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Another week of Summer

johnboy 19 April 2010 9

They’ve got their feet up on the desk over at the Bureau of Meteorology where the forecast for this week reads a uniform Min 9 Max 24.

Apparently a lazy high pressure system in the Tasman Sea has brought the return to summer.

While good for cyclists and dog walkers does anyone know what it means for the turning of the leaves?

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9 Responses to Another week of Summer
deye deye 7:30 pm 19 Apr 10

Every year it gets cold, then there is a warm spell just as everyone rugs up, then it gets cold again. No surprises here.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 2:30 pm 19 Apr 10

You know I could almost swear he was having a go at the high pressure system… just kinda sitting around with its feet up, having a smoko with the bureau of meteorology guys instead of moving on so everyone could get back to work!

Jivrashia Jivrashia 1:55 pm 19 Apr 10

JB wrote:

does anyone know what it means for the turning of the leaves?

That the leaves won’t turn as bright and vivid red as they would when given days with extreme high and low temps?

At least that was what I was told when I was young. The warmish days (mid-twenties) and cold nights (single digit, preferably around 5) are what is needed for the deciduous trees to turn beautiful red or yellow.

Expecting a cold one last night, I got up sweating like a man caught by his missus in bed with a mistress. Minimum was only 12C according to ActewAGL weather site, so those extra blankets (and mistresses) were unnecessary…

Feathergirl Feathergirl 1:42 pm 19 Apr 10

It was such a nice day on Saturday (and Sunday too for that matter) that we took Featherbaby to the re-vamped Weston Park water playground and had a bit of a wade around. I recommend Rioters take their broods there soon, while it’s still all in working order, the sand pit is clean and the weather is warm.

Spectra Spectra 12:55 pm 19 Apr 10

They’ve got their feet up on the desk over at the Bureau of Meteorology where the forecast for this week reads a uniform Min 9 Max 24.

Lest ye think your tax dollars were being wasted, they’ve sprung into a frenzy of action and revised Friday’s minimum up to 10 🙂

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 11:24 am 19 Apr 10

This is the most beautiful time of the year for Canberra. Colour transformation across the whole city, nice warm days, slight breeze, mirror like lake. For those with the time, do yourselves a massive favour and walk bridge to bridge – Kings ave to Commonwealth ave (either side of LBG) and take it all in – Canberra at its best.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 11:06 am 19 Apr 10

Hey BimboGeek

I fink ole Johnboy was having a go at da Bureau of Meteorology. They’re the ones who have forecast the weather for the week. It seems to me that they’re the ones to blame for the lateness of the leaves. If they got off their butts and forecast some proper winter weather instead of relying on the status quo, we’d all be able to shiver and whinge and carry on like proper Canberra people.

So how about it, BOM? Give us some interesting weather, not this boring benign rubbish.

Thumper Thumper 10:40 am 19 Apr 10

ANZAC Day is just around the corner.

The big chill will soon be here.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 9:40 am 19 Apr 10

Johnboy you MUST be kidding! Another glorious week of beautiful late Summer/early Autumn weather and you’re ready to gnash your teeth and beat the ground because the trees are delayed in the chance to turn a little more orange and red! Which they are already starting to do in my street anyway…

I promise it’s looking beautiful and orange over towards Cooma and into the mountains (and freezing and icy and wet too, if you like that kind of thing) so you’ll get your beautiful orange foliage within a few weeks or sooner if you feel like heading to higher altitudes.

So just quit your bellyaching and enjoy your walking and cycling while it lasts!

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