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Canberra airport sorts out its financing – big changes planned

By johnboy - 7 April 2009 28

The Australian reports that The Darkness On The Edge Of Town (aka the Canberra Airport) has secured the $350 million in financing which it needs to make all its dreams come true:

    Launching the start of construction on the airport’s new environmentally friendly southern concourse terminal, Mr Byron said the project was back on track after problems linked to the global financial crisis.

    The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac and German financier WestLB have all agreed to provide more than $330 million in credit to fund the project, dubbed AirVolution.

    By the middle of next year, Canberra Airport will feature a four-storey carpark with covered access to the terminal and no roads to cross.

    Long taxi queues on a wind-swept footpath will also be a thing of the past, thanks to the country’s first fully enclosed taxi rank.

    By the project’s 2012 completion date, travellers would benefit from the installation of international capabilities at the airport, including immigration and customs, more than double the number of check-in counters, triple the baggage capacity and quadruple the airline club lounge areas.

UPDATED: Chief Minister Stanhope has applauded the planned development.

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28 Responses to
Canberra airport sorts out its financing – big changes planned
ramblingted 6:44 am 08 Apr 09

Wow, Immigration and Customs! Excellent…just a shame no one has any reason to staff or require them, coz we are still a provincial backwater when it comes to getting OS

abc 6:13 am 08 Apr 09

QF will have the right end of the new building and VJ the other, so it’ll be a swap.. Right end will be built first, so it’ll be a bit cramped while they build the other end for Virgin/Tiger… And they both want the middle gate… that’s the one you can see through the whole building.. hence in the video from the airport the plane is shown as a Canberra Airport 737…

DrKarl 1:27 am 08 Apr 09

Still Snowtown ++++++++++++

Jack Kirby 9:10 pm 07 Apr 09

ant said :

look at Salt Lake City airport, so see how another regional city got it so right.

While I don’t disagree with the sentiment, comparisons between Salt Lake City airport and Canberra airport are probably not fair.

21 million people (2008 figures) fly through Salt Lake City airport each year on direct flights to over 110 destinations. It is the 22th busiest airport in the world (based on aircraft movements in 2007). This is what being a hub (for Delta and SkyWest) in the US hub-and-spoke aviation system does to some ‘regional’ airports (otherwise why would Atlanta be the busiest airport in the world?)

Canberra Airport on the other hand has 3 million flyers going to 10 destinations and doesn’t come close to making it on the list of busiest airports.

ant 8:20 pm 07 Apr 09

There must be a money-making angle in there somehow. Maybe he’s going to charge admission to it, or charge people for the length of time they spend in it or something. Pay toilets?

They’d be well-served to go have a look at Salt Lake City airport, so see how another regional city got it so right. It works, someone really put some thought into it. The approach road takes you in one end, and out the other, it’s a one way loop.

as you drive in, each lane has a giant sign over the top saying where it will take you, eg “rental car dropoff”, “passenger pick up”, “parking”, etc. And the best thing, a park and wait. This is a carpark just on the edge, where you can pull in, and watch giant LED screens updating with flight info. When it says you can pick up people off the flight you’re waiting for, it means their baggage has decanted and they’re out.

You can phone them, tell them which number to wait by (or they’ll tell you) and then you drive back onto the road again, and get them. There’s a series of numbers from 1 to 8 on the kerbside, so you can easily arrange where to be. Works a treat. Most amazingly user-friendly airport I’ve ever seen.

patchyboy99 7:30 pm 07 Apr 09

multi story car park how much? $20 per day or per hour

Adza 7:16 pm 07 Apr 09

Funny…. so many people against extra, bigger planes coming on the flight paths, yet everyone supports a new terminal which makes this happen.

I guess everyone wants the convenience of a nice terminal, extra flights etc but no one wants the planes over their backyard.

Come to think of it, it’s not really that funny… just typical behaviour.

harvyk1 6:12 pm 07 Apr 09

Check out the following, some images showing what they want –

All I can say is I’m looking forward to using something better than an “upmarket shed” as the airport. Bring on 2012… 🙂

Ian 6:04 pm 07 Apr 09

A fully enclosed taxi rank? I think I’d prefer the windswept footpath to being bathed in LPG fumes…

If I didnt have to wait ages for a taxi I would care either way.

As for sources of income, I’m sure they’d charge admission to the terminal if they could get away with it.

Gungahlin Al 5:49 pm 07 Apr 09

Without a source of income??? An airport has money producing sources on a par with having their own mint on site. Without any bloody office developments. I’m with Evil on this one. Beautiful buildings before a decent terminal was a twisted priority. To be corrected now and that is good for all of us who use the place.

Some things should never be privatised. Major transport infrastructure, hygiene services (sewage treatment, water, etc), telecoms backbones, and so on.

Swaggie 4:16 pm 07 Apr 09

Evil, I suspect the Office Buildings and retail outlets, or “Crap” as you so eloquently describe it, generate the income that enables the terminal work to go ahead. Hard to see any banking business lending any airport group anything without a source of income other than airline fees in time of recession.

trevar 3:54 pm 07 Apr 09

A fully enclosed taxi rank? I think I’d prefer the windswept footpath to being bathed in LPG fumes…

Mr Evil 3:53 pm 07 Apr 09

About time they spent some money on the bloody terminal instead of building more crap around the rest of The Kingdom of Snow.

fnaah 3:44 pm 07 Apr 09

AirVolution? Laaaaame.

George 3:39 pm 07 Apr 09

Great news for Canberra. Well done Canberra Airport!

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