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Blog recommendation – Nastykindagal

By johnboy - 19 July 2006 43

It’s been a while since Canberra was graced by a good confessional sex blog (even better one with which yours truly has not been involved), so allow me to direct your attention to nastykindagal. Ladies you might not have known this but:

A woman is not a woman unless she’s been in the dorms at ADFA and done the walk of shame the very next morning.


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43 Responses to
Blog recommendation – Nastykindagal
bonfire 10:57 am 20 Jul 06

why oh why did i read it.

then i came across the bit where she said something about men with polo neck skivvies and that photo of SGS with his yellow skivvy came back to me.

can you imagine SGS and nastygal on a date.

he’d take her to his favourite coffee shop, by bus, but theyd have to wait awhile because he wont travel on those new buses. she would talk about nail varnish and he would talk about the history of black and gold grocery labelling.

what a pair…

Thumper 8:24 am 20 Jul 06

Rather stupid and boring blog actually….

Blossy 2:04 pm 19 Jul 06

Meh, I must be all grown up now or something *zzzzzz*

Thumper 1:50 pm 19 Jul 06

Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of shallowness now and then..

Ah, Slappers, what would life be without em….

Mr Evil 1:44 pm 19 Jul 06

It’s good to see that it’s not always males who are the shallow ones.

RandomGit 12:53 pm 19 Jul 06

Me: Ha! You were obvoiusly drunk then.


Nice one.

barking toad 12:05 pm 19 Jul 06

Ahh, slappers – there should be more of ’em

It makes disturbingly compelling reading

Absent Diane 12:04 pm 19 Jul 06

I found this a mundane blog.

Thumper +1 for waking up in a tree…

Thumper 11:52 am 19 Jul 06

Actually, I would have thought that a real woman (sorry for being crude hear ladies but it did say discuss), would have had to have been through the complete Ginninderra Cricket Club from First grade to Sixth grade.

Is this chick for real?

ant 11:50 am 19 Jul 06

There used to be a website up for Limestone Lil, but they took it down.

Thumper 11:46 am 19 Jul 06

Nah, woke up under a tree in Belco if I recall correctly….

Must have had my drink spiked…

Or I was just hammered….

johnboy 11:43 am 19 Jul 06

Did you have to do the walk of shame after being taken advantage of by the cordies though Thumper?

Only that would make a woman of you it seems.

Thumper 11:39 am 19 Jul 06

I got pissed at Duntroon once.

I guess that doesn’t count cause I was a Digger, not a cordie….

Kerces 11:35 am 19 Jul 06

(oh and I’m told I should clarify rent-a-date: no money changed hands, it was a favour for a uni friend who went to high school with one of the ADFA guys. And I never saw their dorms.)

Kerces 11:31 am 19 Jul 06

That’s a…quite interesting take on life in Canberra’s night scene.

I went to an ADFA dine in as a rent-a-date once. Probably the most boring night of my life, particularly since I was a non-drinker at the time.

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