Askew speed signs

nanzan 22 September 2007 16

What has happened to the ACT’s speed signs lately?

I don’t know where the ACT Government is having them manufactured (not at a gaol in the ACT obviously – well not yet), but have you noticed how many of the new speed limit signs going up are actually poorly printed?

The speed limit numbers are crooked, or are too high or too low inside the red circle they are supposed to be centred within. I am actually wondering if they are still meeting the Australian standard.

And if they are not up to scratch, then are they legal, and are their speed limits enforceable?

Not that I advocate speeding, of course I don’t; I just think our signs should be made properly, and not become a distraction themselves.

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16 Responses to Askew speed signs
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:22 am 25 Sep 07

Ferret: it would be nice to think that we could just stick to Northbourne or Majura/Limestone, but call me cycnical – I don’t see the GDE being the panacea for everything currently forced down Northbourne, no matter how much Hargreaves might wish it so.

Ratrunning (like around Maitland/Madigan in Hackett) will continue until the Minister for Tuggeranong decides to do something about problems outside his home patch…

Choke points like at Phillip and Majura Avenues need to be fixed, and dedicated public transport needs to go down the middle of Northbourne, as it was always designed to do.

ant ant 11:36 pm 24 Sep 07

It’s a bit rough. Especially as Dairy Flat Road would have, what, 2 mail deliveries? To the DAS car facility, and the Dairy mob (whose entrance is in Fyshwick now, I think?). And the Poo Farm, I guess.

It was Dairy Flat Road, until some signwriter decided to shorten it. It’s just annoying, that these things are done willy-nilly. Like re-naming Canberra “Camra” or something. annoying.

Kramer Kramer 10:40 pm 24 Sep 07

“Off topic, wasn’t the Belconnen Way overpass due to open in September – and the intersection of GDE and Belconnen Way?”

I think so although I can’t find any references online, everything just says GDE should be completed by mid 2008 (must be a govt conspiracy).

BTW – I found this.
Interesting, especially the GDE formerly known as the John Dedman Parkway!

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 11:19 am 24 Sep 07

Just think Al, once GDE is finished, Officer Cres can become a quiet backstreet again…

Off topic, wasn’t the Belconnen Way overpass due to open in September – and the intersection of GDE and Belconnen Way?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:37 am 24 Sep 07

Haven’t seen any corrked speed signs, but one thing is certain about the ACT – very very few speed signs.

The dearth of speed signs proves the point to me that the ACT Government is more interested in revenue raising than speed reduction. If it were the latter, then we’d need about 5000 extra signs installed. So many open roads with next to nothing to tell you how fast you can go. And what ones there are, are generally right on top of an intersection, when you are far to busy merging and whatever to be looking at signs.

And then they pull little tricks like changing the speed on a street and not putting up any advice of the change, other than a bunch of wallopers collecting revenue along the way a bit (Officer Crescent Ainslie is a prime example – dropped from 60 to 50 recently.)

Maelinar Maelinar 8:45 am 24 Sep 07

Actually, it’s for Postal requirements.

As the volume of mail traffic has increased, the Australian Postal Service has adopted optical character recognition software.

Then we bring this to Canberra, where a higher than average quantity of streets/roads have two names.

About 10 years ago, William Webb Drive was signposted William-Webb Dr, which is not cool in OCR terms – William Webb Dr is better, hence why nomeclature has been slowly changing.

In the case of Dairy Flat Rd, I suspect that unnecessary words have been removed (Flat) to assist OCR.

I do not know why all the Drives and Avenues have been turning into Streets/Roads, but its possibly also a convention thing for OCR, as stunned mullets would have been writing Pialligo Road long before the sign was adjusted, and the OCR software would be having a narnie.

cranky cranky 7:03 am 24 Sep 07

Ant, you are correct.

My 1996 Gregory’s shows ‘Dairy FLAT Road’.

Perhaps the powers that be can explain why this renaming had to happen.

nanzan nanzan 7:55 pm 23 Sep 07

But the signs are really, really crooked!

My take is that if your eyes are not good enough to notice how crooked these signs are, then perhaps you should not be driving – or at least not so quickly!

I will find a photo of one, and send it in.

What sort of government and/or public servant approves such shoddy work?

sepi sepi 8:11 am 23 Sep 07

Yep – the 50km or otherwise have been put in stupid places. On Limestone Ave there is one, then a 60km sign, then a 40km sign all in quick succession.

Surreal driving signs – brought to you by the stanhope govt.

tybreaker tybreaker 7:39 am 23 Sep 07

This is the sort of story the media presents when there is no news. Why not just be patient instead of filling quiet periods with such profound topics?

ant ant 12:21 am 23 Sep 07

It’s always been Dairy Flat. Until they did the new signs.
Like in the latest press releases (done by the airport blow-ins), Pialligo Avenue is now Pialligo Road.

cranky cranky 11:17 pm 22 Sep 07

Um Ant,
Think you’ll find it IS Dairy Road. This has been previously discussed.

imarty imarty 10:40 pm 22 Sep 07

And so the pedantics begin again. If we’re going to whinge about speed signs, how about the “50km unless otherwise posted” (or similar) that have popped up in recent months close to other speed signs (most in 80km zones). Just serves to confuse drivers, especially interstate further…

ant ant 10:09 pm 22 Sep 07

Probably done by the same people who made signs for Dairy Flat Road which read “Dairy Road”.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:42 pm 22 Sep 07

You’d have to be going past them real slowly if you can see “The speed limit numbers are crooked, or are too high or too low inside the red circle they are supposed to be centred within.”

Personally, I prefer to keep my eyes on the road. And on the clown ahead of me who’s too busy sizing up speed signs…

gooterz gooterz 9:38 pm 22 Sep 07

Well its not like they cant afford them with all the new cameras

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