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Bullying at Kingsford Smith “super” School

By Genie 3 March 2010 49

I just want to revisit a post from July 2009 in regards to the bullying at Kingsford Smith School.

I don’t have children – but I have nieces and cousins and friends with kids who go there and all I ever hear about is how bad the bullying is.

My twin nieces are quite often too scared to even go to school, one incident she was pushed down a flight of stairs and suffered a concussion. My neighbour recently pulled her sons out of the school (and is home schooling them) after one had his nose broken in class. And only yesterday I heard that my cousin was beat up (his very first day at the school) because he was half the size of the rest of his yr 7 boys.

The school doesn’t seem to care, and I am looking at going over the school’s head to the Education Minister. I’m looking to hear from parents who have children attending this school and if they have any problems in relation to bullying.

I am sick of listening to my nieces crying their eyes out after school most days and telling me what has happened and need to take action. Suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Bullying at Kingsford Smith “super” School
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ScrappyKat 10:32 am 12 Mar 10

I’m willing to work with any other parents who have true concern over bullying in schools. This should cover all schools not just Kingsford Smith, although we can start there. I’ve written to Stanhope about getting assistance, we will see if anything comes out of that.

I really do believe that the answer is working with building the esteem and skills of the targets than the bullies. If everyone else is stronger than the bullies they are going to look stupid when they attempt something aren’t they.

I also thought that perhaps there could be an anonymous “Dob in a bully” program that the schools could use.

housebound 5:46 pm 11 Mar 10

Genie said :

After discussion at the P&C meeting the other night, I have heard that some of the bullying is so severe child protective services will be now getting involved.

I hope this may rectify some of the issues the minority of students are facing.

So do the rest of us. It doesn’t sound good.

Genie 4:26 pm 11 Mar 10

After discussion at the P&C meeting the other night, I have heard that some of the bullying is so severe child protective services will be now getting involved.

I hope this may rectify some of the issues the minority of students are facing.

Gerry-Built 5:31 pm 08 Mar 10

I still remember the day the bullying stopped for me at school. Bad morning, got onto the bus, and Mr cool-shit up the back of the bus made some stupid put-down. I marched purposefully up the back of the bus, picked him up by the collar and told him I wouldn’t take his shit anymore and threw him back into his seat. He, and his mates remained quiet toward me for the remaining 18 months of school. The bus driver ignored the whole thing, I think he was that sick of Mr cool-shit too…

Bullied kids need to regain a sense of empowerment that has been stripped from them – help them get it any way you can. Self defence classes are an obvious one, but whatever you can do. Perhaps the school should be ‘encouraged’ to run free self-defence classes for identified students – the Principal has a discretionary fund.

There are way too many kids being raised by druggies, thugs, mentally ill, and criminals these days… Most of those don’t give a hoot what their kids do at school. And their answer to ‘problems’ at home is probably questionable at best. Troubled kids = troubled homes. One student I have problems with has a nightly rum and coke and cigarette with ‘dad’, others have fond memories of helping mum and dad cut and bag the buds on the dinner table… those kids are never going to be ‘normal’.

ScrappyKat 9:43 am 08 Mar 10

This is what I was suggesting a committee take control of. Build the self esteem of the kids being bullied, teaching them techniques to rebutt them. Forget the bullies, they will always be bullies, but you can build up a child to defend themselves.

Confront the government and find out why they aren’t allowing teaching and admin staff any control over the bullies. If there are enough kids out there that are stronger than the bullies, it would have to slow things down somewhat.

lucym 11:59 pm 07 Mar 10

by the way, your girls would not be encouraged to ‘kick the ….. out of people’ but would learn how to defend themselves. I think it is also useful for defence when they start going out at night alone.

lucym 11:48 pm 07 Mar 10


I’m so sorry to hear of the problems your daughters are experiencing. No child should be afraid to go to school.

My daughter was bullied in y7 last year at a private school. Everytime there was an incident I recorded it in an email to the school to build a record if needed. The school did a great job (unlike yours) and helped to resolve the problem but the impact on her was still profound. She received counselling – perhaps something you should demand from your school. The counselling should be free and it gives the children strategies to use for themselves. My daughter has also started martial arts and loves it. KMAA in Belconnen gives two free lessons to see if the children like the lessons.

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for what to do if the school isn’t taking responsibility.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

harvyk1 6:15 pm 07 Mar 10

ScrappyKat said :

So Harvyk1, if the P&C formed a Bullying Committee, to work with the school, the board and even the Department of Education, you dont believe that it would in the long run achieve anything?

No, not really.

You understand why not you need to understand the bullies themselves.

They know that violence (or mental manipulation) causes fear, and thus gives them control.
They know that teachers oftan have no power to stop them, especially outside of school hours.
They only pick weak targets, they know that if they pick someone who is strong they could lose face and become a target themselves. (seen it happen)
They know right from wrong, and yet do not care. (So go ahead and make all the rules and regs you like, the bullies will continue to ignore them all)

What the P&C would need to do is be able to give teachers the rights and authority to take the bullies on. The problem with that is name a time in history where bullies haven’t existed?

This is why I am suggesting that even rottweiler’s girls learn some degree of self defense. It doesn’t help the next target on the bullies list (unfortuantly a bully will always have someone else on the list), but it does help the girls who are the subject of this thread.

jmac 1:47 pm 06 Mar 10

vg said :

“My daughter is only 17 months, and even today when i took her to a indoor playground, there was a little boy (about 2) who was constantly in every other child’s face and pushing them over or trying to run them over with the toy cars.”

Jesus, welcome to parenthood. One day your child may be completely well intentioned and do the same thing, but because a 2yo pushes another similiarly aged child they are going to become a bully.

Great extrapolation.

I know kids that went through a ‘biting’ process when young. Rather than turn into cannibals they went on to become successful business people with staff who love thenm.

Thank you for this insightful response vg. I’m actually not that stupid to think that kids don’t push each other around. Where i have the issue is that the children are supposed to be supervised and when a child is constantly ruining it for the other children, a responsible parent should possibly remove their child from there? If it was my child i would. The staff member had to ask the child to go…a 2 year old?! You think they listened?!

Maybe my values and common decency are wrong?!

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