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Canberras own leading Potter nerd

By johnboy - 4 February 2007 44

The Canberra Times yesterday gave an enourmous splash (whoa! no para breaks CT guys? Let me know if you want someone to put stories online for you, my rates are very reasonable) to young Andy McCray, 17, of Theodore, who is studying at St Edmunds and runs the Harry Potter Fan Zone which the publishers like so much they send him around the world on Potter related junkets.

(Hey let’s even give his link code a go while we’re here whee!)

Now personally I’ve never been a huge fan of Narnia neutered of spirituality Harry Potter. I mean yippee if it gets the kids reading and they can move onto the books JK Rowling so egregiously recycles, but other than that it’s never grabbed me.

But is Harry Potter really so enthralling that it’s healthy for a 17 year old boy to be spending this much time on it? Or am I just jealous?

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Canberras own leading Potter nerd
simbo 8:14 pm 04 Feb 07

Oh, JB’s older than 31…

schmerica_ 7:16 pm 04 Feb 07

I find the 31yr old forum administrator a little disturbing

LIC 6:54 pm 04 Feb 07

$30k and the odd free overseas trip seems like pretty productive use of his time if you ask me. If he’s going to be a computer geek anyway, might as well enjoy it and profit from it.

johnboy 5:38 pm 04 Feb 07

almost never…

johnboy 5:37 pm 04 Feb 07

it’s never too late to start living sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:04 pm 04 Feb 07

I suppose people like me just don’t see the point in being considered normal, and people like you can’t see why we just don’t get it. Perhaps we shouldn’t waste our breath on each other.

johnboy 4:49 pm 04 Feb 07

It’s not about what you do Sambo, it’s about how much you do it to the exclusion of everything else.

Danman 4:36 pm 04 Feb 07

MAybe he should be pulling bongs under the bridge with his stoner mates?

I mean thats what was normal when I was 17.


Kerces 4:25 pm 04 Feb 07

Sam, large, middle-aged men sweating in a hot tin shed playing with little painted men isn’t normal.

el 4:06 pm 04 Feb 07

$30K a year running a site? Sheesh.

As soon as I read this post I was reminded of Elias from Clerks II 😉

Skidbladnir 3:57 pm 04 Feb 07

The kid is flown all around the world to meet & greet literary\film promotions & marketing people, _at someone else’s expense_.
Despite what you might think about the topic he’s encouraging, they think he’s got potential to be exploited, he gets connections for later life if he decides to use them.
So long as he’s aware of it, and doesn’t think its all a terrific gig to be abused, more power to him.
If though, he’s already living like an adult at their peak, and rorting it for all its worth, then he can fade back into obscurity once the whole Harry Potter and the Recycled Marketing Campaign gig wears thin.

mlm 3:33 pm 04 Feb 07

Perhaps you guys missed the caption on the photo. The website nets him $30k a year. He’d have to work a lot of shifts at Maccas to bring in the same sort of student income.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:31 pm 04 Feb 07

Harry Potter is not my thing but if that’s what Andy wants to do then so be it. There are plenty of people (myself included) who were/are not considered normal during their teenage years, and in most cases there is nothing to stop them from living a happy and healthy life.

There was a war games convention in Canberra recently (again, not my thing) which as far as I could tell was mainly middle aged men conducting miniature wars, yet I don’t recall hearing the cries of “it’s not normal” when that was on.

I don’t see the difference.

How boring this world would be if we were all “normal”.

bubzie 3:01 pm 04 Feb 07

oh my god.

im just slightly jealous that he gets to go overseas to meet daniel radcliffe and such. (yeah, just slightly :D)

but i personally dont think its normal for a 17 year old boy to be spending this much time on the computer making a harry potter site..

Chowderhawk 2:56 pm 04 Feb 07

I agree with you johnny, It’s good that it gets kids reading, never been a fan but it is just a bit over the top to create a site about harry potter and spend most of your young adult life maintaining it.


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