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Hi to all,

I would like to know peoples views on people in their beloved cars doing burnout.

And if people do not like the tyre smokin craze, would they mind if it was done in an enclosed course.

i am trying to get an idea on the views of the community because i am trying to get a regular even happening in canberra much like the burnout comp that is held every wed or fri night at sydneys eastern creek, i figure that if cars are going to be taken away from people who love to smoke um up, then why not let them do it and destroy their cars at an event where the cops will not take their car and they can have some fun, i know alot of people out there who love a good smoke show and would love to have an event to let them do it.

lets take it off the streets and to a venue.

yes, there will be a fee, but whats a fee when you can loose your car and your license if you do it on the streets.

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DJ DJ 7:16 am 27 Jul 08

What about the tree huggers counting the carbon footprint of each burnout?

bubzie bubzie 11:06 pm 26 Jul 08

Whoever the bogan is, who’s doing burnouts in 2 in the morning in the corner outside my room, can they stop it?

…some of us cant sleep easily at night, asshole.

(nor can some of us speak proper english good.)

pelican pelican 9:42 pm 26 Jul 08

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do burnouts but that’s me. We are all different so I can’t see why an enclosure cannot be organised for enthusiasts, but please keep it out of earshot from the suburbs as it would be unfair to inflict this noise on others.

Pesty Pesty 7:28 pm 26 Jul 08

Danman said :

Oh, my parents used to own a VN Caalais when I was younger, and that was an unreliable peice of shit!

My name is Danman and I ride a recumbent.

Insert assumptions here

PS fighting on a forum is like winnign gold at the paralympics – at the end of teh day you are still a retard…

Go the (burnout laying) recumbent bike riding cage fighting bogans.

dont like it – tell someone who cares.

The negative assumed opinions of strangers on a forum means naught to me

So any one who is disabled, no matter what drive & dedication they have, let alone intelegence is nowt but a “retard”? Want to see a real retard? look in the mirror buddy!

Granny Granny 3:40 pm 26 Jul 08

There will always be details that need to be considered, but I think it is all too easy to get into a mindset of automatically trying to stop things.

You see this all the time with children. Often the first and almost instinctive response when a child asks to have or do something is, “No!”

Only later, and after much argument back and forth (while we try and defend the indefensible) does it occur to us that maybe we should have thought about it first and spoken after.

There are times when you do need to say ‘no’ to certain things, but they are much less frequent than we suppose.

As a parent I have learned that it is wise to pick your fights – to take a stand and hold your ground on the truly important issues, and otherwise try and identify the real need and craft a workable solution.

I believe that a mindset that asks, “How can this be done?” will result in a more positive outcome for all concerned. People seem to warm much more to those with a desire to be helpful than those who appear to be obstructive.

SIMBAD SIMBAD 2:37 pm 26 Jul 08

hi members, i accidentally came across this site and it made my day when i found this thread! i can help all your opinions on this subject! november 9th at wakefield park you can come along and witness real live burnouts in a controlled atmosphere! thats how it should be done! i have put my money where my mouth is and hired the venue! its NSW/ACT vs VIC/TAS in a state vs state shootout! sort of state of origin styled. we have the biggest names appearing. we have the winners of summernats coming along as well. this topic on modified car forums.com has netted over 20000 views in two months! the time for talk is over! we have a “young guns catergory” in an aim to take burnouts to the off-street events! putting up prizemoney is a good attraction! the aftermarket car industry are happy sponsors of these event, as millions gets spent on cars every year! 61 million last year?

Mælinar Mælinar 3:06 pm 03 Jan 08

No you didn’t, cause your back !

The Jas The Jas 2:42 pm 03 Jan 08

Wow this thread has really dragged on! No ones really agreeing with anyone here but I think we can all agree on one thing, this thread is going nowhere fast, so lets move on shall we? I did, 2 days ago now.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:16 pm 03 Jan 08

“If you can’t handle the truth (that this is a bad idea of interest to a minority, with unavoidably high costs and at some risk and dislocation to the majority), don’t seek it.”

I’ve given you an example of how such a venue could work a number of times. Near to Canberra, that is Wakefield Park. Then there is Sydney’s Eastern Creek and Oran Park. In Queensland there is Willowbank, Mt Cotton. In Victoria you have Winton, Sandown, Philip Island, Calder Park. South Australia has Mallala … and so it goes.

How may times does it need to be highlighted to you that motorsport venues are able to offer viable options for those members of the general public keen to use such a facility before you will accept the truth. Furthermore if we put a stop to any activity that only tickled the fancy of a minority then what sort of a world would that leave us? You really come out with some pearlers don’t you?!

You first complain that nobody would address your points about viability. Then when examples of a similar nature and context have been provided you just ignore them and make the same claims of “unavoidable high costs” blah, blah, blah.

