Blood runs free at WIN as Stanhope cronies take their pound of flesh

johnboy 6 September 2008 80

The Canberra Times brings astonishing news of sackings and suspensions at WIN for saying unkind things about the Rhodium disaster specifically and the Stanhope Government in general.

    “The chief of staff of WIN TV news has been sacked and a political reporter stood down after a senior member of Chief Minister Jon Stanhope’s staff complained to the station about a story on government-owned fleet management company Rhodium.

    John Roe was sacked from his position at the Canberra news station at 11am on Thursday after just three months in the position.

    Long-time Legislative Assembly reporter Geraldine Nordfeldt has been suspended from covering local politics just six weeks out from the ACT election.

And this is why Governments like to be major advertisers. They get what they want on the editorial side too.

In my opinion if there weren’t huge ad contracts in the offing station management would have put up a bigger fight.

UPDATE: It’s become a bit of a tradition for aggrieved media personalities to get blind drunk and then instant message or email me late at night (demanding the conversation be off the record while, one suspects, secretly hoping I’ll blab anyway). So to John Roe I’d just like to say I’m busy tonight but will be in on Sunday night, preferably after Doctor Who has finished.

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80 Responses to Blood runs free at WIN as Stanhope cronies take their pound of flesh
johnboy johnboy 8:50 am 04 Oct 08

My understanding was that a poorly advised use of the word “corrupt” may have been at the heart of the problem.

But I also have formed the impression that the Government was more generally unhappy with the editorial direction of the news.

welkin31 welkin31 8:32 am 04 Oct 08

After 72 posts, has anybody found out what was written / said by WIN that caused the trouble ? I really would like to know, thanks.

recondite recondite 10:47 pm 11 Sep 08

Roe’s position was advertised in the Australian’s media section today. “WIN needs you!” or some such thing.

Pandy Pandy 6:10 pm 09 Sep 08

Jessica is very good IMHO. Just ask us. :-0

Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot 5:58 pm 09 Sep 08

Hey there hip-Canberra-media-insiders!

Is there any truth to the claim that John Roe was fired because he was black?

I could understand the secret workings of the Canberra gestapo ready to extinguish a man of colour as coloured folk don’t fit into the grand colour scheme of Canberra – white, grey, cream, beige etc. etc. etc.

Ged Ged 10:13 am 09 Sep 08

Everyone complains about the politics at Win-TV, and the reporters, but nobody complains about the vacant talking head, Jessica Not-So-Good, who reads the news every night.

Her delivery is embarrassing, like a kindergarten teacher talking to a class of five-year-olds. And she is the only full-time commercial TV newsreader in the national capital!

Peter Leonard seemed positively dynamic and authoritative compared to Jessica.

(Yes, there’s a hint of sarcasm there)

Pandy Pandy 9:00 am 08 Sep 08

not i

Thumper Thumper 8:10 am 08 Sep 08


Consider yourselves well and truly moderated 😉

teepee teepee 10:21 pm 07 Sep 08

Ha, my post passed Johnboy’s like a ship in the night. Look forward to learning about Woden Tradies trading in land tomorrow!

tom-tom tom-tom 10:19 pm 07 Sep 08

just when it was getting interesting 🙂

teepee teepee 10:19 pm 07 Sep 08

The question is ‘Did the Tradies buy adjoining land in an open market auction?’ or ‘Was there a shady direct sale from govt’? If the later then there would be no transparency or openness, and maybe not best value for the ratepayer.

I wonder how many Labor MLAs have been on the Tradies Board?

This town seems a bit like Chicago sometimes, with small town wheeling and dealing undermining the public interest at every turn.

johnboy johnboy 10:17 pm 07 Sep 08

Ding Ding Ding

back to your corners gentlemen.

You’re both offtopic.

