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Canberra’s new luxury resort

By Special G - 27 February 2008 50

I was speaking to someone in the know yesterday about the soon to be opened Canberra Resort (Gaol). Due for completion in August.

As such I was informed the new bungalows being built for the prisoners will be on par with any other brand new house in Canberra complete with plasma screen tv’s in all the rooms, complete kitchens and everything else you could possibly want. They also have sports ovals, gyms and ‘programs’ to keep them busy all day.

Unlike other correctional facilities around the place that have some sort of industry to keep holidayers busy and produce a useful outcome in skills and products there is no such industry being planned.

Add to the mix the guards will have no access to batons or firearms should things go completely pear shaped as they are prone to do. So what we have is prisoners with access to any form of homemade weapon (irons, sandwich presses, knifes) and guards with ….. harsh language and a human rights bill.

Good work people. Might as well make it voluntary attendance.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Canberra’s new luxury resort
sepi 5:41 pm 27 Feb 08

I have no objection to gaol being about rehabilitation as well as punishment.

freddie281 5:16 pm 27 Feb 08

[SIMON CORBELL: There’s no reward to be locked up behind a very large security perimeter fence for 15, 20 years. Or even five or ten years. You don’t get a choice about when you come and go, you don’t get a choice about your clothing or your food, within reason.]
1. How often do ACT magistrates give sentences that Corbell refers to?
2. I doubt a lot of the crims are faced with much of a choice on what clothing they where or food they eat when they are not locked up. I’ve never heard of a heroin dependent burglar choosing to eat at a 5 star restaurant in his gucci suit.
Other than the deprevation of liberty, I find it hard to see our crims having any problems with the set up of the faciility.

Skidbladnir 5:05 pm 27 Feb 08
Skidbladnir 5:05 pm 27 Feb 08

Transcript of Stateline:

Its a Govt-managed site visit, so don’t expect the full story.
But it is the story without pictures.

freddie281 4:59 pm 27 Feb 08

[None of what you say is true.]

?!?!? Jemmy, I didn’t see the Statewide show to which you refer but I can assure you Special G is spot on. Work got me a tour through the prison about 4 months ago. Plasmas will be placed behind perspex panels. In addition to this, each bungalow is equipped with internet access. That is what the site manager told me anyway. It really will be a comfortable setting for want of a better word. The only fact I can add is apparently, those responsible in the construction of the facility will not be permitted to become residents there if they are ever convicted.

CanberraResident 4:35 pm 27 Feb 08

Hugo, I wasn’t having a go at Parra – it did it’s job for about 150 years. Many of the original 350kg metal cell doors were still being used when I worked there; a mighty old gaol she was that’s for sure. You should be proud that your family is a part of its history.

Ha! Agree re plasmas.

barney 4:32 pm 27 Feb 08

People suspected of even the most minor offence should be shot on site. The public should also be allowed to carry Sub-Machine Guns to enforce the law.

We don’t need Gaol’s. We need flexible heavy weaponry laws. Everybody needs at least a 9-mmm hand gun.

What has the world come to when one can’t carry a Bazooka around town.

jemmy 4:26 pm 27 Feb 08

Today Tonight drivel is right. I guess you didn’t see Statewide last Fri, when they did a walk through the gaol. None of what you say is true.

Hugo 3:50 pm 27 Feb 08

“Haha, what were you hoping for? A replica of Sydney’s Old Parramatta Gaol”?
My great great grandfather built that gaol and did very well out of it, thank you (although the trckle down effect has not even been a drip)so it is nice to see that the developers can still make a pile out of their government contracts.

And surely plasma tv screens are a punishment?

AG Canberra 3:38 pm 27 Feb 08

“What’s the big deal about them having an oval?”

My beef is not with them getting an oval – but with the Gov allocating water and dollars to this one when they can’t even afford to mow the crappy one we have in our suburb. This means that one of the primary schools that they decided to keep open – has no maintained playing fields!

caf 3:36 pm 27 Feb 08

If you’re going to spout this kind of Today Tonight drivel, then at least tell us who your allegedly in-the-know source was.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:55 pm 27 Feb 08

Given the current local council’s record, why on earth would anyone think they can effectively run a gaol?

CanberraResident 2:42 pm 27 Feb 08

Haha, what were you hoping for? A replica of Sydney’s Old Parramatta Gaol. Speaking of Parra, back in the nineties, there was a recruitment drive for NSW correctional officers. I applied. I got in. Did the 14 week training course at Brush Park, Eastwood in Sydney. Part of the training involved a week’s gaol exprience at Parramatta (a remand gaol then), and part at John Moroney Correctional Centre, you know … the $50+ million gaol out the back of Windsor. In those days, that was regarded as a modern gaol, with all the mod-cons, industry, etc. They make our clothes peg baskets. Parra had an oval for footy. At the time, the Prisons Act 1951 stated that all prisoners are entitled to 1 hour of exercise. Most of them were out of cells between 9am and 4pm. What is the big deal about them having an oval? Mind you, I don’t agree with the plasmas, even I don’t have one of those.

For what it’s worth, I lasted in the system for about a year, and returned to Canberra. I wouldn’t ever go back to that job; just not cut out for it. Too much to deal with, just like the police, and besides, it can change who you are. Anyway, good luck to all those people who are commencing work at the Alex Maconochie Centre in August.

Mr Waffle 2:35 pm 27 Feb 08

Might as well make it voluntary attendance.

Offer it to the homeless bums in Civic- it’s win-win!

AG Canberra 2:02 pm 27 Feb 08

Speaking of facilities – what about that nice new sports oval that will be available to the crims? We are still waiting for our weed ridden expanse of land (that used to be maintained as a functioning sporting ground) to be mowed!

If the crims get a new oval before some of the ones that were let go by the Gov a few years ago are replaced, it will again highlight the warped sense of what’s right that our toy gov has….

If we have enough water to maintain a ground at a gaol we have enough water to maintain the ones in amongst the ratepayers….

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