Australia’s greatest ever sportswoman is still going strong in Queanbeyan

Tim Gavel 2 October 2020 35
Heather McKay

Heather McKay at Reid Tennis Club courts. Photo: Tim Gavel.

Such is her long list of sporting accomplishments, Heather McKay concedes that she had to go to a website the other day to remind herself of her achievements in tennis.

The website heralds her considerable feats in four sports: squash, tennis, racquetball and hockey. But tennis is her passion these days, playing socially four times a week with the social aspect just as appealing as the competition.

Says Heather: “Before COVID I was playing local tournaments and the odd Australian championship. When I go to tournaments, though, part of it is social.”

As we sit alongside the Reid Tennis Club courts, at 79 years of age, Heather still looks as fit as she did decades earlier.

I remember her dominance on the squash courts, but her accomplishments across all four sports are incredible: 16 British Open Squash titles in a row; two World Squash Championships; 14 straight Australian Squash titles, only losing two games in her career; an individual World title in seniors tennis; three US Racquetball Championships; selection in the All Australian hockey team, twice; and the list goes on.

What is even more remarkable with squash is that she didn’t start playing until she was 18 years old as a way of keeping fit for hockey.

“When I had just turned 18, some of us from the Evergreens Hockey Club decided we would take a permanent booking at the Squash Bowl in Civic,” Heather says.

From that moment on, Heather was hooked and went on to win tournament after tournament after tournament.

Sport was always a big part of her life growing up.

“I lived for sport,” says Heather. “I came from a sporting family, and we were always encouraged to play sport. We were never made to play.”

Heather was one of 11 children living at Pound Hill in Queanbeyan. Her father was a champion rugby league player, as well as being a baker and a market gardener, while her mother was a stay-at-home mum.

With 10 other siblings, there was always somebody to team up with for whatever game was on offer.

At Queanbeyan Intermediate High School, hockey became a focus and Heather eventually went on to play for NSW and was selected in the All Australian team. But she didn’t end up playing hockey for her country because, by this time, squash had taken over.

It was still very much in the era of amateur sport though and the costs associated with competing, particularly when requiring overseas travel, were high. And the cost was not only in dollar terms, it also was time-consuming. For example, Heather had to take two months off work to go to the British Open. And remember, she played in – and won – the British Open every year from 1962 through to 1977.

Because of her amateur status, community fundraising was the backbone of support. Fundraising was channelled through the Squash Association and the Association would use the funds to support Heather by paying for airfares and also providing a stipend when she was competing.

Heather retired at 38 years of age as the greatest women’s squash player of all time. Having lost only two games in her career, those two matches remain solid in her memory. The first loss was in just her second tournament while the second was at the Scottish Open in the lead up to her first British Open.

By the time she retired, she had moved to Canada with her husband Brian. Sport remained front and centre in their lives.

During this time she won the Canadian racquetball title five times, three US pro titles and a US Open title.

Heather says, “I got into racquetball because I needed something else to do. I did more than I expected to do because I didn’t start playing until I was 38 years old”.

On returning to Australia she took on the role of assistant AIS coach for squash in Brisbane for 13 years, alongside Geoff Hunt.

Today, though, tennis her sport of choice, and in the senior ranks, Heather has won world titles as an individual and as part of a team.

She returned to live in Queanbeyan a couple of years ago following Brian’s death in 2018.

“I lost my husband, and the house in Watson was getting too much for me, and I have five siblings in Queanbeyan. So rather than travel in and out all the time, I thought I’d go back.”

In Queanbeyan, there is a constant reminder of her achievements with an indoor sports facility named in her honour. Her name’s also etched on the city’s honour walk.

There is also the possibility that her list of sporting achievements may continue to grow given her prominence in seniors tennis. These days though, Heather really does appreciate the social side of playing, and tennis remains a perfect vehicle to enjoy both people and the sport.

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35 Responses to Australia’s greatest ever sportswoman is still going strong in Queanbeyan
Dennis White Dennis White 2:55 pm 07 Oct 20

A true sporting Legend!👍👏

Colin Adrian Colin Adrian 2:57 pm 06 Oct 20

A true champion indeed and great she is enjoying her tennis after she and her sister Kay were both top juniors in Queanbeyan

Christine Gilbank Christine Gilbank 1:20 pm 06 Oct 20

Good on you Heather. I wanted to be like you. Fabulous squash player. 🤾‍♀️

Christine Scott Christine Scott 10:00 am 06 Oct 20

An amazing sportswoman.

Glenda Johnson Glenda Johnson 9:21 am 06 Oct 20

Brilliant squash player!!

Karin Attenborough Karin Attenborough 9:53 pm 05 Oct 20

I live in Heather's childhood street named after the family (Blundell). Growing up with her sister, her brother in law and nieces in the same street, our little street kicked butt in the sporting world. I took up representative squash myself. It was always a great and proud moment when Heather visited the street, waved and yelled out hello!

    Carol Jones Carol Jones 4:43 pm 07 Oct 20

    Karin Attenborough heathers sister Sue was a friend of mine and was a great hockey player she had the sporting gene as well.

Ann Lucas Ann Lucas 9:37 pm 05 Oct 20

What a wonderful champion

Con Poulos Con Poulos 9:16 pm 05 Oct 20

One of the very few sporting stars who truly is a 'legend '

Chris Franklin Chris Franklin 8:45 pm 05 Oct 20

Could easily mount an argument that she is Australia's greatest sportaperson of all time.

Judy Kirchner Judy Kirchner 4:25 pm 05 Oct 20

Yes Heather was a fantastic champion sports woman and a very nice person!

Sue Cowie Sue Cowie 4:11 pm 05 Oct 20

True champion

Anne Somes Anne Somes 1:32 pm 05 Oct 20

Played hockey both with and against Heather. An outstanding role model for any young sports person.

Lyn Kemp Lyn Kemp 8:58 am 05 Oct 20

Good on you Heather greatest squash player ever. Fantastic hockey player as well 👍👍👍👌

Eric Topp Eric Topp 6:15 am 05 Oct 20

Bradman was the Heather McKay of cricket

    John Trueman John Trueman 8:52 pm 05 Oct 20

    Not sure if anyone could be compared to Heather McKay. A good person too.

Glenda Cahill Glenda Cahill 6:02 am 05 Oct 20

Amazing sports women 😍

Cheryl Angel Cheryl Angel 10:20 pm 04 Oct 20

One of the greats in Australian sport!

Ken Eynon Ken Eynon 10:17 pm 04 Oct 20

Great article Tim.

Diane Tony Bugg Diane Tony Bugg 9:13 pm 04 Oct 20

What a wonderful champion.

Mark Reber Mark Reber 9:09 pm 04 Oct 20

Heather McKay still undefeated.

Monica Tiffen Monica Tiffen 8:24 pm 04 Oct 20

Great Gal!

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