Candidate Questionaires for 17 October

johnboy 17 October 2008 13

The following responses in so far today to your questions in the 2008 candidate questionaire:

Chris Bourke, Labor for Ginninderra
David Matthews, Labor for Molonglo
Darren Churchill, Democrat for Ginninderra

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13 Responses to Candidate Questionaires for 17 October
Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:04 pm 18 Oct 08

Pedantic is my day job.

But only one person unequivocally answered the question, everybody else seems to have been to the Stanhope School of Clarity.

Goanna Goanna 10:38 pm 17 Oct 08

Skidbladnir – I think I understand what you’re trying to say but it’s all a bit pedantic isn’t it? I mean, the way i read those quotes their positions are pretty clear to me.

Personally I liked Darren’s answer. I wish there were more Democrats around. They’re like Greens with brains.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:48 pm 17 Oct 08

Apologies, my quote attributed above to Mary Porter should in fact be attributed to Eleanor Bates.

Mary Porter’s quotable was:
I see public art as one of those important things that allows us to express ourselves and that nurture the part of ourselves we might call our “soul”. Of course we might also do that by listening to a musical performance, attending a sporting fixture, enjoying Floriade, attending an exhibition at an art gallery or a theatrical performance.

The ACT Labor Government in various ways supports all of these endeavours…

Not an actual answer to ‘personal view’, nor ‘taxpayer funded public art’, and seems to imply that the taxpayer funding money could have been spent on sport, culture, or tourism.

LG LG 12:21 pm 17 Oct 08

I’m suprised that people like Myers haven’t responded since they really need to let people know what they stand for. All I have to go by at the moment is her road side poster.

jakez jakez 12:16 pm 17 Oct 08

PM said :

jakez said :

…jeez I’m a putz.

What on earth will you post after tomorrow…?!

Hmm, I guess something about trying to find the best cheesecake in Canberra.

johnboy johnboy 12:09 pm 17 Oct 08

On its way.

PM PM 12:09 pm 17 Oct 08

jakez said :

…jeez I’m a putz.

What on earth will you post after tomorrow…?!

LG LG 12:08 pm 17 Oct 08

following from D-Man’s post. Could we please have a consolidate post (with no comments if you like) with all the responses, so I can check out my electorate. I’ve missed a few submissions while I’ve been on holiday.

jakez jakez 12:06 pm 17 Oct 08

Only one. Matthew Watts, Liberal candidate for Ginninderra.

…jeez I’m a putz.

PM PM 12:06 pm 17 Oct 08

I think I’ve only seen one Lib’s response thus far.

D-Man D-Man 11:51 am 17 Oct 08

At least they have the balls to answer the survey. How many Libs have submitted theirs?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:03 am 17 Oct 08

Has anybody else noticed that the Labor responses almost all dodged the phrase ‘taxpayer funded public art’ and instead start on ‘public art’?

John Hargreaves’ dodge was speaking in abstracts, and he doesn’t use the word ‘I’.
“So we should make provision in each budget for funds that can be applied to public art so that our stories will live into the future.”
I guess he’s encouraging everyone to have their own 1% system, talking about ACT Labor and the need to have their stories carried into the future, or just using the royal we, like the Queen.

Mary Porter:
“I support public art; I think it is important that art not just be something tucked away in galleries but part of our everyday lives…”
Not an actual response to the taxpayer funding question, though.

Chris Bourke:
“Great cities include public art as an integral part of the urban landscape, reflecting the city’s character and ambience… Percent for Art is a standard public art policy… I personally applaud this policy…”
Still a dodge, taxpayer funded public art is a subset of public art as a whole, he is not actually nailing himself to an answer.
Percent for Art is used as a requirement on developers, not just governments in several places.

David Matthews comes close to giving an answer, but he ends on an ‘if’ statement, like he doesn’t actually know wether or not the current policy is a responsible one:
“Government has a responsibility to… support the nurturing and awareness of art and culture. The funding of public art is one way of achieving this… But if we responsibly fund public art, I believe we are on the whole enhancing Canberrans’ quality of life.”

Andrew Barr manned up and actually gave a neck-on-the-line answer to an unpopular question.
“I support the provision of taxpayer funded and privately funded public art. I believe that it enhances our city.”

bryansworld bryansworld 10:52 am 17 Oct 08


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