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Beyond the expected

APS agencies planning to compensate executives while squeezing the lower echelons …

By I-filed - 26 March 2009 44

Far from inflicting low pay rises on the middle management level, several APS agencies coming up to the end of the certified agreements have plans to give massive rises to EL1s – while telling the rank & file that they can’t have even a 2 per cent pay rise without “efficiency dividends”. This is because of the “issue” of EL1s coming off generous AWAs.

Some agencies are also planning to put their EL1s – already paid $95,000 via the certified agreement – on FLEXTIME. The EL levels have always been employed on the basis that they get the job done, and can have a day off in lieu if they have done a thunking job and tired themselves out a little. On flex, they’ll be able to down tools after 7 hours 21 and chalk up a day off a fortnight on a mere 8 hour day.

Now, why can’t EL1s simply decide whether they’d rather cosy up under the APS umbrella on 15 per cent super, under the CA, or go out and compete in the commercial marketplace if they’d like to earn their AWA-equivalent salary?

Could this be labelled a de facto continuation of AWAs for the self-serving APS only?

Lindsay Tanner – what do you have to say to the populace at large who are losing their jobs, about APS plans for a 10 to 15 per cent pay rise in the next year or two for the large contingent of EL1s in the Service?

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
APS agencies planning to compensate executives while squeezing the lower echelons …
Thumper 11:59 am 26 Mar 09

DEEWA wa the dept who put everyone on AWAs – maybe it’s them who now has to pay up to get people off them?

Kind of. DEST combined with DEWR to become DEEWR. DEWR guys were all on AWAs with some DEWR APS4s making almost as much as DEST APS6s. Some of the DWR pay scales were quite unbelievable, APS5s making more than DEST EL1s and APS6s making more than DEST EL2s.

With the combining of the two there was a lot of worry about disparate pay scales. ie, DEWR didn’t want to give up their money, obviously, and DEST were pissed off because they were being paid so much less, at a higher level.

Thus there was a buy out scheme for DEWR AWAs to balance the pay scales across the two merged departments. Of course, there still exists disparities and it’s not perfect, but it’s a reasonable outcome.

sepi 11:46 am 26 Mar 09

DEEWA wa the dept who put everyone on AWAs – maybe it’s them who now has to pay up to get people off them?
ps – EL1s don’t work that hard at my dept (not all of them anyway). But they pay is low, and the work is boring, and the respect is non-existant.

toriness 11:43 am 26 Mar 09

god where are these agencies which pay el1s that well? $95k?! i am obviously (more so than i already thought!) working in the wrong place.

S4anta 11:43 am 26 Mar 09

Loose Brown said :

Every EL I know works like a dog.

Welcome to the joy of low level managlement ladies.

Loose Brown 10:36 am 26 Mar 09

10 – 15% payrise over two years? You have got to be joking.

What a load of rubbish.

Every EL I know works like a dog. Even if flex is available no-one takes it – it just means more work to catch up on when you get back.

deye 10:33 am 26 Mar 09

like anyone actually manages to use the days in lieu.

rosebud 10:26 am 26 Mar 09

You work a sixteen day fortnight and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in the shite
Saint Secretary don’t ya call me cause I can’t go
I sold my soul for a day in lieu….

sepi 10:22 am 26 Mar 09

Nothing like my dept either.

EL1s still have flex where i am, and have little management responsibility, and also earn a lot less than 95 thou.

In my last tiny dept EL1s were nearly the top of the tree, had no flex and did long hours, and still got low pay – the lowest in the aps i think – i’m working in the wrong places.

realityskin 10:08 am 26 Mar 09

I like it 😀

Primal 9:43 am 26 Mar 09

Where are these agencies exactly and do they have any vacancies? Because you sure as heck aren’t describing my department!

ant 9:43 am 26 Mar 09

Yes, I would say that most EL 1s and 2s I have observed would be working a heck of a lot more hours than their standard day. In fact, introducing flex would get messy, as they’d be racking up too many hours per pay period. They’d be better off doing something like an ADO per month, it’d be less messy, and most of them would be working up way more than 8 hours a month.

Charchar 9:39 am 26 Mar 09

I think it depends which agency you work in – in my department APS 6 earn almost as much as the EL1’s and retain flex. I’m currently an acting EL2 and ‘donate’ the equivalent of 4-5 days per fortnight to the Department in extra hours worked. I don’t think the few hundred bucks a fortnight is adequate compensation for working what amounts to an extra week every fortnight… just my two cents

Feebles 9:16 am 26 Mar 09

I would be interested to know which agencies I-Filed is referring to here. Admittedly I only work part time and am not an EL1, but I haven’t heard this come up in our CA negotiations. People of all levels have had their AWAs bought out. Again, I wasn’t on one so am unaware of the terms.

It’s not all beer and skittles for EL1s everywhere – the ones at the ABS have to be worried about their jobs at the moment.

ant 9:08 am 26 Mar 09

You would think that they’d do a basic comparo of cost/benefit for the level. Is this right across the APS? Given that with the proliferation of AWAs, everyone was on different rates and entitlements.

The Flex thing will be interesting. Remember, not all departments kept it. Finance, for instance, traded away flex and overtime for higher rates of pay across the board. I wonder what they’re going to do about that one?

LlamaFrog 9:07 am 26 Mar 09

Sad post. Obviously I-Filed has little experience of EL1s or only a very shallow understanding of how much most executive workers work.

Don’t begrudge the person who can work the system, it is the systems fault that allows it.

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