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By i8v84t - 22 December 2007 129

Hi to all,

I would like to know peoples views on people in their beloved cars doing burnout.

And if people do not like the tyre smokin craze, would they mind if it was done in an enclosed course.

i am trying to get an idea on the views of the community because i am trying to get a regular even happening in canberra much like the burnout comp that is held every wed or fri night at sydneys eastern creek, i figure that if cars are going to be taken away from people who love to smoke um up, then why not let them do it and destroy their cars at an event where the cops will not take their car and they can have some fun, i know alot of people out there who love a good smoke show and would love to have an event to let them do it.

lets take it off the streets and to a venue.

yes, there will be a fee, but whats a fee when you can loose your car and your license if you do it on the streets.

What’s Your opinion?

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129 Responses to
sepi 10:58 pm 22 Dec 07

This is a genuine question, but when you have an organised car event, say like burnouts at Hume, then wouldn’t all the hoon cars race each other on the way there and on the way back, and show off their nifty (crazy) driving?

cranky 10:52 pm 22 Dec 07

Maybe Sheppard St. in Hume is a bit mainstream.

But check out the southern end of Tralee St. in the same suburb. Known as a quiet place to torch the odd stolen car, nice bitumen, no neighbors, hey go for it.

i8v84t 10:21 pm 22 Dec 07

if i was to get the approval of this, i would certainly make the venue a place away from houses, like majura or hume. the more support i can get for this, the quicker i can get the marks off the street and to a safe place were you can have the fun.

that should win win for everyone.

shiny flu 10:06 pm 22 Dec 07

I’m not one for smoking rubber, but support such an event off the streets. It’s safer for everyone and in all honesty, if it results in less noise at night then I’m all the more for it.

aronde 10:01 pm 22 Dec 07

It is actually not just the ‘noise’ factor – try selling your house with burnouts plastered ALL over the street. First question prospective buyers asked our agent was about the ‘hoon’ activity!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:53 pm 22 Dec 07

Bizarrely enough I’ve just had someone drop a burnout right out the front of my place. Probably the first time it’s ever happened. Can’t say I was overly traumatised.

Vic Bitterman 9:16 pm 22 Dec 07

Nothing wrong with burnouts, as long as they are conducted in non-residential areas.

Hume, brand depot,Majura…. no problems at all.

ant 9:00 pm 22 Dec 07

I’d have no problem with it…. I even suspect it’d be pretty good fun to go and watch. BUT, I’m one of these terrible people who doesn’t want this kind of noise happening when I’m trying to relax in front of the TV/read/sew whatever. So, if you wanted to have it near homes, you’d want to look into sound control and realistically, the noise made by an angry engine really travels.

However, if you could find a venue that didn’t make people miserable in their own homes, I’d say you might be on a winner.

Doctor Evil 7:57 pm 22 Dec 07

Maybe if you ask the govt nicely they will build you one right next to the new drag strip 😛

hetzjagd 7:24 pm 22 Dec 07

The only issue I can imagine people having is noise, solve that and you’re all set. If its away from the suburbs then who cares? Have a good time.

Deadmandrinking 7:04 pm 22 Dec 07

Um, Swaggie I said take it away from suburbs. If you want to oblige me with a smokeshow at 1am, I’d be more than happy to make a mess of your face with the windscreen and shove the exhaust pipe up your arse. Unfortunatley, I’m not allowed to post it.

Read what’s being written. Venue, not street. Duh.

cranky 6:52 pm 22 Dec 07

See if you can hire Sheppard St., Hume. No-one is supposed to live there, and the road surface has already been well tested.

Swaggie 6:48 pm 22 Dec 07

All in favour of it and IF DMD thinks it’s okay in the suburbs can he please post his address and I’ll oblige him with a smokeshow at 1am outside his front door.

EtFb 6:43 pm 22 Dec 07

As I like to say about the Summernats, I think it’s good for stupid people to have their fun too, provided they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses. Sounds like a victimless crime, and now that Wee Johnny is no longer in power, you have a chance to make your dream come true…

Deadmandrinking 6:19 pm 22 Dec 07

You’ll find alot of people on here complaining about their oh-so-precious quiet. Personally, even though I’ve never been much of a rubber-burning freak, I think a proper venue would be a great option. If people are willing to risk their license to do it on the streets, why not just regulate it and introduce safety measures – and take them away from suburbs full of people with sensitive ears.

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