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Cycle Paths

zenpuck 3 March 2008 50

So cycling is good for tourism, health and the environment but the state of the capital’s bikepaths is less than a smooth ride. A ride from Dickson through Lyneham , the City and around the lake to Deakin involves dodging cracks that you can lose skinny tires in and bumps that ensure that the local dentists will be in business for some time yet. This is a common occurance throughout the Territory. The City of Sydney ( like London and Paris is introducing dedicated lanes for cyclists seperated by bollards to keep both bike and drivers safe. Car drivers wouldn’t put up with the roads being in such a state. Please let your local politicians know that improvement is needed by resurfacing existing tracks and creating dedicated safe seperated lanes on main arterial roads. The more improvements like this, the more people will cycle and the more benefits for all.

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50 Responses to Cycle Paths
Aeek Aeek 8:50 pm 08 Mar 08

Granny, I don’t expect you to always get out of the way but I do expect you to let me past when its safe. Just the same as when I’m riding on the roads, I have a problem when drivers think common sense doesn’t apply when overtaking a cyclist; yes, its often safe to cross the double line to pass but NOT when you are approaching a crest or blind corner.
I also think its insane that we have the GIVE WAY TO PEDESTRIANS signs at traffic lights – any driver that needs to be told that should not have a licence.

Granny Granny 12:07 am 08 Mar 08

FYI – I don’t have a dog, don’t walk on the right and would walk on a footpath if anyone had put one there. These are things I have honestly experienced and truthfully expressed.

You wouldn’t like it if you couldn’t get past because pedestrians were blocking your path. I don’t like it when I am obstructed by a cyclist.

20-30kmh is a lot less than 60-80kmh which is the likely speed you would travel behind another motor vehicle.

I have no problem with bell ringing per se. The point is that on a cycle path a cyclist has a right to expect that you will try and get out of the way, but when it happens on a road the driver just has to cop it.

I have a good mind to try walking down a busy road (on the left hand side of the lane but far enough over so that cars can’t safely pass me) just to test whether a pedestrian can stop traffic anywhere nearly as effectively as a cyclist can and still live to see another day. Somehow I don’t like my chances.

It seems pedestrians have no rights anywhere. Even on a “footpath” you are expected to get out of the way of the cyclist.

Sorry to have offended so many members of the obviously superior “cyclist caste”.

Thumper Thumper 8:28 am 06 Mar 08

I will admit that most cyclists do ring their bells to warn you.

Which is a good thing given that I often run on cycle paths and when I’m running I usually stagger all over the place 😉

Mælinar Mælinar 7:32 am 06 Mar 08

I thought the bell was not a ‘get out of the way’, but a ‘don’t make any sudden moves sideways’ kind of thing.

Aeek Aeek 11:14 pm 05 Mar 08

Bells. I’m into being legal so I want to have a bell on my race bike when not racing. Very few bells will even fit. The handlebars are too fat, the seat post isn’t round. Luckily I can mount a BBB quick release bell on the spacers under the stem.
Its still a judgement call as to whether using the bell will do more harm than good.

jemmy jemmy 10:58 pm 05 Mar 08

Bell ringing is a courtesy to the pedestrian to let them know a bike is about to pass. Better than just ‘whoooosh’ and scare the crap out of you.

imarty imarty 10:54 pm 05 Mar 08

Agree with jas, I ring my bell as a courtesy so I don’t startle walkers (or on the very very infrequent occasion I pass another cyclist) and OYM2 I’m regularly thanked, just as I thank fellow cyclists for advising the same.
The thing that p!sses me off is the dickheads I’ve encountered lately walking on the right. I don’t ring for them if they’re going my way and if you’re walking towards me, then let’s say I’ve won chicken every time.

OpenYourMind2 OpenYourMind2 10:27 pm 05 Mar 08

Granny, nobody is asking you to get out of their way. Just walk to the left and it’ll all be ok. I do call out to pedestrians as a warning, but that’s all it is unless they are blocking the whole path. Also, have your dog on a lead and walk it to your left. It’s that easy.

The bell does nothing, nobody hears a bell until it’s too late. Bells are simply decoration. About the best reaction you’ll get from even a decent bicycle bell is a pedestrian staggering into your path wondering what that funny ringing sound is that they faintly heard.

The Jas The Jas 10:14 pm 05 Mar 08

Hey granny, good logic there. I personally don’t have a bell, don’t see the need when I can just call out to people in advance, but people ring them not to tell you to get out of the way, but so they don’t scare the shit out of pedestrians! And as you say, you are pedestrian on a CYCLE path so you are the minority, just like cyclists on the road, you don’t see cyclists whinging for you pesky walkers to get off the paths cos they slowed down our ride for 3 seconds do you?. If anything you should have at least some understanding of what it is being in this situation.

I personally am unable to ride a bike 10km per hour without falling over by the way, most travel between 20-30km per hour at a conservative estimate and I am yet to find a road in canberra that is thin enough that a cyclist and driver can’t share. You should try being a cyclist in Sydney, did it for 3 years. Canberra is like heaven compared to it!

Aeek Aeek 10:10 pm 05 Mar 08

Granny, you say that and still call them cycle paths! They’re shared paths and sharing goes both ways.

Granny Granny 8:48 pm 05 Mar 08

“Car drivers wouldn’t put up with the roads being in such a state.”

