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Car crash on Majura Ave

By Kerces - 23 March 2008 180

Imagine waking up on Easter Sunday morning with a car wrapped around a tree in your front yard and police having closed the whole street off.

That was what happened on Majura Ave, Dickson in the early hours of this morning.

Car crash on Majura Ave

There is no story on the ABC news website at the time of writing, but their radio news was reporting the car only had one occupant who has been taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The road was still closed at 10.20 although the tow truck arrived around 10am.

[Ed – The only professional media on this to date is the ABC stub refered to in the comments and found here. As far as all the speculation goes there is no official word that the driver of this vehicle was under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance. it should be noted that this is an open site and everyone is entitled to there own opinion. That having been said please consider your words and their effect on others and don’t engage in threats, abuse, flamewars, etc or the admin staff will have to take action up to and including banning users.]

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180 Responses to
Car crash on Majura Ave
RuffnReady 6:44 pm 23 Mar 08

I’m trying to place where on Majura Avenue that is from the photo but I can’t. Anyone help?

Gungahlin Al 6:42 pm 23 Mar 08

“taken to hospital in a serious condition”
Ya think???
This IS a 60kph street isn’t it?

el 2:09 pm 23 Mar 08

A bit less, actually…

The font looks different, too.

Spectra 1:44 pm 23 Mar 08

ABC now have the story here. Not much more to read though.

eh_steve 12:51 pm 23 Mar 08

along with the fully sick subwoofer in the boot.

All in all, hoon driver or not, hope the bloke is ok.

Pandy 12:34 pm 23 Mar 08

Serious waste of a good car.

el 12:30 pm 23 Mar 08

Vic: There’s no restrictions in the ACT as to what P-platers can drive, unlike other states.

ant 11:54 am 23 Mar 08

P platers aren’t supposed to do lots of things, but the vast majority I see are being stereotypical P-platers. ie driving like arseclowns.

Kramer 11:40 am 23 Mar 08

I’m pretty certain it’s a WRX – bonnet scoop, high rear spoiler, WRX wheels, and red Brembo brake calipers.

abc 11:30 am 23 Mar 08

Good… one less dickhead on the roads for a while.

Vic Bitterman 11:21 am 23 Mar 08

Is that a WRX of an RX? I can sort of see a bonnet scoop maybe… if it was a P-plater, are they allowed to be driving WRX’s?

fhakk 11:11 am 23 Mar 08

Happened at 2AM this morning – apparently it was a P-plater. The damage looks nuts…He’s in a serious condition with head, chest and leg injuries.

There was a high speed pursuit in November last year at that very same spot, a 17 year old in a stolen car. Got crunched at that big bend in the road.

I-filed 10:58 am 23 Mar 08

There was a chopper over north Canberra early this morning – coincidence, or was the driver airlifted to a brain injury unit in Sydney perhaps?

ant 10:56 am 23 Mar 08

I hope the tree is OK. Oaks are tough as guts, but that car must’ve hit it at considerable speed.

Kramer 10:52 am 23 Mar 08

Damn. Insurance premiums for Subaru owners go up again.

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