Dog-hunt for stolen puppy

GnT 24 October 2007 11

“Molly”, a young spaniel-poodle cross, is the subject of a police hunt after being involved in two criminal activities.

First, she was purchased from a pet store in an “allegedly fraudulent transaction”. Then she was stolen from the RSPCA.

Has anyone seen this crooked canine?

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11 Responses to Dog-hunt for stolen puppy
Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 3:30 pm 25 Oct 07

Yeah, I must admit I felt a bit silly ringing in this one – hardly a major crime! But it was in the Canberra Times, and they were soliciting phone calls to Crime Stoppers, so I felt I was on pretty safe ground.

I suppose it got the publicity because of the ‘cute’ angle….

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 8:14 am 25 Oct 07

Felix – yes they probably do. Their job, however, dullard, is to investigate ALL crime, not just the ones they want to cherry-pick cause they are nice and juicy.

This is to prevent people taking rogue elements of the justice system into their own hands.

Happy to continue lecturing…

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 6:31 am 25 Oct 07

Haven’t the Police got more important things to do?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 9:37 pm 24 Oct 07

“Can your children be arrested for patting stolen goods?”

In that case, Pandy will be happy to hang them.

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 5:08 pm 24 Oct 07

I thought that might be the deal, Ari, but I still thought I should let Crime Stoppers know, just in case.

Also this puppy had a weird way of walking/running, just like a crab – sideways! I passed that on to the cops just in case the ‘hot dog’ had that as a characteristic.

Anyway, if I did spot the criminal puppy, nice to know it is is good hands, being looked after. They looked like the sort of people who’d stump up for all the necessary vet-related stuff, anyway!

Ari Ari 4:58 pm 24 Oct 07

D&M you may well have met one from the same litter – they’re likely to look much the same.

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 4:53 pm 24 Oct 07

Bugger about giving my babe a bath last night – now the DNA evidence has vanished!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:48 pm 24 Oct 07

Can your children be arrested for patting stolen goods?

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 4:35 pm 24 Oct 07

Yep, I saw her last night outside the Yarralumla IGA, my 5 year old patted her and had quite a conversation with her owners (a well-dressed lady and her young daughter). I’ve rung Crime Stoppers and told them but my impression was that the owners were above board, very proud of their new puppy and very friendly about answering my kids (many) questions – maybe whoever stole her had sold her to them?

Got a bit of a shock looking in the paper today, I can tell you!

Ari Ari 3:24 pm 24 Oct 07

… in that case its condition is probably terminal.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 2:13 pm 24 Oct 07

Wasn’t she last seen at the airport?

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