Cops chase bag snatchers

Ari 4 July 2007 19

[ED (Ntp) – we got this from three sources; the others are added below.]

For those of you who would have seen or heard what seems like every police car in Canberra speeding south down Adelaide Avenue, I’ve heard they were responding to a robbery of an old woman at an ATM in Weston Creek.

Apparently there has been a series of such robberies where the offenders wait until an older person withdraws money and snatches their bag.

I’ve been told there was a pursuit, but no news on any outcome.

by CbrGal

“Four police cars just screamed through my little and quiet tree-lined street in Ainslie with lights and sirens. The sirens and sounds of speeding cars around neighbouring streets went on for about 3-4 minutes.

Anyone know what is going on?

updated to add – 4pm – just heard it on the news – 10 car police chase that started in Philip and ended 2 blocks from me in Ainslie. Boy! Car explosions 2 blocks to the east and now car chases 2 blocks to the west. What’s next!”

And by by justbands

“My workmate just picked up his kids from North Ainsle Primary school & messaged me saying he witnessed a Police chase involving up to 20 cars, eventually ramming or blocking a car near the school & chasing someone on foot. Anyone know what the deal was?”

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19 Responses to Cops chase bag snatchers
el el 6:20 pm 05 Jul 07

Boardman had injuries to his face and limped to the dock in court this morning.


TAD TAD 4:44 pm 05 Jul 07
fathead fathead 12:24 pm 05 Jul 07

Forget the ABC – like the fires, they were hours behind. I heard it on 2CC, Mike Welsh interviewing witnesses at 3pm.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 10:12 am 05 Jul 07

Two things, great work AFP, that’s real police work. Now, for the bleeding hearts, don’t try and explain this ‘persons’ action s away as the act of someone troubled by drugs, alcohol, poor parenting, disaffeted lifestyle, marriage breakdown, abuse, boredom etc etc. He is a criminal stealing from the most vulnerable in our society.

Xanthomyza Xanthomyza 9:53 am 05 Jul 07

That does seem like a lot of resources, but sounds like well used in catching such a turd.

Scrambling cop cars reminds me of the Blues Brothers. Most cars wrecked in a single movie. “The use of unnecessary force in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved”.

Tar and feather sounds good. In the town square?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:44 am 05 Jul 07

Good on the cops for sorting this. Hopefully we can all support our cops when the do-gooders talk about ‘how dangerous and unnecessary police chases are’.

Thumper Thumper 9:27 am 05 Jul 07

I think we should bring back Tar and Feathering…

TAD TAD 11:41 pm 04 Jul 07

More will be revealed tommorow at court, but the basics are that this fella has been out of control robbing old ladies at ATMs. The pursuit was pretty determined because of this and ended the way it was when dickhead upped the ante by going into the suburbs near a school.

Mash Mash 10:29 pm 04 Jul 07

Let’s hope the community shows some praise and support for these guys, instead of the Canberra community crucifying our cops! Throw the book at him!

shiny flu shiny flu 9:27 pm 04 Jul 07

They came speeding up David St that divides Turner & O’connor from the shops up to Barry Drive.

One white Car being pursued by 2 Highway patrol cars and about 4 other normal cop cars. Definitely some good work by the AFP- I heard that the offender crashed into a patrol car which ended the chase. Good work by the AFP though.

MRB MRB 9:25 pm 04 Jul 07

“What struck me was the fact that they had significant resources they could throw into the job at short notice…” – I don’t think an hour (or hour and a half…) pursuit is short notice – they could’ve left the station half an hour into it and still arrived well before it’s end!
Robbing elderly women – there’s not much more disgusting than that.

ant ant 8:43 pm 04 Jul 07

Yeah, they were going bats around Manuka/Parly triangle. very odd to see cops going around with sirens and stuff. It’s usually the firies or the ambos.

I didn’t know we had so many cop cars in Canberra. I wonder where they hide them?

Mash Mash 8:01 pm 04 Jul 07

Awesome job by the boys (and girls) in blue. Sounds like the offender was of the lowest calibre of human society.

Thankfully, this clown won’t be robbing elderly women anymore!

Myrmecia Myrmecia 7:21 pm 04 Jul 07

Cycling home from Weston I saw about ten cars heading south past the zoo at about 2:30, quite fast, each with lights and sirens (four or five unmarked) and at about 2:45 five marked police cars with sirens and lights going through the lights at the eastern end of Lady Denman Drive (left a bit of smoke and rubber on the road where a motorist failed to get out of their way). About three minutes later three un-marked cars with sirens and (weak) flashing lights going past the entrance to the Botanic Gardens. By the time I cycled home they were blockading the road a couple of blocks away from our home in Ainslie.

What struck me was the fact that they had significant resources they could throw into the job at short notice. The cars were all travelling in groups; it was not as if they took long to marshal their resources or that they trickled down there over an extended period.

pierce pierce 6:25 pm 04 Jul 07

Am I the only one here with the Benny Hill music going about in my head as I read this story?

MWest MWest 6:09 pm 04 Jul 07

Yeah… I’m not sure what the person at the ABC was thinking with that headline.

TAD TAD 6:05 pm 04 Jul 07

Wow and hour long pursuit that also went for an hour and a half.

MWest MWest 5:59 pm 04 Jul 07

ABC Canberra reports here that Canberra Police have arrested a man after 90 minute pursuit that started in the southern suburbs (Phillip), and ended in Ainslie.

Spectra Spectra 5:33 pm 04 Jul 07

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