Delusions of grandeur

johnboy 10 March 2007 9

The ABC has a curious story of one David Cantello, 31 and of Dunlop, who after a stint as a protective services officer allegedly bought the makings of a badge from the AFP Association and used them to chastise drunks in urinating in Civic alleys and to get into night clubs.

On the one hand it all seems rather easy, but on the other he did get caught.

UPDATED: Thanks the mattress for making the link, this is the same David John Cantello who was busted [CT] treating patients at Calvary Hospital (as well as being charged with “assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and possessing unauthorised ammunition”).

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9 Responses to Delusions of grandeur
Jackbodiless Jackbodiless 3:34 pm 16 Dec 17

Warpiglet75, yep I was there at a party the night he brought TWO guns (two rifles as I recall) in his parents Volvo (lol, so badass) boot to a small private party to show off around 1991, we were all pretty unimpressed and a little concerned at the time, discussing it at school afterwards as very strange. He had very few friends at school and those close to him were not really his friends, making fun of him behind his back and using him for his car and the like. He was then and I assume is now a sociopath waiting for a victim to happen. He is power and control oriented like most sociopaths (usually the result of feeling powerless during trauma as a child) and IS a danger to society clearly! I wonder who he is impersonating now.

Warpiglet75 Warpiglet75 6:51 pm 21 Jan 09

I know this guy from my teen years. Weird. He once showed me a gun in his car boot, he didn’t seem worried – that’s when the alarm bells started ringing. The sort of guy that just wouldn’t take the hint when you told him you just wanted t be friends. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the articles on him in the paper. Now he has a million young (and I mean young) girly friends on facebook. Yuk!

astrojax astrojax 3:13 pm 12 Mar 07

did he wear his undies on the outside?

Thumper Thumper 11:55 am 12 Mar 07

A typical wannabe…

bonfire bonfire 10:01 am 12 Mar 07

youll note theres a big warning on the afp association merch page.

snahon snahon 9:36 am 12 Mar 07

This guy is clearly a danger to society and as such should be exterminated.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:25 am 12 Mar 07

Sounds like a fruit loop. I guess that makes sense, given he lives on Dunlop.

Meconium Meconium 9:01 pm 10 Mar 07

Reminds me of the conman in Catch Me If You Can.

mattress mattress 2:33 pm 10 Mar 07

This is the same guy who got busted impersonating a doctor at Calvary hospital a bit over a year ago.

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