30 May 2008

Deb Foskey to Hang Up Her Hat

| Ingeegoodbee
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It’s rumoured that ACT Greens MLA Deb Foskey has decided not to recontest her seat at the assembly at this years ACT Government elections. There’s no press release on the ACT Greens site or her web page, but ABC 666 is running with the story quoting Foskey as saying that she’d like to move back into activism and that she considered her best work while in the Assembly as helping the residents of the Canberra long stay caravan park – perhaps blind to the irony that there would probably have been at least one less of them if she haddn’t been taking advantage of ACT Public Housing.

Don’t let the door slap your butt on the way out Deb!

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Wide Boy Jake5:56 am 01 Jun 08

Good riddance to bad rubbish. I won’t miss her soppy voice and her whining and moaning on WIN News every night.

“Born 12 November 1949 in rural Victoria, Deb has worked as a farmer, teacher, environmentalist and mum to her two daughters. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science and Industrial Relations, a Master of Letters in Human Ecology, a Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Arts.” Quote from Blog Site

Perrenial Effen Student. Effen clowns arse. F Off Foskey and good riddance. The fact that she ever got elected is a sad idictment on the clowns that are the mojority of the ACT voting population. I am quite sure that some git parading under the Greens banner will replace her and do as little as she has except occupying public housing on a large wage and stating the bleeding obvious. God fcuk me it can’t be that hard to get a Doctorate of Philosophy and all those other useless letters after her name. Perhaps all the students at Koomari would be elegible for the conferral of these degrees.

Ingeegoodbee3:41 pm 31 May 08

It wont wash Thumper – Clowns frighten little children, sorry … I meant softheads.

Nemo – any clowns? Or is that assumed?

“I hope the Greens can find and run some proper candidates next time.”

From the front page of todays Canberra Times ‘other former candidates such as Amanda Bresnan and acrobat and performer Elena Kirschbaum could also run.’

The ACT Legislative Assembly needs more acrobats and performers…

Dr Foskey is a good nut, but I hate hearing her Legislative Assembly speeches. They sound like an essay written by a junior high schooler. They’re full of speculation and no answers to the issues she raises. Practically every sentence includes “I think”, “I hope” or “I wonder”.

I did stumble across her “deblog” one day though, which was actually an interesting read.

Myrmecia, she does read her speeches a lot of the time (not necessarily the times you saw her though!) because she faxes them to our office for easy transcriptions. 🙂

Does this mean she gets her old house in Yarralumla back ?

I heard Deb Foskey speak as an MLA on three occasions. I thought she did well each time: she spoke without notes, sympathetically drawing together comments made by preceding speakers at the event (they were not experienced speakers) and giving them something substantial to think about to help them progress their causes. As 54-11 and aussielyn said she was damned hard working. My limited exposure, reinforced by the media coverage she received, impressed me.

If she stays around the ACT to deploy her energy and intellect, I predict success – or at least a formidable presence – for the issues she works on.

Vic Bitterman7:31 pm 30 May 08

Good riddance to the old slapper.

stanhope next.

I agree, aussielyn. She has done an enormous amount of work behind the scenes, particularly in committees and scrutining legislation.

Quite rightly, she said on tonight’s news that she had been the only effective opposition, as the other mob were busy knifing each other.

I wonder if some of those RA posters who are bagging her out will be putting themselves up or will be doing something to support their preferred candidates. Lobbing hand grenades from the sidelines is fine, but I wonder how many of the criticisers actually contribute themselves.

I’m not a member of the Greens, but think that she has done an outstanding job covering all three electorates. How has your preferred candidate performed?

For those that want to vilify Deb Foskey I just ask them to get on the ACT Legislative Assembly Hansard and see what she has been working on. Maybe you will be surprised and learn something. We, in Narrabundah, who know some of what she has been working on, thank her for her efforts in standing up for the battlers of the Longstay and other local planning issues representation.
Deb has been a great representative given the limited resources one MLA has.
Has anybody seen an ACT MLA mowing the lawn at a community working bee?

Yay! Goneski! Now lets get rid of Standope

It is hard to think that someone who was the only minor party member (at least until Mulcahy’s dummy spit) could have made as little impact as Ms Foskey. I hope the Greens can find and run some proper candidates next time.

I agree that there are many others who should work out that they are out of their depth in an exceedingly shallow puddle. I recall reports that Wayne Berry and Karin McDonald are going – they should be joined by John Hargreaves, Mick Gentleman, Simon Corbell and Mary Porter from the ALP and by Vicki Dunne, Jacquie Burke, Bill Stefaniak, Brendan Smyth and Steve Pratt from the Libs. Replacing that lot with headless chooks would not be a major loss.

What’s left? I wouldn’t want Katy Gallagher, but the Canberra Times suggested recently that she’s seen as Chief Minister material. Jon Stanhope is, at least, sometimes adult in what he says. Andrew Barr has done adequately with tough portfolios. Richard Mulcahy has some form running something, so he has to be better than he seems. As to Zed, I’d prefer to wait to see if he has anything at all.

Holden Caulfield4:09 pm 30 May 08

Here’s a link:

Greens MLA Foskey quits

I always thought Deb was a bit vague and useless from the TV but by God she worked her butt off as an MLA. When the school plan stuff hit the fan she was the one actually asking useful questions in the Legislative Assembly, rather than grandstanding and trying to get on the TV.

She was a positive addition to the Assembly I reckon (despite flakey moments and the Guvvie house thing).

I am sorry but Foskey has been an absolute joke. And like Smyth, Burke and Hargreaves and co, an embarrassment for ACT politics.

It has been good having Deb in teh assembly.

She’s not the most polished speaker around, but she has at least provided a different view from teh men and women in suits that we normally get. And she has stood up for the underdog on numerous occasions.

If they’d listened to her when she first warned about the caravan park it would have saved us taxpayers a million or two.

barking toad3:45 pm 30 May 08

Harsh but exceedingly fair Ingee.

One less moonbat to kick around on RA.

Who could forget the days of the public housing rort, the statue on Northbourne Avenue of a giant earless lizard and other green hippieness.

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