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ACT has a marginal seat after all

By GnT - 13 September 2007 39

I always thought the federal election results for the ACT were pretty much set in stone: 2 Labor MPs, one of each in the Senate. But the Canberra Times is reporting that the Greens (in the form of ex-MLA Kerrie Tucker) could take Senator Gaz’s seat in a nationwide swing against the coalition.

This election is shaping up to be very interesting.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
ACT has a marginal seat after all
Kramer 2:53 pm 13 Sep 07

I would agree that Greens are sometimes a bit too backwards/left for me, but we aren’t going to see a greens majority. So I’m going to vote greens to swing the govt (be it Labor or Liberal) back to the left a little.

Mr Evil 2:44 pm 13 Sep 07

The ACT CFMEU Greens – a flower in one hand and a chainsaw in the other?

Jonnb 2:42 pm 13 Sep 07

The really interesting angle is that it is what happens to the Democrats being in the race? It is likely that the majority of votes that the Democrats get will come from small ‘l’ liberal voters. With the liberals moving to the extreme right there seems to be a chance that the democrats could poll better than last time. With the Democrats’ preferences still undecided here in the ACT it could be interesting. This is probably why Norvan is copping so much interest from the Liberals, they can see what a threat he could be to Garry’s spot. When Ric Farley had a go he came just short of toppling Margret Reid, the Libs only had one advisory. With the Greens and the Democrats in the running it looks like a two pronged attack, depending on the Democrats’ preferences that is.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:35 pm 13 Sep 07

What the hell is wrong with you mlm? It’s Turd.

mlm 2:27 pm 13 Sep 07

I have not yet decided whether I shall vote for the Terd Sandwich or the Giant Douche.

asp 2:18 pm 13 Sep 07

Kerry Tucker. The Greens. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I agree with some of what they stand for, but they lack practicality and are too extreme. They’re tree hugers, not progressive politicians.

Roland GRNS 2:11 pm 13 Sep 07

No vote is a wasted vote. if it doesn’t get your first preference elected it flows on, at full value, to your next choice.

Secondly, as experience in the ACT Legislative Assembly shows, the crossbench doesn’t have so much power given the two big parties can always, and quite often do, vote together.

As Kerrie’s campaign coordinator of course I’m pleased with the polling as it shows we have a chance.

Finaally, on the isssue of marghinal seats. surely the less any seat is a lay down misere, the more mrginal it is.

Spectra 1:33 pm 13 Sep 07


Ralph 12:46 pm 13 Sep 07

Here here!!

Thumper 12:45 pm 13 Sep 07

Marginal actually doesn’t apply to the senate, only reps.

As such, there are no marginal seats in the ACT.

And thus, no pork…

barking toad 12:44 pm 13 Sep 07

A vote for a green is a vote wasted

You cant be nonconfo 12:30 pm 13 Sep 07

“The Greens could take Senator Gaz’s seat…” Well of course they bloody could when you’ve got those Getup creeps running around basically telling every single person in town to vote for them! One of my mates went to their meeting last night which was supposed to be about ‘bringing back balance’ in the senate and all they talked about apparently was “how do we tell people to vote for the greens without telling them to vote for the greens, because if we did that we would totally lose all credibility as a non-partisan organisation.” My friend was mighty displeased as he has never voted green in his life, and was under the foolish impression Getup was actually as unbiased as they claim to be – fool!

Ralph 11:36 am 13 Sep 07

That’s not an ‘idependent sentate’, that’s a senate with the balance of power tilted towards a fringe group.

That’s not healthy. Look at how the Democrats fcuked up the GST, and held the Government at ransom for monies for environment feel goodies. Most of that has just been pissed up the wall paying local public servants to do not much at all.

The Lib/Nats are still likely to hold the Senate whoever wins.

boomacat 11:23 am 13 Sep 07

I hope she does, I quite like her and whatever party wins in the House I would like to see an independent Senate

Ralph 10:05 am 13 Sep 07

They said that last time as well.

Didn’t happen.

Won’t happen this time either.

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