I do not know the specifics of how these motorsport venues deal with the issues of insurance, safety and scrutineering etc. But I do know that they exist and your world has not come to an abrupt end because of this. Surely if any such venues were the political “unexploded bomb” you claim then the doomsayers would be predicting armageddon is but moments away.

Sadly for you, they are not.

Please understand that simply because you do not endorse these activities that that does not make them unfeasible, unenjoyable and that those who do find such events feasible and enjoyable are neither idiots nor cretins as you have called them.

You may well have raised some issues of merit, it’s just a shame your personal disgust of the topic has got in the way of you making a consistent and clear point.

We’re a free and fair society, if there is a viable market for a burnout venue in Canberra and the safety and insurance issues can be addressed satisfactorily, as is currently the case in numerous other instances around Australia, then why on earth can you not accept that fact/possibility and celebrate the differences among our community?

I just don’t get the level of moral outrage posted on these forums when somebody else does something they do not like. Take a chill pill everyone. If someone wants to do something that is legal and meets the relevant government requirements then just let people be. Moreover, simply because one does not approve of any particular behaviour or activity that does not make the other an idiot, a fool, a cretin, a tool or any other name or insult that may wish to be hurled willy nilly.

VicePope VicePope 11:42 am 03 Jan 08

HC – yes, but that’s because the bogus “arguments” and proposed behaviour demonstrate the accuracy of the diagnosis – I have avoided commenting on other individual posters, other than when personally attacked. That is, I have not been offensive ad hominem as you were, because to do so plays no part in rational, adult behaviour.

For me, the worst idiots would be those in government who might contemplate allowing this.

On the rhetoric point, while no more than rhetoric would be needed to counter the “arguments” put by proponents, I suggest I have raised substantial issues. If you can’t handle the truth (that this is a bad idea of interest to a minority, with unavoidably high costs and at some risk and dislocation to the majority), don’t seek it.

Hands washed, I depart this thread for the time being. Enjoy.

Shauno – enjoy your break when you get to it.

Qbn survivor Qbn survivor 11:31 am 03 Jan 08

Vicepope, I wasn’t calling you a tool. I was expressing to other readers what my opinion of yourself and The Jas was. Kind of important in a forum, you don’t want to align yourself with the other side of the debate! And Holden Caulfield is right, you haven’t exactly been gracious in your name-calling of others.
Summernats bring in a huge amount of revenue to the Capital. Over the last 5 years in particular, the organisers have had to fork out exorbitant amounts of money for extra security etc. so that huge amounts of police are not needed as badly. It is worth noting that the bad behaviour does not come from Summernats entrants themselves, but from people who go to the event as spectators.
EPIC charges a substantial amount of money for the event to be held at their ground, and I have heard rumours (I could be wrong) that the fee they get for this event subsidises other events held throughout the year.
Adult shops in Fyshwick and Mitchell also benefit substantially from the huge influx of visitors to the Capital. Asides from Floriade, Summernats is one of the only events in Canberra that attracts a large amount of people for a single event.
I recall about 8 years ago there was talk of moving Summernats to Sydney because the ACT Government was concerned about residents opposition to the event. This was seriously considered, however the idea was abandoned because of strong opposition from Canberra businesses.
People who live in areas like Ainslie, Lyneham etc. are understandably opposed to the event, but realistically it is one weekend out of a whole year, it is centrally positioned for out-of-towners and this town has to offer something besides politicians and flowers!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:18 am 03 Jan 08

“As with other abuse, calling me a “complete tool” is not really an argument in my world…”

Erm, haven’t you just spent the bulk of this thread labelling anyone who would want to use a burnout pad an idiot.

In regards to the accidents on the Federal Hwy (are you actually from here, or some other non-parallel universe) and Wakefield, you’ve missed my point. You are arguing that a burnout pad will lead to injuries and death. By highlighting Wakefield I am giving you a working example of how a similar venue operates reasonably successfully despite the apparent critical dangers of PL, OHS and any other worries that won’t let you sleep at night. If required, this burnout pad could be done. Your scare campaigns are based on nothing but rhetoric. There are countless examples around the country, such as Wakefield, that prove this fact beyond any reasonable doubt you may try portray.

You don’t like it. Fine.

But don’t complain after you get called a tool when you’ve been labelling anyone in favour of the OP’s idea an idiot.

Honestly, if you’re going to try and claim some sort of pathetic moral high ground, at least have the gumption to be good at it.

VicePope VicePope 9:49 am 03 Jan 08

Qbn survivor – I can’t comment on who may appear at Summernats, although the whole activity seems to me a colossal waste of time and effort that I will ignore, just as I have every other time. I would be worried if I lived nearby and had my residential amenity destroyed for several days, but all I will see is that there are rather more out of towners on the road. Does it cost any public money, including policing? I ask because it would seem silly for the ACT to pay to have some of its residents affected by noise etc for a dubious benefit to some local businesses. Unless anyone knows otherwise, I’ll assume it pays for everything it needs.

