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Bogans with cars

By nyssa76 - 6 October 2006 41

This afternoon I was on Forbes St, Turner doing 60kms (speed limit).

Then from out of nowhere this bogan (flanny on with fag in mouth) starts tail gating me, mouthing “f**king c**t” (seen in rear view mirror) and even trying to overtake me in a narrow street.

Pulling into a complex to drop off my friend the bogan, with the fag still in her mouth, screaming “It’s 60kms not 10kms!” then she tore off in her clapt out Datto.

Now, it’s the end of a long day so I let decorum fly out the window. I yelled back “F**king bogan, learn to read a sign you illiterate f**k”. I know, very elegant for a teacher.

Finally I gave her the one fingered salute and got out of my car.

Should bogan’s even be allowed to drive? They can’t read a road sign and obvious have never read the road rules.

I bet she was running off to buy Winnie Blues.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Bogans with cars
VYBerlinaV8 9:44 am 09 Oct 06

I find it interesting that police are not instructed to crack down on the many types of discourteous behaviour described in this thread – I guess it’s just easier to try to book all and sundry for speeding.

The comments about merging are spot on – most drivers in this town couldn’t merge effectively if their lives depended on it. I can’t believe how many people can’t follow the simple one-for-one approach to merging 2 lanes into one.

That and the constant use of the right hand lane for no reason.

bonfire 9:42 am 09 Oct 06

Im with KaneO i do the same. tailgate me and i’ll start driving slower. its the most dangerous thing that act drivers do, more dangerous than speeding.

except for that idiot yesterday that changed from the l to r lane at about 40km as i was doing 80km and then drove 25 meters before changing back again.

as i drove past i expected to see a bong.

Thumper 8:01 am 09 Oct 06

Having driven around in a Morris Minor convertible which struggles to reach the speed limits on suburbans streets, you get an absolute gob full from wankers in their falcons and Commodores, and WRXs.

Blow them kisses. It really fucks with their minds.

nyssa76 10:21 pm 08 Oct 06

Now I would have asked her for a Bogan-English dictionary to translate.

JB, it is? Oops. Guess I was too busy worrying about my car being rear ended.

smee 10:05 pm 08 Oct 06

Got abused by a skanky bogan chick in a crappy little black car in a maccas carpark on the way back from Sydney on Friday night.

Apparently I stole her car park, the one she claimed from across the carpark while driving in the out lane against the arrows.

It was loverly language to let loose in front of the kids.

andy 6:27 pm 08 Oct 06

its stnadard in canberra to drive above the speed limit by at least 10KM.
try drivin down william hovell at 630 in the morning, its Tradey Hell. THey all have their yellow vests on, and i can only hope they don’t build as irresponsibly as they drive.

Indi 6:14 pm 08 Oct 06

Winnie Blues are an ‘a class’ ciggie these days – she must surely have been puffing a holiday, only real working people smoke Winfield, cubs or non-cubs certainly would not!

Special G 6:10 pm 08 Oct 06

Nice change VG, the petrol bills getting to you with the turbo V6?

Bogans on Forbes St. Who’d have thought it? Take a look at the flats that run either side of the main drag into Canberra – The rest of the beautification doesn’t cover those shitholes up.

KaneO 4:36 pm 08 Oct 06

Tailgating is the car behind me’s way of saying that they want me to cease driving at the speed limit and instead drive well below the speed limit. Had lots of fun doing this. If people want to sit up my arse when I’ve slowed down to 30km/h that’s their choice I suppose.

Also just got a new car from work, and it’s the size of a rollerskate, but less powerful. I have noticed that people (esp sheilas) will tailgate smaller cars more often.

If you don’t give in to intimidation these lackwits get the hint eventually and drive at a safe distance. Sometimes the hint is going from 5th to 3rd gear (or killing the OD depending on what car I’m driving) at random intervals. Or I ‘stall’ at the lights, and the problem suddenly corrects itself the moment the light goes Orange and I (but not McTailgater) have enough time to get thru the intersection….

ant 10:49 am 08 Oct 06

very true, el.
They smack on the brake, sit there indicating furiously, and if you give them the 2 second window like they do in Sydney, they don’t take it!
Merge situations in Canberra often result in traffic coming to a dead halt, like at the airport roundabout.

el 9:19 pm 07 Oct 06

Yep. But they make sure *never* to use the accelerator when merging.

ant 5:56 pm 07 Oct 06

Tailgating is how people drive in the ACT region it seems. Unless there’s a curve in the road, they drop right back then. They are great drivers, provided the road is straight. They can really show off their skillful pressing of the accelorater then! Yep oh boy. And then the brake! And then the accelorater again. Great drivers.

johnboy 4:12 pm 07 Oct 06

BTW Nyssa, the speed limit down Forbes street is 50.

So even 10k over you were still too slow.

Absent Diane 2:47 pm 07 Oct 06

the amount of terrible drivers out there is quite scarey.

the picture of someone waving from a beetle after copping a mouthful from someone is absolutely cracking me up. funny stuff

vg 2:18 pm 07 Oct 06

You’ve run into one of the approximately 90% of ACT drivers who couldnt drive a greasy stick up their bot bot.

My new mobile is a slight downgrade in power. I’ve gone from a turbo 6 cylinder to a 1974 VW Beetle. The Beetle is a joy to drive as it struggles to exceed the speed limit so I tend to drive at the speed limit. For some reason most people behind me can’t cope with it and do the traditional sit up my ass and gesticulate.

I wave back, the joys of being a VW owner…always happy

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