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Car crash on Majura Ave

By Kerces 23 March 2008 180

Imagine waking up on Easter Sunday morning with a car wrapped around a tree in your front yard and police having closed the whole street off.

That was what happened on Majura Ave, Dickson in the early hours of this morning.

Car crash on Majura Ave

There is no story on the ABC news website at the time of writing, but their radio news was reporting the car only had one occupant who has been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The road was still closed at 10.20 although the tow truck arrived around 10am.

[Ed – The only professional media on this to date is the ABC stub refered to in the comments and found here. As far as all the speculation goes there is no official word that the driver of this vehicle was under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance. it should be noted that this is an open site and everyone is entitled to there own opinion. That having been said please consider your words and their effect on others and don’t engage in threats, abuse, flamewars, etc or the admin staff will have to take action up to and including banning users.]

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Car crash on Majura Ave
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wombat_stew 11:44 am 15 Jul 08

OK I’ve done some research.

After speaking to some friends of the tool in question, I can confirm that the car in the video IS the one that crashed. And yes, it is also the same loser who is driving it.

Responsible driver my ass.

wombat_stew 10:00 am 15 Jul 08

It’s the same car. And the same tool is driving it.

Holden Caulfield 11:50 pm 14 Jul 08

belcobaby said :

Am I onto something here?

Yeah, you’ve just identified a WRX STi. That is, all STi models would have the same sticker under the side repeater.

The YouTube clip you posted was filmed in Wignall Place, Belconnen.

bigfeet 10:53 pm 14 Jul 08

Mmmm…. Well it looks like Canberra

and this video, which was posted by the same person who posted the burn-out vid and shows the same car in Hawker

and the sticker does look similar, identical wheels.

But probably not enough to convict.

belcobaby 10:28 pm 14 Jul 08

bigfeet said :

belcobaby said :


What? Are you saying that this is the same car?


Look closely at the sticker under the front indicator in the accident photos and compare with the video.

Am I onto something here?

bigfeet 10:04 pm 14 Jul 08

belcobaby said :


What? Are you saying that this is the same car?

Timberwolf65 5:03 pm 02 Apr 08

Apparently WRX man is out of ICU, which is a good thing.
Does anyone know if he does indeed have sever brain damage?

I have two younger sons and I showed them the pictures of the cars on this site
and I hope that it stays in there minds when they come of age and begin driving.

I hope WRX man is ok and maybe he can use his experience to warn others:)

Kramer 9:08 pm 31 Mar 08

wake up – As a Scooby driver with a few Km under his wheels, let me rephrase that for you…
Every WRX that goes fast and does something wrong is a being driven by person lacking driving skills.

Subarus (especially ones with enough grunt to power you out of trouble) are real easy to drive fast. Unless you either roll into a corner too fast and understeer, or back off midway for that mad throttle off oversteer, as I suspect this poor bloke did.

bigred 8:45 pm 31 Mar 08

Has this guy been let out of hospital yet?

el 1:43 pm 29 Mar 08

The following article has a picture of the Northbourne Avenue accident involving the Holden Creman ute – with it’s f*cking ROOF wrapped around a tree.

Unbelievably the guy walked away uninjured (in this instance I don’t consider a ‘scratched knee’ an injury).

H7 1:15 am 28 Mar 08

Whether someone else is being mean, rude or heartless or not is an issue when it comes to someone you love and care about and happens to be lying in hospital in a coma and who has serious (possibly permanent) injuries. I do choose to keep reading and just like how everyone is entitled to their opinions and are allowed to say whatever the hell they want, then so am I. I don’t expect people to change their views, I’m simply stating MY disgust at certain things that are being said… and to expect his friends and family to stay quiet and accepting of it is unrealistic. Even people who aren’t his friends and family have shown some anger at the horrible things being said.
I also don’t appreciate that people here who probably have no idea who he is or what type of person he is acts like they know everything about him and his life just because of this one accident.
“oh he must be a drug dealer to afford a car like that”
“his friends must be exactly the same”
blah blah blah.

Tempestas 11:00 pm 27 Mar 08

The thing is, the internet is full of various sites and forums, blogs and news (amongst other things) if you find a space not to your liking, then find one that is, or create your own.

Whether someone else is being mean or not is not the issue.

Yes this forum has its share of heartless and uncaring posts, some intentionally as humour (see sarcasm) some as stunts, some for real. That’s how the RiotACT has been since I stumbled across it.

When I find posts that I find really uncalled for, sometimes I point it out, sometimes I don’t. Either way I choose whether to keep reading or find other things to participate in.

Expecting people to change their views merely because you don’t agree with them is not a winning strategy on an internet forum, but if you do, don’t be surprised if you find people pushing the envelope just that bit further to see how you react.

Tragedies are tragic.

H7 9:51 pm 27 Mar 08

Danman said :

I wonder if you will wake the funk up.

I remember when I was 17 to 25 – I thought i knew it all too.

yeh and?? that’s your problem… not everyone is like you

el 9:21 pm 27 Mar 08

What does that even mean, Mr. Wake up?

Danman 8:42 pm 27 Mar 08

I wonder if you will wake the funk up.

I remember when I was 17 to 25 – I thought i knew it all too.

wake up 8:34 pm 27 Mar 08

i wonder if every car that goes fast and does something wrong is a WRX to you

el 8:16 pm 27 Mar 08

I wonder if it was one of his acquaintances I saw blasting through a red light in a black WRX on my way home a few minutes ago.


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