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Coroner clears Police of any involvement in pursuit death

By Headbone - 21 December 2007 39

One would think that this would be an end to the matter. However as I suspected there will never be an end to it. The armchair experts will continue to challenge the findings of a judicial officer who has handed down findings and the Council of Civil Liberties will continue to bay for more restrictions on Police and more freedoms for individuals who commit crimes. This is the nature of people with polarised, extreme views. Thank Jack Waterford for your “insightful” editorial, you don’t speak for me just because you have your own soapbox. Jack, if you have ever seen Spongebob Squarepants “The Movie” you are very Plankton like.

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39 Responses to
Coroner clears Police of any involvement in pursuit death
aa 2:33 pm 21 Dec 07

so you’re saying police should chase? if that’s the case, every drunk driver will just floor the car and leave, every person with a stolen car will do the same. What’s the point then? Not all chases are stolen cars. A lot of them are drunk drivers. Now, if they’re drunk and driving and the police don’t stop them, there’s a good chance they’ll injure OTHER people and not just property!

Deadmandrinking 2:29 pm 21 Dec 07

Sorry to double-post, that’s true Thumper, but as I said – putting someone’s safety at risk, or recovering possible stolen property?

Deadmandrinking 2:28 pm 21 Dec 07

Bullsh-t aa, it’s mostly property than lives. And yes, even when a car is fleeing and your thirty seconds behind, you might be able to get hair color, gender, maybe even a face. I’m not sure, I’m no policing expert – but I’m damn hell sure that human life is a f-k of a lot more important than recovering stolen property. Former commonwealth ombudsman Alan Cameron agrees with me.

p1 2:26 pm 21 Dec 07

Maybe if rather then chasing them, they just shoot out the tires?

Thumper 2:24 pm 21 Dec 07

Night time, moving vehicle, etc, almost impossible to get a good description..

aa 2:23 pm 21 Dec 07

“Descriptions of drivers…”. What descriptions could they have? brown hair, male? or blonde hair female? They’re in a cop chase, so the police don’t get a chance to see who it is!

aa 2:21 pm 21 Dec 07

If they don’t stop them straight away, they will more than likely get away with it. Specially if it’s a stolen car! How many times are cars stolen and the offenders NEVER caught! I say if they want to run from the cops, the cops have every right to chase them down. It is very rare that innocent people get killed, but if you look at how many other lives they save by stopping these people, its worth it!

Deadmandrinking 2:20 pm 21 Dec 07

Descriptions of drivers…

Thumper 2:12 pm 21 Dec 07

“record number-plates and take down descriptions to make an arrest later”

Doesn’t help much with stolen cars, which most appear to be…

Deadmandrinking 2:08 pm 21 Dec 07

But what’s so bad about changing the guidelines for pursuits? They’re looking at it in the US, and cops can record number-plates and take down descriptions to make an arrest later, instead of charging after them through city centres full of inebriated pedestrians.

Mælinar 1:25 pm 21 Dec 07

This is a bit more of a ‘linkie-dinkie’

** Disclaimer **
Sound warning

Sammy 1:22 pm 21 Dec 07

Or is this it? Linky-dinky.

Sammy 1:21 pm 21 Dec 07

Does the aforementioned editorial appear online?

Skidbladnir 11:52 am 21 Dec 07

I do so enjoy it when someone trying to pass a serious comment makes a comparison to Spongebob Squarepants.

caf 11:44 am 21 Dec 07

Policing isn’t like any other job. The Police are the only people we authorise to use force, up to and including deadly force, against us.

Expect restrictions.

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