ACT and NSW police join forces to target Kings Highway for Easter

Michael Weaver 31 March 2021 39
ACT and NSW police vehicles at Kings Highway near Canberra

ACT and NSW police vehicles at Kings Highway near Canberra. Photo: Supplied.

ACT and NSW police have joined forces to target motorists who get impatient on the roads during the Easter long weekend.

As many get set to hop down the Clyde Mountain for the trek to the coast, motorists can expect to see police patrolling every section of the Kings Highway.

Officers from ACT Policing and NSW Police will be on the Kings Highway to reinforce existing road safety messages with a focus on ACT Policing’s ‘Fatal Five’ and the NSW Police Force’s ‘Four Ds’ campaigns.

ACT Policing officer-in-charge of Road Policing Detective Inspector Donna Hofmeier, said working with NSW Police was an important part of keeping roads safe during the busy Easter holiday period.

“There’s always an increase in traffic at Easter as people travel to and from the ACT, so police will be working on both sides of the border targeting dangerous driving behaviour,” Det Insp Hofmeier said.

She said their traffic focus is on the ‘Fatal Five’ – speeding, driving under the influence, seat belts, driver distraction and behaviour at intersections.

“We hope that by combining our Fatal Five campaign with the NSW ‘Four Ds’ campaign against drink, drug, dangerous and distracted driving, mean five plus four equals zero deaths on the Kings Highway this Easter,” she said.

Kings Highway

Drivers are asked to slow down on the Kings Highway this Easter. Photo: Supplied.

NSW Police Acting Inspector Adam Kite said road safety was always a priority and even more so on busy roads on long weekends.

“While we’ll be doing everything we can to target dangerous driving on our shared highways, I implore everyone driving this weekend to take their responsibilities behind the wheel seriously,” Inspector Kite said.

“Motorists can expect to see police from both NSW and the ACT working along the full length of the Kings Highway.”

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Minister for Transport and Roads, Andrew Constance, is urging drivers to slow down this weekend and plan trips in advance.

“Almost half of all fatalities on our roads last year involved excessive speeding and each one of those deaths was preventable,” Mr Constance said.

“Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to travel, don’t speed, drive to the conditions, wear your seatbelt, avoid distractions, make sure you’re well-rested and if you’ve been drinking or have taken drugs, don’t drive.”

Double demerit points will apply in the ACT and NSW for all speeding, seatbelt, riding without a helmet and mobile phone offences from 1 April until Monday, 5 April.

As a further long-weekend road safety measure, an additional demerit point applies for all other traffic offences.

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39 Responses to ACT and NSW police join forces to target Kings Highway for Easter
Daniel Moy Daniel Moy 1:16 pm 04 Apr 21

Not doing much of a job! Stupid people out there. Had a bloke overtake me on the slow vehicle lane coming down the Clyde this morning.

Manessha Shields Manessha Shields 11:21 am 04 Apr 21

Claire Liversidge Aaron Chown well than 😂

    Aaron Chown Aaron Chown 11:31 am 04 Apr 21

    Manessha Shields which is why they weren't in Hume last night 😂😂

    Manessha Shields Manessha Shields 12:32 pm 04 Apr 21

    Aaron Chown haha yes 😂😂 but I didn’t see any last night

Peter McDonald Peter McDonald 8:10 am 04 Apr 21

Only got this on Sunday.

Chris Thomas Chris Thomas 8:52 pm 03 Apr 21

Show me the money!

It'$ all about $afety

Owen Adamson Owen Adamson 8:42 pm 03 Apr 21

Stan Krnc let her eat

Garry Bailey Garry Bailey 3:45 pm 03 Apr 21

They will definitely catch a few idiots on the Monaro Highway as well.

Martin Ross Martin Ross 3:23 pm 03 Apr 21

Jonathan Brown Bob Brewer Adrian Baker you’ll have to find another way for those Bungendore jobs 😜😂.

Jan Bryce Jan Bryce 8:17 am 03 Apr 21

If you do the right thing and don't speed you have nothing to worry about

Clancy Smith Clancy Smith 5:24 am 03 Apr 21

Time to fill in those quotas lads 💯

    Chris Emery Chris Emery 1:49 pm 03 Apr 21

    Clancy Smith Speeding fines are a voluntary tax.