What are you talking about? Have you taken a look at Canberra roads lately. As a driver I spend a lot of time dodging the pot holes … and the cyclists.

I also love how if I’m a pedestrian on a cycle path they ring the bell and make you get out of their way … or else. You don’t see them trying to pedal along behind me. But if they’re a cyclist on the road they just make all the cars that can’t escape sit behind them at 10km/h.

zenpuck zenpuck 10:58 am 05 Mar 08

Minister wants to hear your support for Budget cycling projects
In the past three months, Pedal Power has met Ministers and officials about the projects that will be most effective in getting more Canberrans cycling, more often, for a better community. Our Budget Submission is on the Pedal Power website at
The projects are:
* A sealed Jerrabomberra Wetlands cycle path – to make the Lake Burley Griffin ride into one of the best half day cycle rides in Australia
* Directional signage for cycle paths – finally getting decent signage for Canberra’s 350km of cycle paths
* Cotter Rd cycle lanes so you can cycle safely between Civic and the Parliamentary Triangle to Weston Creek and Stromlo Forest Park
Roads ACT has put in budget bids for these projects but your support is essential is get them funded in the 2008-09 ACT Budget. Territory and Municipal Services Minister, John Hargreaves, told us he welcomes your emails as long as they are constructive!
If you have a spare minute or two, please send a couple of sentences to John and Minister Andrew Barr and Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, just a sentence or two is enough. Remember, great is good, but done is better! Below is an example. Email addresses are,,
You can also ‘cc’ a copy or provide feedback to Please forward this to your cycling friends.
Tony Shields
Volunteer Advocacy Director
Pedal Power ACT
Dear Ministers
I am briefly writing to tell you I support Pedal Power’s ACT Budget Submission. I particularly support signing Canberra’s cycle paths. Having such a big network is good but having it signposted is much better!
Your name
Your address

From zenpuck….please add glass cleanup and state of trails to your emails.

zenpuck zenpuck 10:55 am 05 Mar 08

From PedalPower
Report that broken glass!
The Pedal Power Advocacy Team considers the increasing amount of broken glass on our paths and roads an important issue. Roads ACT has made the commitment that any requests to remove glass or other hazards in cycle lanes that come via Canberra Connect would be acted on quickly. So please report that broken glass at the Feedback website or phone number 132281. If you could send a cc of the report to and also let us know when the problem is fixed, we can check if the system is working!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:50 am 05 Mar 08

Maybe they could attach a big brush to those bike racks on the ACTION buses – to really make their money go further? 🙂

Thumper Thumper 9:31 am 05 Mar 08

Surely it wouldn’t be too much difficulty to send sweepers down the biker paths as well?

They are, as pointed out, often covered in broken glass.

Especially given Stanhope’s rabid pro bike stance.

Danman Danman 8:33 am 05 Mar 08

would it really hurt to run a street sweeper down there every once in a while.

Sighted – 0730 Northbound Gunghalin Drive.

Those tuff liners are great, I have them inside both tyres, I also got 26×2 semi slick tyres that have a kevlar net built in. Apparently this helps stop punctures. Been flawless so far on 80PSI.

diprotodon diprotodon 7:29 am 05 Mar 08

Lets not forget the awesome on-road bicycle path from Queanbeyan to Canberra Airport built by Stanhope and Hargreaves – still working out how to use it as a Canberran. People at work who ride to Brindabella Park do a lot of bushbashing on their bikes from the Dairy Road / Morsehead Road roundabout to the airport

Aeek Aeek 12:40 am 05 Mar 08

My most scarey moment of the last six months was on the shared paths.The spiral under Cotter Road by North Curtin Oval. He came screaming downhill, wrong side, totally out of shape, nearly lost it. I had the railing to my left, nowhere to go. Now we have the diversion from the Weston bridgeworks right by there. Two inattentive clowns T-boning will be ugly.
Headons aren’t such an issue on the road. It would be nice if drivers could be bothered to signal left when there’s a cyclist coming up fast. Sometimes its good for the drivers! If I figure I can get past the left signallers (the road rules say AND turning) and go through the intersection with the non signaller I may just do that. If not, I’ll wait.
Note: cyclists are only supposed to signal right, if I signal left its to let the driver know that they can pull out of the side street, or overtake me turning left. I’m not blameless, I don’t always signal right but on a bicycle that means taking my hand of the controls, sacrificing control and real braking. OK, sometimes it just slackness – which it always when driving.

gustav gustav 12:23 am 05 Mar 08

I use those Tuffies – they’re pretty good. Though got a puncture on Gungahlin Dr off-road path once. Still, what bothers me a lot is a lack of street/path lights. Just look at the path following Sullivan’s Creek through Inner North. Or Gungahlin Drive one. It is a little bit scary and dangerous. Despite riding like a Xmas tree almost
hit a roo there a couple of times. Lucky I was crawling slow up the hill – a fit guy in front of me wasn’t. Not looking forward to clocks

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:17 am 05 Mar 08

@justbands: “…broken glass EVERYWHERE…”

People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don’t care
I can’t take the smell, I can’t take the noise no more
Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice
Rats in the front room, roaches in the back
Junkie’s in the alley with a baseball bat
I tried to get away, but I couldn’t get far
‘Cause a man with a tow-truck repossessed my car

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