We’ll discuss the woden development tomorrow.

tom-tom tom-tom 10:07 pm 07 Sep 08

call me names all you want; i’m not taking your bet because its based on a faulty premise; what happens if the development goes through because its an appropriate development for the location and consultation produces no one saying otherwise.

you got caught out telling lies and painting smears simple as that; give up your pathetic attempts to hide it, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Pandy Pandy 10:01 pm 07 Sep 08

BTW: If the development plans are going in this month, then does that not suggest that the direct sale of the land has been done? where is the consultation in that? Why would the tradies spend 100’s of thounsands of dollars on a development appllication on land they do not own?

O: The Woden Community Council know more about what happens in Govermnet than what you see in your navel.

Pandy Pandy 9:57 pm 07 Sep 08

tom tom, you gutless to take on a $50 bet? Money mouth. Oh that’s right you are all mouth.

tom-tom tom-tom 9:43 pm 07 Sep 08

thats not what you said though… you suggested it was a done deal.

Pandy said :

miz, I heard that the government has sold the car-park next to the Tradies Club (CMFEU owned and a major sponsor to Labor) to build a 20 storey monster block. where is the consultation in this from Stanhope?

you told a porky and got caught out. simple as that; no amount of insinuations are going to change that. stop now, you’re only embarrassing yourself.

Pandy Pandy 9:34 pm 07 Sep 08

tom tom, I will bet you $50 that ACTPLA that is independent *cough* of Government will NOT block the developmkent of a 20 storey block.

evilmonkey evilmonkey 9:12 pm 07 Sep 08

Long time reader – first time writer.
I prefer to comment only on things I have some understanding of.
So, here’s another two cents for you.
News organisations are harassed daily by media advisers seeking to push their agenda. It happens at all levels, on both sides of politics and there have been some well documented examples recently. Most journalists and the agencies they work for treat this intimidation with the contempt it deserves. It doesn’t serve the interest of the political parties that the staff represent nor does it achieve their desired outcome. To suggest that a media corporation such as WIN would accede to the demands of a former employee to protect the interests of his beleaguered leader is sensational enough for the front page, but it’s speculative and one sided. It’s all to easy to believe in stereotypes and conspiracies when it comes to media moguls and oppressive politicial leaders wielding almighty power. In this case it doesn’t apply. Most are quick to believe because they want to. No matter how on the nose the Stanhope Government might be. No matter how much WIN values their advertising revenue. If a corporation like WIN sacks a staff member then it’s guaranteed the reasons are more than just one mistake or transgression. They won’t expose themselves to an unfair dismissal case anymore than a defamation suit. It is sad that a young inexperienced journalist has been made a scapegoat but she still has her job and that should tell you where WIN thought the problem lay. John Roe shouldn’t be portrayed as a martyr to freedom of the press. He was just another example of the inexperience that permeates WIN News.

tom-tom tom-tom 9:11 pm 07 Sep 08

so hang on; they’ve only talked about putting in a development application? thats it?
i mean thats hardly the govt agreeing to the development without consultation is it? the usual way of doing things is application first then consult; right? or is the govt. just meant to use their psychic powers to know when someone wants to float an idea?

you sure showed me up with that smoking gun piece of evidence.

Pandy Pandy 9:06 pm 07 Sep 08

tom tom what about:

The development officer from the Woden Community
Council on the radio yesterday and this:

Dear Friends of Woden Valley Community Council The WVCC meeting, Wed 3 Sept 7.30pm, Hellenic Club Woden (upstairs in theOrpheus Room) will include the following matters: The proposed redevelopment of the Woden Tradies and Quality Hotel (WVCCunderstands the ACT govt has agreed to a direct sale of land to expandhotel. The plan is to knock down all existing structures, clear the site andbuild a new club, a new bigger hotel, some offices, some furnishedapartments and some residential units with active shopfronts on the groundlevel and some basement car parking. Some of the proposed new structuresare to be approx 20 storeys. The Club aims to lodge a DevelopmentApplication early Sept.)

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