The Best House Painters in Canberra


There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to breathe new life into your home. And while painting is usually cheaper than renovating, the final result can be just as dramatic – especially when completed using the right colours, technique and creative flair. DIY can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget and know your way around drop sheets and paint rollers. But, if you’re serious about quality, or your job is on the tricky side (i.e. ceiling painting, exterior painting), a professional painter is worth the investment.

Hiring a professional house painter means an industry guarantee of a wonderful finished product. You will also save yourself the time of having to do it on your own, get a better looking finish, and even some professional advice on what colours are going to look the best for your space.

Whether you’re keen to update your home before putting it on the market, or think your living room needs a freshen up, here are some key factors to consider when choosing a painter to hire, as well as a list of some of Canberra’s best services.

What makes a great house painter?

If you’ve ever given DIY painting a go, chances are you’ll know that getting a paint job right isn’t as easy as it looks. Many DIY-ers end up spending more money and time than they originally planned, for less than optimal results.

Here are a few questions to ask before choosing a professional painter.

  • Years of experience. Painters with years of experience have seen it all. They know how to identify damage like rot and mould. They know when to use a brush instead of a roller, and how many coats of paint it will take to get your home looking its best.
  • Proper preparation. This is a particularly important question for exterior painting jobs. Good preparation (i.e. thoroughly cleaning surfaces, sanding, filling gaps) is the secret to a lasting paint job.
  • Time. Rushed painters may apply a second coat of paint when the first is not yet dry. Check that the contract will allow for the minimum drying time required when asking for an estimate of how long the entire job will take.
  • Brand options. Many professional painters have a preferred paint brand, but they should be equally happy to work with products you supply. If you decide to use the paint supplied by the painter, do your research to make sure it is a high quality product.
  • Post-job services. From small splatterings of paint to any dust that gets kicked up in the process, there’s bound to be a bit of a mess at the end of a day of painting. Hiring a professional painter shouldn’t mean extra clean-up for you, so make sure to check what they can do to mitigate this for you, such as drop-sheets, furniture covering, and thorough post-job cleaning services.

The best house painters in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Canberra Painting Company

Canberra Painting Company

When it comes to trust, professionalism, experience and results, readers say it’s difficult to go past Canberra Painting Company. A family business that’s been in Canberra for over 15 years, Canberra Painting Company is trusted by homeowners as well as major builders for new home builds and developments.

Canberra Painting Company’s 27 painters are fully licenced and insured. Teams take on jobs of all sizes – including full preparation, cleaning and plastering – for existing homes, new homes, commercial premises and industrial buildings.

To get started, head to your local paint store (it recommends Paint Place Mitchell) and choose your colours. Or, ask the experts at Canberra Painting Company for a colour consultation. Then relax as its friendly team handles the rest.

You won’t be left waiting either. Canberra Painting Company prides itself on a fast turn-around, offering quotes within 24 hours and a start date in as little as 7 days.

Want to paint concrete, varnish floorboards or stain a deck, give doors a new lease on life, remove rust or stains, repair water damage, or paint something 10 metres high? These guys will do that too! And, best of all – Canberra Painting Company provides full professional cleaning before every job is completed.

In their own words, “We spend more time preparing than painting. Anyone can paint. What determines the quality of the job is the preparation.”

As Gary Draper reviewed on Google, “Amir and his team painted our house. Amir is a true professional who is thorough and proud of his work. Nothing is too much trouble, he provided the best quote and he is a delight to do business with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thank you for a great job Amir, Vince and Kearim.”

Canberra Trade Solutions

Canberra Trade Solutions

Canberra Trade Solutions is a Canberra-based industry leader, offering a multi-disciplinary construction service. With their experience in servicing residential, commercial, industrial and government clients on major and minor projects across Canberra, CTS can guarantee you a high-quality paint job, be it for residential or commercial spaces, that is sure to be even, attractive, and long-lasting.

CTS also has a commitment to sustainable practices. With conventional paints often containing harmful chemicals – such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals – use of environmentally friendly paints is a great advantage. CTS have made sustainable construction practices an integral part of their business model, managing their projects so as to minimise any adverse effects on the environment around them, including the use of environmentally-friendly products.  Deciding to hire CTS for your construction and renovation means making the decision to support those environmentally-friendly practices in the construction industry.

