Don’t be Alarmed by Sports House Hackett!

BimboGeek 13 September 2010 7

I’ve just received a very confusing note in my letterbox. With the exciting headline you see above, the content reads:

  • Are you sick of the ACT Sports Sports House alarm going off at all hours each day and night?
  • Let’s make the old Hackett school a community resource not a community annoyance.
  • The alarm does not need to go off whenever someone leaves the building after hours.
  • If Sports House people can’t set their security code properly why use the alarm to make the rest of us suffer?
  • Let ACTSports, our politicians and our community representatives know what you think (every time the alarm goes off perhaps).

And then there’s a bunch of contact details for the ACTSport people, their security service, politicians, the community associations and even the neighbourhood watch. The reverse of the page is a printout of Fix My Street noting that you can make noise complaints and generally whinge about your neighbours.

I live within a block of the building and have never heard this alarm. I don’t have a clue what it sounds like. I can’t imagine what these people are so fired up about.

So my point is…. Who are you and what’s your problem?

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7 Responses to Don’t be Alarmed by Sports House Hackett!
Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:53 pm 14 Sep 10

Can’t someone record the bloody racket, and play it back at full volume when the sports muppets are there during the day?

I reckon you’d notice the alarm would be fixed pretty quickly then!

smpc smpc 5:13 pm 14 Sep 10

I work at an office in a different closed school. The people to ring are either Territory and Municipal Services or the Department of Education and Training, Finances and Facilities Department.

sepi sepi 8:30 am 14 Sep 10

This problem has been going on for years. My friend lived opposite the school building 3-4 years ago, and it was going off nearly every night.

taninaus taninaus 7:37 am 14 Sep 10

The Government owns the building, if anyone has a problem and isn’t getting joy from the sports house people, log it with Canberra Connect and they will let the right area know.

sepi sepi 10:35 pm 13 Sep 10

hehe – not me – I’ve never heard it. But I have heard that it goes off at night all the time and is really annoying. It would drive me mad.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:37 pm 13 Sep 10

Bound to be sepi; she doesn’t like noise and she lives in Hackett.

inlymbo inlymbo 9:08 pm 13 Sep 10

I lived opposite Sports House for just over 4 years, the alarm went off approximately once a week. Initially we thought it was a stupidly loud car alarm as it was so frequent, we never dreamed it would be a building alarm going off that regularly.

Once we realised it was Sports House we became ‘used’ to it. It really is quite unreasonable for it to be sounding so regularly. I am not involved in the letter drop and no longer live there, but it was annoying and very noisy. If something untoward had been going on we would have never reported it as we would have assumed it was ‘that f*&%**^g alarm again’!

I am now living a couple of blocks away, and never hear a thing?

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