of extremist clerics looking forward to 72 fictitious virgins. And the shock jock ends up being given a good kick and completely losing it on air. In the end, most listeners would have realised where the real extremism was coming from.

Any of our 2CC listeners know which of their “talent” was responsible?

What’s Your opinion?

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2CC takes a pasting in the blogosphere
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Caz 12:43 pm 15 Jul 05

IMHO, 2CC jumped the shark when they axed that delightful Graeme Gilbert from the breakfast gig. That man was smarter than anyone who has ever lived*

* He was actually a complete charlie uniform november tango, but that’s the only way one stays employed for any length of time in the capital radio network. I assume Jeffries is one too – he’s been there for a while now.

Absent Diane 11:34 am 14 Jul 05

Im actually suprised I haven’t been banned from my department yet

Thumper 11:27 am 14 Jul 05

Hmmm… I tried to get my Department banned at Christmas, and that didn’t work either.

Absent Diane 11:24 am 14 Jul 05

I think if we can ban any display of religious iconology and attitudes from the general public then the world would be ok…. I tried to get last christmas banned here at my department but that failed… probably had something to do with the fact that I sounded like a pyscho… but I think the socialists may have been on to something…. fire away

bulldog 9:36 am 14 Jul 05

I’d be tipping that catholics would be called to account for the violence of the IRA.

If you ask a republican, the abglcans are to blame for the violence. That would be like asking George Dubbelya to explain the reasons behind Spetember 11.

johnboy 8:04 pm 13 Jul 05

As with most things in life it’s not about what will assuage my, or your, sense of outrage. It’s about what will actually work.

As all intelligent observers have noted, including the PM on the 7.30 report tonight, at the moment the real conflict is within muslim society. Largely as onlookers we need to encourage and help the moderate elements against the extremists.

Everytime we, as outsiders, start demanding moderates answer as if they’re extremists we conflate the two sides in their own minds, against us.

(If the moderates lose that internal conflict then, and only then, are we into a real clash of cultures which even if we win, will be diminished by the things we’ll have to do to win that total conflict.

And the Chinese will clobber “us” on the rebound.)

“Muslims” are no more (and are in many ways less) a monolithic block than Christians. If I was called, as an anglican, to account for the crimes of the IRA i’d be likely to commit violence myself against that accuser.

Apparently Irf will have a transcript up in a few days and we can make more intelligent comments.

bulldog 5:13 pm 13 Jul 05

Oooohhh Ralph, never pictured you as a Saturday night party mix type of guy…

I had the unfortunate experience of working in a shop for just under four years where it was 104.7 all day every day. Here’s a list of what they killed for me;
Hotel California
What’s the deal? (f*ckin’ hate that song anyway)
Anything by Pearl Jam, No Doubt, INXS and Guns N Roses; all of which I used to like.

In short, I’d be happy with ethnic slurs, arguments and hearing freaks advocating all sorts of attrocities, as long as it didn’t involve an hour of commercials and some idiot who’s balls haven’t dropped telling me I’m a dick ‘cos I don’t go down to the Royal on a Saturday night.

FYI: I’m a dick because I go to the Mawson on a Saturday night.

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