Dave Hoey Dave Hoey 12:55 am 03 Apr 21

So how many have been caught? Doesn’t slow down the muppets 😏

Gerry Hubbard Gerry Hubbard 6:17 pm 02 Apr 21

I saw 6 black unmarked in Dunlop yesterday. So they are everywhere

Ken Behrens Ken Behrens 2:33 pm 02 Apr 21

Didn’t see any last night coming down

    Ricky Toms Ricky Toms 4:05 pm 02 Apr 21

    Brian Leslie just cause you didn’t see them mate doesn’t mean they’re not there 😜... have a great weekend 👍👍

Michael Ilsley Michael Ilsley 1:34 pm 02 Apr 21

No wonder they struggle with community support and respect.

Peter Leary Peter Leary 9:18 am 02 Apr 21

If everyone got on with it and drove at the limit we would all get there but there is always some tool who thinks it’s safer 10km slower. The actions of those few cause a ripple and force overtaking to occur. Remember how long it too to get your license and what challenging things you had to do to pass the test? Like reverse parking. The test should involve high speed merging, skid pan, regularly test and emergency management. If you don’t pass you go to the back of the line or get the bus. Drive in Germany and see the difference in driver skill to that of Ozbechaustan. End of rant. Sandi Leary

    Marty K Marty K 7:13 pm 02 Apr 21

    Peter Leary so true.

    Guy Noble Guy Noble 9:32 pm 02 Apr 21

    and they get in the right overtaking lane,,,,,, some people like to play cop,,, it causes more shit than it helps

    Scott Coulson Scott Coulson 8:56 am 03 Apr 21

    Attitude is the key to being a safe driver. Peter Leary, the statistics show that the drivers with the fewest crashes are those in the learner driver category. They are unskilled but have high levels of concentration and are conscious of obeying the road rules. Pretty much throws your theory out the window. Frankly, your views appear very self centred and ignore the fact that the roads are there for us all to share. That in itself is displaying a poor attitude. A bit of tolerance and respect for people who aren't exactly like you would go a long way to making the roads safer. Leave home a bit earlier.

    Peter Leary Peter Leary 2:46 pm 03 Apr 21

    Scott Coulson thanks for your insightful comments. You’ll never know what a difference that makes to my opinion on this matter. Glad you weighed in on this emotive issue.

Kieren Reynolds Kieren Reynolds 8:27 am 02 Apr 21

Remember folks to keep left once you're done overtaking, and the two car gap doesn't apply when stopped at the traffic lights 🚜

Jane Challen Jane Challen 6:56 am 02 Apr 21

If your doing the right thing it won’t matter

Jackie Baxter Jackie Baxter 10:11 pm 01 Apr 21

Not one on the kings highway from Canberra to the Bay or even to Ulladulla ....

    Ronald Limon Ronald Limon 8:17 pm 02 Apr 21

    Jackie Baxter but i bet they seen you

    Jackie Baxter Jackie Baxter 8:18 pm 02 Apr 21

    Ronald Limon nope wasn’t driving I was flying on my broom stick 🧙

    Martin Ross Martin Ross 3:13 pm 03 Apr 21

    Jackie Baxter you just happened to be in the right place at the right time.....for you anyway.

John Davidson John Davidson 9:42 pm 01 Apr 21

Good on you ACT Coppers. Wish I was there again.

Timothy Bailey Timothy Bailey 7:58 pm 01 Apr 21

slow down?

Peter Major Peter Major 7:53 pm 01 Apr 21

bloody hiding on the overtaking lane to the bay. After getting stuck behind incompetent ACT drivers and caravans for most of the mountain, you're blocked from overtaking easily by speed cameras and police hiding behind bushes. That's not safety that's bastardry. At least let people overtake when its safe.

    Benjamin Challen Benjamin Challen 9:51 pm 01 Apr 21

    Parked on footpaths along the Barton highway a couple weeks ago.

    Jorge Gatica Jorge Gatica 9:56 pm 01 Apr 21

    Peter Major the ACT population has grown considerably in the last 10 years so those who you call ACT drivers have come to the ACT from elsewhere like you are from Bodalla and brought their driving habits here

    Nora Rovner-New Nora Rovner-New 7:59 am 02 Apr 21

    Jorge Gatica Glad I wasn't in front of him.

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