CTS is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive, reliable, and professional service. Their primary commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their quality assurance policies, as they promise to comply strictly with all statutory and legislative requirements, standards and codes of practice.

9/121 Hawker Place
Hawker ACT 2614
Canberra Painting Service

Canberra Painting Service

In their own words, Canberra Painting Service “isn’t the cheapest, but we do the job right.” From humble beginnings as a one-man outfit 25 years ago, Canberra Painting Service now has a 12-person team, and a reputation for quality.

Managing director Brian Wilson prides himself on meeting customer needs without cutting corners. His team specialises in render repairs and residential painting, as well as commercial projects.

With a Dulux accreditation, Canberra Painting Service delivers on the promise of excellent finishes and all its staff ensure industry standards are met. Brian has been on the Master Painters Association of Canberra executive committee for more than a decade, so it’s safe to say he has sound knowledge of the local market and its unique paint requirements.

With an impressive portfolio and reputation for quality workmanship, Canberra Painting Service come highly recommended by satisfied customer Mark Graeme, who wrote in their review, “Did a great job. Went above and beyond to make sure the final result was high quality.”

67 Anthony Rolfe Avenue
Gungahlin ACT 2912
ACT Painting Services

ACT Painting Services

Scott and the team at ACT Painting Services focus on finesse and precision, with a high priority aimed at attention to detail. With many interesting designs and ideas, Scott will ensure the best feature wall within your house. They specialise in interior, exterior, roof and epoxy floor painting, for both your house or office.

Scott and the team pride themselves on proper prep work for the surfaces, and this contributes to the many masterpiece results they have produced. Scott is a pleasure to deal with from the moment he answers the phone and ensures ACT Painting Services offer great work for a fair price. He also stands by the no obligation free quote policy.

As Ben Thomson writes in their review for ACT Painting Services, “Scott took on our large job of painting a 4 bedroom house inside and out. (…) All through he helped with things like selecting low allergen paints and he also gap filled and tidied up cracks and small holes before painting. He dealt with everything in a friendly and professional manner and the finished product looks amazing. (…) Highly recommend Scott for any painting jobs around Canberra.”

Golden Brush Painting

Billed as Canberra’s premier painting business, Golden Brush Painting specialises in residential re-painting. It focuses on customer service, attention to detail and top-quality work at a competitive price. And, if you’re unsure about which colours or finishes will look best in your home, the team at Golden Brush Painting can provide recommendations to help you choose a look you’ll love for years to come.

Here’s what customer Elizabeth said about Golden Brush’s work,“The Golden Brush Team did a fantastic job! They responded within 24hrs with a quote and provided friendly, professional advice. I am very happy with the end results and would definitely recommend them.”

Watsons Painting

Watsons Painting is a local, family-owned business whose owner, Rob Watson, has over 15 years of experience. Committed to providing high-quality painting and maintenance service, the team of dedicated professionals at Watsons Painting promises great customer service and integrity.

Google reviewer Lara Crowder writes about her experience with Watsons Painting, “Rob and the team did a fabulous interior paint of our home. He was approachable throughout the consultation and quotation period, taking the time to talk through options and the reasoning behind them. He helped us to make all the right choices. Highly recommended!:”

If you’re looking for more of Canberra’s construction contractors to help you build or renovate your space, check out our articles on the best tilers, the best flooring specialists, the best plasterers and the best carpenters in Canberra. Or, if you’re after a more specific service for your area, check out our recently updated articles on the best kitchen renovators and the best bathroom renovators our region has to offer.