My suggestion was that wakefield Park might be open to burnout activity. If there’s money to be made, it’s something the operators might consider.

As with other abuse, calling me a “complete tool” is not really an argument in my world, although I am pleased you accept my concern about the insurance issue. If it can be obtained, and insurers don’t have to provide it to anyone, it would be very expensive.

Putting insurance together with things like venue hire, environmental rectification, security, fire and ambulance services and vehicle checking, the overall cost would be something that might push potential users back onto the roads.

Qbn survivor Qbn survivor 9:15 am 03 Jan 08

I feel compelled to comment on some of the stereotypes here. For those that are saying car enthusiasts are by and large bogans, I would suggest you get out to the Summernats this weekend. Sure, there are bogans (as with anywhere really, especially Queanbeyan :-P) but there is also quite a mix of educated, cultured, so called ‘normal’ people who enjoy cars in the same way some enjoy a fine wine. Please stick to the argument at hand without categorising.
FYI, Vicepope, burnouts are not allowed at Wakefield – it is strictly trackwork only. Occasionally they offer drift days, but not burnouts per se.
My two cents? I’d love to see the burnout pad used more frequently, but given the fact the pacehorses aren’t even allowed to race at EPIC anymore due to ‘public disturbances’ I don’t like the chances.
Although Vicepope and the Jas are complete tools, there is one point that is valid – public liability insurance would most likely be next to impossible to secure.

Thumper Thumper 9:07 am 03 Jan 08

Yeah, I knew it was something like that…

Ozhair Ozhair 9:01 am 03 Jan 08

“Holden Caufield? Isn’t he a character from ‘To kill a mockingbird’?”

[literary snob] A character in “The Catcher In The Rye”, actually 😉 [/literary snob]

VicePope VicePope 8:46 am 03 Jan 08

Holden Caulfield (which I know is not a name for an unsucessful GMH product). I commend you for trying to argue the point, but know only too well what it is like to run a hopeless case. You have done pretty well.

If there is an idiot zone in Goulburn, why don’t our idiots just go there? $200 is somewhat less than my estimate would have been (although it was fairly comprehensive and leads me to wonder what the Goulburn facility has missed out) so it would be good value for them. Comparing the accident rate on the Hume Highway (hundreds of kilometres with tens of thousands of users every day and intersections and some bad bits) with a reacetrack used by relatively few shows something of the depth of your analytical skills.

I seem to recall, in a thread long ago, suggesting that if the dragway was something enthusiasts wanted, they could pay for one somewhere else, say in a country town where they wanted the business. Perhaps Wakefield Park could be the answer there as well.

The mechanical problem from burnouts (as I understand it) is that they deliberately stress brakes and tyres. That’s how one produces the noise, the smells and the smoke. Stressed components often break down. Sometimes they break down while stressed, and sometimes later (eg, when the enthusiast is driving around town). Less likely with cars maintained by experts, more likely with cars maintained by DIY bogans. I’m sure some of the cars will be well-maintained (and never said otherwise), but it takes only one which is not for there to be a major problem.

Speed is not much of an issue directly (unless the enthusiasts for burning rubber also want to speed, which seems likely. And controlling a car at speed, especially one which has some bits broken, is something that some people, but by no means all, can do.

Finally, because I’m getting heartily sick of arguments that amount to “I want to do it so it should be allowed”, I would like to contact anyone who really thinks the opposition, the local media and lawyers would not go after the ACT Government if some dope smashed himself and/or others up. I have a Parliament House I’d like to sell you.

Thumper Thumper 8:45 am 03 Jan 08

Holden Caufield? Isn’t he a character from ‘To kill a mockingbird’?

Hardly bogan I’d suggest. A bit like calling Ford Prefect (The original Ford from the BBC TV series, not the stupid movie) a bogan…

shauno shauno 1:38 am 03 Jan 08

” And it’s a poor start to what I hope will be a Happy New Year for you.

Comment by VicePope — 2 January, 2008 @ 8:27 am “

Yep hasn’t been the best of new years for me having to work straight through Xmas and New Years here in India. At least I don’t have a hangover to worry about. I’ll do my celebrating when I go on break again in about 3 weeks. One bottle of 2002 Grange to compare with a bottle of 2002 RWT and a 2003 Chateau Montrose followed by a 1968 Remy Martin Cognac. Nice one I like to plan these things early.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:52 pm 02 Jan 08

^^^ Post of the year ^^^ (yeah, OK. I know it’s early).

Now all you need to do is compare the burnouts to terrorism and you’ll have a clean sweep VicePope.

Oh, and to ‘The Jas’: Given your apparent lack of mental depth, I’ll give you a clue: I don’t really want to know where you work or what you do. I was suggesting that maybe, just maybe, some self-reflection was in order for your good self.

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