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Births and names 9-DEC-06

By Kerces - 9 December 2006 42

Apologies for the lateness of names today — I forgot to buy a paper in the busyness of the day.

I did however look at the births column in a Canberra Times at my parents’, and remember one of the names: Jaykub. Do his parents also hate people who can spell?

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Births and names 9-DEC-06
cranky 9:35 pm 24 Apr 07

For Nickelass read Tinbum.

nyssa76 9:09 pm 24 Apr 07

No people won’t get “use to it”.

My own first name is highly unusual and it is still spelt wrong – even at work.

What people think as “cool” or “unusual” can be hell on the child.

Have you ever tried to teach kids to write their names?

bec 8:09 pm 24 Apr 07

Hi my name is Rebecca and my husband and i chose the name Jaykub because we are happy with it and it suits our son obviously born 03/12/2006. Choose what ever name you want for your child and what ever spelling people will get used to it!!!!!

VYBerlinaV8 3:45 pm 12 Dec 06

Come on everyone, the boganese of Nicholas is Nykkylys. And he loves Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Thumper 4:08 pm 11 Dec 06



Maelinar 4:05 pm 11 Dec 06

Jaykub Dreher is a prominent Canberra Obstetrician, possibly the parents have named their child after the doctor who delivered him – like, you know, like the olden days before MTV ?

Then again, they could have given their child that name under their own mystical agenda, and not been delivered by Jaykub.

Sounds like a good idea though…

emd 9:10 am 11 Dec 06

Meconium – about your RiotAct name: what the? Are you trying to tell us you stink and you’re hard to clean up?

Meconium 5:20 pm 10 Dec 06

My name’s Miles… in India some drunk guy wrote me a note spelling my name ‘Mayalish’… but that’s a curry pronunciation thing rather than a boganism.

Jey 4:22 pm 10 Dec 06

My partner and I were brainstorming names for the dog I hope to purchase in the near future.
He sourced all his suggestions from car parts.
My particular fave was ‘Crankshaft’.
Most bogan idea to ever come outta of this house!

Danman 11:42 am 10 Dec 06

when i was in India, I could have gonr for Dhanyhiel

lateralis 6:55 am 10 Dec 06


gurunik 11:21 pm 09 Dec 06

thats my death-metal persona………..

johnboy 10:32 pm 09 Dec 06


gurunik 10:27 pm 09 Dec 06

and to think that my parents called me nicholas. no hyphens or anyfink…

Hasdrubahl 8:24 pm 09 Dec 06

i agree. My parents put two “h”s in Hasdrubal. Bad mistake.

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