26 October 2007

Another Police Chase...

| smee
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Morning All,
I was at the Kambah Caltex opposite Kambah High this morning filling up.

Heard a siren and looked up to see a Black Commodore ute race through the lights from Summerland cct at what looked like 100Km/h+ followed about 2 seconds later by a lime green XR8 police car doing much more than that.

10 minutes later as we were heading north on Drakeford Drive, at the other end of Summerland Cct, there where a number of cars on the west side of the road and more police cars arriving.

Anyone know what was happening?

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I’m happy to see cops chasing crooks.
I’d be even happier to see the judges keeping the crooks in. Let hope the love-in gaol ain’t a white elephant. It’s got no bars, it doesn’t use too much water – all good! That should keep the snivels happy…so use the bloody thing!
oh – 367? Cameron was right – TWIT! By christ there’s an expletive I haven’t heard used in such fine fashion in a long time.

Keelty has already started backpeddling over Haneef (I TOLD the DPP they didn’t have enough incriminating evidence), with the prospect of a change of Gov becoming more evident.

Perhaps he might decide that micro-managing the comments by his underlings is not the greatest move he can make.

RA is the poorer for the lack of input from our badge weilding members. Sure, they were always on the receiving end of any anti speeding propoganda the powers ramped up, but their insight on local crime was beneficial.

Bring on a change of Gov and an unrestricted ability to comment by these individuals.

Ingeegoodbee7:40 pm 26 Oct 07

I’d noticed that too Jazz. I just assumed that Kelty, between flip-flopping on terror and screwing up the prosecution of Haneef had found the time to tell the donut-munchers to actually get out and do somthing … that and with the vacancy filled by Nixon’s unfortunate accident in the shower, I’d guessed that there would be a bunch of plods trying to look busy in the hope of jagging a promotion.

Did anyone notice that it was a 40kph school zone at 0850hrs!!!!!!!!

for those that remember it, we did have comment karma once upon a time. I’m considering reintroducing it. One thing at a time though 🙂

For the record, no I dont know anything about the police chase. Some may have also noticed that those of the constabulary have also been a bit quiet of late. I have a hunch that they’re under a bit more scrutiny as to what gets said here off the record.

In the interim it allows the rest of us heaps of room to wildly speculate .

Lord Mælinar2:41 pm 26 Oct 07

Caf – AD’s comment is more indepth than a first glance read allows. It takes into account several previous threads, and from memory, a few notable taglines like the get your own damn site one.

He’s not a flash-in-the-pan poster like md367 – so many people start here on that note it’s not funny.

Wastes my time when I go to read 7 responses

Haha, so just fark off then. A plan with no drawbacks.

Absent Diane: I’m surprised to see *you* advocating the “na na na not listening” approach. I would have thought that intelligent people could evaluate the argument that md367 is making, and decide based on that whether they want to change their behaviour (or not) – rather than simply saying “shan’t” because the argument comes from someone with no formal power.

I guess I’m just surprised that an “appeal to authority” argument is coming from someone who I’ve always seen as somewhat sceptical of authority.

Lord Mælinar1:10 pm 26 Oct 07

It’s extremely frustrating to go to a topic, only to find comments, one after another, of absolutely NO value to the reader whatsoever. – And you are comparing this with ?

Are you aware of the concept of open-journalism ?

Even the major online news feeds that offer online comment are cluttered with information of NO value to the story. Here’s a can of hardenup and the blueprint for a bridge so you can get over it.

its was….me!*

* probably not true

Absent Diane12:52 pm 26 Oct 07

md367 are you a mod/admin? if not feel free to express your opinion but do not expect anyone else to follow your suggestions. Its the people who own the website that get to tell people what they will and won’t allow on ‘their’ webiste.

When someone does have the answer to the question posed by Smee, I’m sure they’ll post it.

Until then, people can comment on the larger issue as much as they want – and that includes in a satirical fashion.

“I won’t be responding to your responses – the smart ones will understand what I’m saying”

aka “I won’t enter into any debate that I will quite clearly lose – the people who share my limited narrow point of view will understand what I’m saying”


“Canberra News, Information and Opinion”

It’s extremely frustrating to go to a topic, only to find comments, one after another, of absolutely NO value to the reader whatsoever.

Smee asked a question, and 6 out of 7 contributors have turned it into a joke. Wastes my time when I go to read 7 responses, only to find they’re all rubbish.

May I suggest, unless you have an honest answer to the question, or would like to add some debate on the topic, don’t reply with womething that can only be described as poor comedy.

I won’t be responding to your responses – the smart ones will understand what I’m saying.

Now there’s a shock….a d1ckhead in a ute! Who’d of thought!

Similar thing happened yesterday just before 5pm at Yarra Glen. Rear ender between 2 cars south bound just before round about, Telstar or old mazda 6 into a pole city bound just after round about, coppers everywhere (unmarked cars & marked vans) and what looked like a commodore abandoned down near the stormwater drain. It is a full moon after all…

hingo_VRCalaisV611:19 am 26 Oct 07

I would love to hear the sound of those V8’s at open throttle. Go Holden!

Actually they went across Drakeford Drive, out of Summerland into O’Halloran and through the 40Km/h section in front of Kambah High.

Ingeegoodbee10:48 am 26 Oct 07

A black commodore ute doing 100km/h+ along Drakeford Drive – Holy smoke, who would have believed it! The odd part of this story is that there were some cops about actually doing something about it!

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best10:47 am 26 Oct 07

If the Commodore Ute had an LS1 or LS2 under the bonnet it might have been an interesting race…

Lord Mælinar10:37 am 26 Oct 07

Democrat taking ‘beat the bastards’ too literally ?

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