Your experience with house painters in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the house painters listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional painter?
Taking on a paint job can be a daunting task and require far more materials and skill than you might have considered, from adequate surface preparation to even application. Hiring a professional painter ensures a high-quality, durable, good looking and long lasting finish to your space.
Are there environmentally-friendly paint products available?
There are numerous paint products that are designed to be environmentally-friendly, free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds. These environmentally-friendly paints are made with completely natural products, free of the harmful chemicals that, when freshly applied, make you feel dizzy or nauseous. A professional painter should have a range of products that are environmentally-friendly, and if they don't then you can supply them with your own purchases.
How long does a paint job normally take?
This depends entirely on how much space you're looking to get painted, but on average to apply a coat of paint to a standard 3-bedroom house takes around 5 hours. Remember though, painting always requires a second coat of paint that cannot be applied until the first is completely dry, so no matter what, you're probably looking at a couple of days until the job will be completely finished.
Will house painters clean up after themselves?
As well as using plastic covering and drop sheets to protect surfaces and furniture, most house painting services include a post-job cleanup to take care of any missed sprays of paint on uncovered surfaces or dust that was kicked up in the process. Ask your painter what clean-up services they offer before engaging their services, to give you peace of mind.
How do I decide what colour to paint my house?
The colour you choose to paint your home can have a huge impact on how the space feels - darker colours tend to make rooms feel smaller, while light and neutral colours can have the effect of making small rooms feel more spacious, and colourful feature walls can add personality to an otherwise bland room. Consider the particular space that you are looking to repaint, think about what aesthetic you want to achieve, and talk it over with your painters and see what they advise.

What's Your Opinion?

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87 Responses to The Best House Painters in Canberra
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davidjohn davidjohn 2:54 pm 02 Sep 20

In my experience i would recommend . They are really professional and have an experienced team.

Wendy Dawes Wendy Dawes 1:06 pm 27 Aug 20

We’ve used Simco Decorating several times now and can’t rate them highly enough. Quality of work, professionalism, and owner Simon Parancin’s sense of humour make them great to deal with. We’ve used them for internal, external and patch up work and are very competitively priced too. Highly recommended!

samanthat samanthat 2:35 pm 24 Jan 20

My husband and I went with Excellence Painting ( and were very glad we did. They were recommended to us by a friend who also had their house repainted prior to sale and were pleased with the result and professionalism. The service and finish provided was amazing and i was highly satisfied with the final product. I would recommend contacting them for a quote as the entire experience was very easy, something i typically dread when dealing with contractors/trades.

tash66 tash66 6:54 pm 27 Oct 19

I contacted several painting companies in Canberra about painting a nursery but didn’t have much luck. I ended up hearing from Scott from APS I was really happy with the work he did. Scott was prompt when communicating and really easy to deal with. He was on time and did a great job. The room looks amazing and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I can highly recommend!

n4t4sh4 n4t4sh4 10:45 am 03 Sep 19

I have also had the team at Excellence Painting repaint the interior and external eaves and fascia and was very happy with the result! Quote process was easy, it was explained to me in simple terms and the quote was reasonable. I also had some other small repairs done at the same time and was great they could do these as well (some grouting and carpet cleaning). If you are looking to have your house done i would highly recommend them, you can contact them via their website

erinhughes erinhughes 9:12 pm 18 Aug 19

I had Scott from ACT Painting Services repaint the whole exterior of my house and couldn’t be happier! He showed up when he said he would, quoted a fair price, did a great job and cleaned up after himself. He’s also a really a nice guy who my whole family got along with! Call him on 0450420100

wagons wagons 11:36 am 08 Aug 19

Pete the Painter is excellent – we have used them twice and they are always so easy to deal with. They give thorough quotes, schedule quickly and take the time to fix issues along the way. The last time they painted our house they worked through the weekend to make sure we hit our deadline (carpet being laid) without us even asking. Just an absolute pleasure.

Tara_king23 Tara_king23 2:58 pm 22 Jul 19

We used Riotact recommended Ali from Kingdom painting services for our Interior repainting work we needed done before the sale of our property in Nicholls.
They are such great people to work with, they covered everything with plastic drop sheets and drop sheets on the floor even vacuumed up when they finished.
Really professional in arriving on time and explaining how the work is going to be done.

Thanks Riotact for the recommendation was absolutely happy with the work.
Call Ali from Kingdom Painting Services on 0416944655 if you need any type of painting work done.

Maddie Mish Maddie Mish 7:28 pm 26 Mar 19

Same happened to me. Can you contact me?

