Car Pooling?

farout 6 April 2009 15

I’m wondering how one goes about looking for car-pooling arrangements in Canberra.

I have to travel from Nicholls to Symonston 3 days a week for work (8-5 approximately), and public transport is a bugger – ACTION says I have to catch 3 buses in succession spending a total of 1.5 hours each way!

There must be an easier way?

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15 Responses to Car Pooling?
fabforty fabforty 6:49 pm 07 Apr 09

Try They have a carpooling section.

farout farout 6:23 pm 07 Apr 09

Thanks all.
I might just have to drive after all – and look for a job closer to home in the long run!

Vonbare Vonbare 4:01 pm 07 Apr 09

You can check on they might have something…… or

Also check the notice board on your work intranet 🙂

Alternatively, can you cycle part of the way and make use of the bike n ride features on the buses?

Grrrr Grrrr 3:33 pm 07 Apr 09

90 minutes for ¬25km? Ouch. A slow cyclist could beat that – with a 15 minute coffee stop on the way (.. and never have to pay for a gym membership again.) A regular bike commuter could probably do it in 50 minutes.

Food for thought, maybe? 🙂

deezagood deezagood 1:21 pm 07 Apr 09

I’m still in Melbourne-mode … nothing seems too far away in Canberra. I find it intriguing that people in Canberra complain about the traffic jams and distances being too far. The longest Canberra commute (from far South to far North) is only about 40-45 minutes, which still doesn’t seem too bad to me.

jessieduck jessieduck 12:25 pm 07 Apr 09

That’s what we do ogrex- basically Mr Jessieduck and I would love to live in a spacious three bedroom house in the burbs but a one bedroom apartment, close to everything we need (work, pub, shops etc) is far more enjoyable then trying to live in Canberra without a car.

ogrex ogrex 11:41 am 07 Apr 09

Yeah, let’s face it, unless you’re adjacent to one of the interchanges… busing blows. We made the decision to just bite the bullet, payer higher rents, take on the occasional short-term roomie, etc. just so that we could live centrally and both walk/bike to work.

Could we have a better house and more stuff if we moved out to the burbs? Yeah, sure… but having a 7-20 minute (on foot) commute each way is a fair trade.

jessieduck jessieduck 11:32 am 07 Apr 09

You can get good blueprints at Star Trek Conventions- that would save you a bit of time chewy.

chewy14 chewy14 11:01 am 07 Apr 09

I’m working on a teleport machine at the moment.
Should be finished in 20 years or so.

mrnamjama mrnamjama 10:11 am 07 Apr 09

Try finding something here, or advertising for it

pmm pmm 9:22 am 07 Apr 09

just drive?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 8:42 am 07 Apr 09

I love to help out.

But I don’t live in Nicholls or work in Symonston.

Good luck anyway.

Kizzle Kizzle 8:35 am 07 Apr 09

I take a bus from Gordon to civic for work, it’s about an hour each way. It sucks. Car pooling is ok if you get in to a routine, but if you finish at different times and and have to wait for people it can get anoyiing.

Granny Granny 12:56 am 07 Apr 09

Gungahlin Al from the GCC has some really good ideas about using the internet to help Gungahlin people interested in carpooling connect with each other.

There is a meeting at 7:30pm tomorrow at the Palmerston Community Centre, on Tiptree Crescent (off Kosciuszko Avenue – next to the Palmerston shops) if you are interested in talking to him about it.

Anyhow, good luck with finding somebody, as three buses is just awful!

ant ant 12:40 am 07 Apr 09

Yes, get a job closer to where you live! I’ve spent the past weeks knocking back jobs that are silly distances from where I live. I cannot see the point in driving that long (and sitting in traffic jams). It amazes me that this nexus is not more important to people deciding where to work, and to live.

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