Canberra’s new luxury resort

Special G 27 February 2008 50

I was speaking to someone in the know yesterday about the soon to be opened Canberra Resort (Gaol). Due for completion in August.

As such I was informed the new bungalows being built for the prisoners will be on par with any other brand new house in Canberra complete with plasma screen tv’s in all the rooms, complete kitchens and everything else you could possibly want. They also have sports ovals, gyms and ‘programs’ to keep them busy all day.

Unlike other correctional facilities around the place that have some sort of industry to keep holidayers busy and produce a useful outcome in skills and products there is no such industry being planned.

Add to the mix the guards will have no access to batons or firearms should things go completely pear shaped as they are prone to do. So what we have is prisoners with access to any form of homemade weapon (irons, sandwich presses, knifes) and guards with ….. harsh language and a human rights bill.

Good work people. Might as well make it voluntary attendance.

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50 Responses to Canberra’s new luxury resort
James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 11:25 am 04 Mar 08

The nice thing about all of this is that we can purchase flat screen tvs from Ex Government furniture for cheap ass prices when the entire experiment goes to seed – Got to love a government who uses stuff for a couple of weeks, then dumps it because it is the wrong color!!!

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 11:20 am 04 Mar 08

Cool – Canberra is famous overseas —

Dvorak is an opinionated IT blogster – Just what I like to read…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:18 am 04 Mar 08

Nyssa uses both gaol and jail!
Burn her!

Mælinar Mælinar 10:56 am 04 Mar 08

At least when this social experiment fails, they can use its secondary function as a hotel/motel complex on that side of town.

Thumper Thumper 9:37 am 04 Mar 08

If it doesn’t work, the Chief Minister can take responsiblity for it.

Ah, yeah, exactly like the bushfires…

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 9:30 am 04 Mar 08

This is as pointless as the furore about Ivan Milat being allowed to have a toaster in prison, something that required intervention from the NSW Premier.

The sentence specifies a time that the criminal is to be removed from society. It doesn’t include “and no flat screen TVs for you”.

I’m not a bleeding heart type, but if this social experiment improves rehabilitation and lowers recidivism, good for it. If it doesn’t work, the Chief Minister can take responsiblity for it. Like he did for the bushfires. oh, nevermind.

minime2 minime2 12:17 am 02 Mar 08

The batonless guards will be watching the TVs as the prisoners will al be wearing ankle bracelets with set maximums of travel. So when they run at the guards with a hot sandwich maker they will at least hear them coming. Bracelet thing IS fact though.

el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap 8:50 pm 28 Feb 08

I don’t think there is, but there sure as hell should be!

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:34 pm 28 Feb 08

Or he could become a Marist Brother and experience both lifestyles.

Is there an award for best segway between topics?

freddie281 freddie281 8:34 pm 28 Feb 08

Actually Heavs, I’ve never watched an episode of prison break. I was just quoting what I was told during the tour. Maybe another rioter has heard the same?

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:46 pm 28 Feb 08

I had a student today tell me that he’s going to gaol when he’s older as he’ll have a better ‘home’ there than he does now.

Nice to see we’re putting people off doing crimes…..

Oh and I said that he didn’t have to go to jail to get a better home, he could work and/or get some training.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:47 pm 28 Feb 08

So I should just ask the SES guy to fix it when he next comes to clean out the gutters?

I live in Weston Creek, but also don’t watch a whole lot of tv.

jemmy jemmy 3:26 pm 28 Feb 08

Skidbladnir, is the caravan park owner or you responsible for the aerial on your van? Just climb up and tighten it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:11 pm 28 Feb 08

I seem to have left out part of my post.
Should have read:

I use a 34cm tv which can’t pick up digital tv and has variable reception whenever the wind blows.

Does our Bill of Rights define “Crystal clear TV reception” as a right for all of us, or just prisoners?
Or can the mega plasma screens only be used to broadcast prison-media into their rooms?

GnT GnT 1:55 pm 28 Feb 08

Do we put people in prison as punishment or for punishment?

sepi sepi 1:15 pm 28 Feb 08

Isn’t it so they can put them behind glass so they can’t get broken and thrown at each other?

I don’t care if they have tvs. The staff costs in prisons are going to be way more than the furniture/tvs.

And no – I don’t have a flat screen telly either.

Thumper Thumper 1:09 pm 28 Feb 08

Our speed cameras and over inflated rego pays for this stuff, you realise….

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:55 pm 28 Feb 08

I use a 34cm tv which can’t pick up digital tv and has variable reception whenever the wind blows.

Does our Crystal clear TV reception” as a right?
Or can the mega plasma screens only be used to broadcast prison-media into their rooms?

vandam vandam 12:43 pm 28 Feb 08

What a joke. Not only spending money on flat screen tv’s but the power costs, green house emissions, etc etc. Does one not think about the kind of people placed in goals. How long will it be before the tv’s are damaged?
And lets face it, most of these crooks dont have a TV to start off with.


NoAddedMSG NoAddedMSG 9:49 am 28 Feb 08

The gut reaction of the general public isn’t always right, it might seem like an inappropriate set-up to outsiders, but that doesn’t mean that it actually is. About 6 years ago a NZ corrections minister got caned in the court of public opinion because he had the audacity to suggest conjugal visits for minimum security prisoners. It didn’t end up happening because the public stuck the boot in, but the problem was that the minister was right – he was backed up by solid studies which showed that allowing conjugal visits had a significant positive impact on the rates of re-offending. So by acting in a Today Tonight kind of way, the NZ public managed to increase their chances of being burgled.

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