J D J D 10:18 am 13 Mar 19

Recently had our interior repainted by Excellence Painting and I would highly recommend. We received three quotes and found them to be the most prompt and reasonably priced. The overall result was fantastic and the team were all very friendly and professional. I had a tight timeframe and they were able to get it done within that time.

derekj derekj 12:57 pm 16 Feb 19

Having just had our interior repainted, I highly recommend Simon from Simco Decorating Painting & Finishes.

Simon is an excellent communicator (unlike some tradies), was very professional, friendly, provided us with useful advice and did a stunning job, including correcting small errors made by other tradies.

We will definitely use his services again in the future.

jakeanthony jakeanthony 11:02 am 19 Jan 19

Hi guys, I used Luke to paint the interior and exterior of my rendered home in Woden, he did a professional and amazing job, at an affordable price, going above and beyond what I expected.
Luke was helpful, clean and tidy, I have no hesertation in recommending Luke if you are looking for an experienced painter, call 0408 970 229

Erin Mitchell Erin Mitchell 9:37 pm 30 Apr 18

After reading the comments here, I hired Delan from Australia’s Premier Painting to paint the interior and exterior of my house. His team were very clean and professional. I was very happy with the finished result and would gladly use them again.

Elaine Riley Elaine Riley 4:05 pm 05 Apr 18

I recently hired Robees Painting for a whole house interior paint. I have read previous reviews and felt I also needed to add my comments in agreement with others who have not been satisfied.

Robee is a cheerful person and his quote was extremely competitive. He did complete the job within a reasonable time frame but often didn’t turn up will 9.30 am. However I agree with previous writer who stated she was brought to point of tears with the amount of clean up required afterwards. after six weeks I am still finding paint splatters over appliances, benches, carpet etc. Robee needs to learn to cover up and use drop cloths and to respect people’s property as it would save a lot of extra work and clean up and enhance his skills. To be fair he did pay for my carpet to be cleaned but there were so many other places I am still cleaning and short cuts taken, ie wrong paint used, that the overall experience was not a good one for me.

Mark_74 Mark_74 8:33 am 12 Jan 18

I’ve hired Scott from APS Painters before as he was the only who responded to my request for quotes and had a fair price. Was a delight to have in our home.

Nick Pitsonis Nick Pitsonis 11:35 am 04 Oct 17

My wife and I are more than happy to recommend Kingdom Painting Services. This is a father and son team who also call on 3 or 4 more very experienced painters as needed.
They have all the best gear including scaffolding, spray guns etc. but at the same time, no job is too small. We asked for two full coats of Dulux paint and that is exactly what we got. No annoying short cuts!
Recently Hamza and his team spent about a week at our place painting the entire exterior of our house and some surrounding fencing. We loved how clean and polite they were and how they did not allow the job to drag on like so many tradesmen do.
Right from our initial phone call to Ali (0416944655) the boys were friendly, professional and accessible. They took great pride in their job and nothing was too much trouble.
All areas are carefully taped and drop sheets are laid with great care. They volunteered useful suggestions as they went to improve our final result and their cleanup was the best I have seen from any painter; by far.
Their quote was the best of the three we obtained by some way and it was only about 24 hours from when we first rang to when our written quote arrived by email. Other painters kept us waiting for weeks.
We found these guys through RIOTACT about a month ago and we are very glad we did.
Our house looks like new and we have had lots of favourable comments from neighbours and passers-by.
If we need a painter again in the future we will go straight to these guys and we reckon you should too.

sambo83 sambo83 12:37 pm 31 May 17

mmover said :

A.P.S Painters has done some work for me and my brother in law which we were both really happy with. They painted inside of both house as well as the outside of one. Great job. Call Scotty on 0450 420 100

+1 for Scott from APS, painted our place and dads place and did an excellent job

Youstolemyusername Youstolemyusername 6:11 am 12 Mar 17

Belated thank you for responding. I’m a new user and didn’t know I’d gotten responses.

8JSimo 8JSimo 12:34 am 05 Jan 17

I couldn’t recommend Chris from Raz Painting enough. Awesome job. Didn’t get mucked about like I have before.

Serina Huang Serina Huang 1:23 pm 09 Nov 16

I recently had Jad and his team from McDebitt Painting over. They did parts of inside and also repainted the deck (which badly needed it). I was extremely happy with their professionalism, and thought they were good value for money. And reliable.

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