Driver suspended after light rail vehicle runs red light

Lachlan Roberts 13 March 2019 57

A Canberra Metro spokesperson said the light rail vehicle ran a red light. File photo.

A driver of a light rail vehicle has been suspended after he ran a red light and narrowly missed a car over the weekend.

Around 8:30 am last Saturday (9 March), dash cam footage from a car travelling on Randwick Road towards the T-intersection on Flemington Road, Mitchell, showed the tram almost colliding with the car after running a red light.

A Canberra Metro spokesperson confirmed the light rail vehicle drove through a red T-light on Flemington Road and a review of the CCTV footage from the vehicle has confirmed it was the driver’s error.

The driver has been suspended from driving duties while a full investigation takes place.

“Safety of the public and our staff is Canberra Metro’s highest priority and we regret that on this occasion this founding principle of the Canberra light rail project has not been upheld,” the spokesperson said.

“Following the rules of the road is the key to staying safe around light rail and this applies as much to ourselves as it does other road users.

“As the investigation is still underway, we are unable to provide further information at this stage.”

The near-miss occurred less than 40 minutes after a man was hit by a light rail vehicle at the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Cooyong Street. It is believed the man, who suffered leg and upper body injuries, jaywalked in front of the light rail vehicle while wearing headphones.

ACT Police are still investigating the incident and are calling for any witnesses or anyone with dash cam footage of the incident to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website.

In response to the latest light rail incident, the Canberra Liberals transport spokesperson Candice Burch said the Government should audit and report on all incidents that have occurred during construction and testing to ensure the safety of the Canberra community.

“The Minister’s Rail Ready campaign is considerably lacking in actual public safety awareness,” Ms Burch said. “The Government has not done enough to raise awareness amongst pedestrians, cyclists or drivers about light rail testing, and how to be safe around light rail vehicles.

“The Labor-Greens Government owes it to the Canberra community to audit and report on all incidents that have occurred during construction and testing. This is the least they can do to ensure all is being done to keep people safe.”

The ACT Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris has been approached for comment.

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57 Responses to Driver suspended after light rail vehicle runs red light
Bri Steggall Bri Steggall 1:17 am 15 Mar 19

Ben Meeuwissen your dad? 😂😂

Kevin Read Kevin Read 11:01 pm 14 Mar 19

I've seen the movie Speed, maybe he was building up speed to derail the tram at the Epic bend?

BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 10:15 pm 14 Mar 19

It’s 2019 and we have a tram that doesn’t automatically stop at a red light. Why does it even need a driver? It’s on rails, how hard could it be?

It just proves that we’re paying a 21st century price for a 19th century solution to a transport problem.

Steve Jones Steve Jones 6:57 pm 14 Mar 19

Near miss?? That’s funny

Capital Retro Capital Retro 6:07 pm 14 Mar 19

We don’t have these problems in Tuggers. Being devoid of a transport/urban renewal corridor is a blessing. Our rates should be adjusted accordingly.

Ella-Caite Campey Ella-Caite Campey 5:28 pm 14 Mar 19

Ellie this is what i was talking about

bigred bigred 7:25 am 14 Mar 19

Running red lights should be totally unacceptable, moreso for the drivers/operators of vehicles that carry fare paying passengers including light rail, buses, taxis and Ubers. However, one has to feel sorry for this light rail driver a little. He probably learnt to drive locally and has picked up the culture of red lights being somewhat optional. In addition, from my look at the video it appears the light may have been faulty because it changed without a vehicle being in the induction loop. Also, the Uber driver was most likely speeding in the roadwork zone and then also ran the following red light cycle.

But the benchmark behaviour has now been set and I expect a media release from transport Canberra today announcing the number of bus drivers stood down for running red lights. I expect we will run out of bus drivers early next week from what I see on a daily basis.

David Ilchef David Ilchef 12:51 am 14 Mar 19

How many light rail cars are there?

Angela Thomas Angela Thomas 11:02 pm 13 Mar 19

So did the pedestrian who got skittled cross the red light or was it the train?

    Ken Quilty Ken Quilty 11:10 pm 13 Mar 19

    Angela Thomas apparently walked across on red & was wearing headphones

    Charron Stace Charron Stace 11:35 pm 13 Mar 19

    Angela this was a 2nd incident

    Angela Thomas Angela Thomas 6:23 pm 14 Mar 19

    Ken Quilty yup, that's what they said but as the train then had a problem recognising a red light and the pedestrian didn't have a dash cam to prove his point.....?

Cassandra Agerbeek Cassandra Agerbeek 10:50 pm 13 Mar 19

Lachlan Scott now the same news as Melbourne...

Carmen Alita Carmen Alita 10:40 pm 13 Mar 19

So two incidents on the one day and it's not even operational yet. This will make for some interesting entertainment

Libby Watt Libby Watt 10:35 pm 13 Mar 19

Leane Watt it’s not even running yet and someones been fired and someones been hit by one 😂😂😂

David Lindsay David Lindsay 10:34 pm 13 Mar 19

Tram drivers should be paying rego too if they want to share the road with drivers...

Olivia Pittaway Olivia Pittaway 10:08 pm 13 Mar 19

Susan O'Meara oh good, now someone’s been hit by one and one of them has run a red light 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wayne Curly Mortimer Wayne Curly Mortimer 10:01 pm 13 Mar 19

Hopefully all of the safety requirements for design were identified and the Human Machine Interface design requirements were agreed prior to entering service?

    Justin Allen Justin Allen 10:28 pm 13 Mar 19

    entering you know what that means ?

    Nick Thiele Nick Thiele 10:35 pm 13 Mar 19

    Pfffttt...nothing but delusional ramblings

    Mark Fratus Mark Fratus 7:40 pm 14 Mar 19

    Wayne Curly Mortimer Mono rail , mono rail , MONO RAIL

Adrian Haynes Adrian Haynes 10:00 pm 13 Mar 19

I’m just interested to see how it actually works. Being in Canberra, I have to assume all the tram drivers will want to drive in the friggin right lane all the time.........

    Rob Mackay Rob Mackay 10:39 pm 13 Mar 19

    But panic and cut everyone off when wanting to turn at the next intersection!

    Robin Kneebone Robin Kneebone 10:40 pm 13 Mar 19

    Maybe they can use the bike lanes. No one else is

Joanne Smith Joanne Smith 9:53 pm 13 Mar 19

Sue I'm shocked!!

James Harvey James Harvey 9:37 pm 13 Mar 19

Joel Spurr the scarlett people masher strikes again

Emily Sisson Emily Sisson 9:36 pm 13 Mar 19

Liv Padley its a trainwreck

Sue Skinner Sue Skinner 9:35 pm 13 Mar 19

Running red lights quite common around Canberra. Hes just doing the Canberra thing!

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