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Drug dealer gets another slap on the wrist

nyssa76 12 November 2005 16

I just found this little “tidbit” on the net courtesy of ABC.

A convicted drug dealer is facing a fresh charge of trafficking less than a year after being sentenced by a Canberra court for similar offences.

Earlier this year, Albert Peter Ferguson, 37, was put on a two-year good behaviour bond for supplying heroin and possession of speed.

Today he was back in the Magistrates Court on charges of trafficking amphetamines after police allegedly found nearly 40 clip-sealed bags of white crystals at his Braddon home.

Police told the court he should not be released, alleging that he would continue to trade in the drug.

Magistrate Karen Fryar agreed the amount of drugs was substantial but she released him on bail of $2,500 with several conditions, including that he participate in random drug screening.

So, all the drug dealers out there will know that they can breach their “good behaviour bond” a.k.a. piece of BS, and do whatever they like.

Magistrate Fryar, thanks for making our streets safe….

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16 Responses to Drug dealer gets another slap on the wrist
DVD DVD 2:51 pm 16 Nov 05

Councilgritter, in referance to your comment “I might be happy with the magistrates decision” I will be happy if its several years jail without parole as a minimum.

If the magistrate was to sentence this piece of shit to a good 10 years without parole then I might thank them, till then I’ll continue with my ignorant, ill considered comments. The magistrates can go fuck themselves.

Let’s burn this accused drug dealer on the stake whether he’s a witch or not.

Indi Indi 8:45 am 15 Nov 05

Will there be any excuses when the new ‘holiday resort’ is built out near the airport? These pond scum need to have some extended leave!

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:19 am 14 Nov 05

Then again, why wasn’t he already in jail for selling heroin and possessing speed? Lucky for him it happened here and not in Bali….or should I say bad for us that our criminal justice system is so piss-weak?

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:46 pm 13 Nov 05

councilgritter, too often we hear of youth breaching GBB and getting a slap on the wrist as “they are juveniles”. This person wasn’t. Why should he get the luxury of freedom when it is BLATANTLY obvious that he can’t obey a simple GBB? Why was he brought before the courts if he was “doing nothing”? Do you think the police just sit around and make things up? Surely you don’t think that he wasn’t seen by witnesses or even undercover police, selling drugs even when on the GBB. Naivety is the death knell of justice.

There is no such thing as an “ex” anything. They are recovering meaning that they can (and in some case do) lapse from time to time.

Who is going to protect the public from this idiot if the magistrate lets him out? Who’s going to watch him 24-7 so that he doesn’t “go back to his old ways” and sell drugs whilst he’s awaiting this hearing?

We are too complacent when it comes to drug related crime. I am not saying that our laws should mirror Indonesia etc but FFS enough is enough. ZERO tolerance.

Why should people have their houses broken into or be assaulted/mugged for cash to pay for drugs?

I asserted “darling” and “saint” in SARCASM, which obviously failed to make a dent with you.

councilgritter councilgritter 6:52 pm 13 Nov 05

Nyssa/DVD you need to go back to the original post and read it again slowly and make a better effort to actually understand what I posted, rather than just heading off on some emotional rant with no intellectual basis the second after you glance at the words.

If the accused is CONVICTED of the second offence THEN he has breached his good behaviour bond. Up until such time as that occurs, he has NOT breached his good behaviour bond. If you actually wait until the accused person is tried for the second offence, convicted (IF this occurs) and sentenced, you might find you are happy with the outcome of the matter and thank the Magistrate rather than just sledging her prematurely with your ignorant, ill considered comments.

I did not at any stage assert that the people selling drugs or using drugs are any kind of “darling” or “saint”, so I don’t know where you and your little friend DVD got those comments from. I also did not insinuate that drug use does not cause harm to people’s lives (such as the families of users – btw, my eldest sister and brother-in-law are both ex heroin addicts). And at no stage did I suggest that it is “just” alcohol that causes anti-social behaviour. I stated that it is the prime cause, and I maintain that this is the case.

What would you suggest we replace the current criminal justice system with? Guantanamo Bay? Shall we burn this accused drug dealer on the stake just to make sure he/she is not a witch (never can be too careful)? Maybe he should also be tried for being a communist (better check under your bed, his mates are probably there)?

And no I did not see the episode of today tonight, a current affair, or whatever other show it was that you saw the piece about the Kings Cross injecting centre.

DVD DVD 2:49 pm 13 Nov 05

Well said nyssa76.

The ACT Judicary is a joke they all need to be thrown out and replaces with some decent magistrates, preferably ex prosecutors instead of ex defence that way there wont be so many pathetic decisions such as this.

councilgritter your an empty head. with any luck one of the local junkies wil break into your house and rob you blind so they can go and get another hit from old Albert, but don’t worry they would’nt do any time over it, wouldn’t want to impede on their human rights and stop them committing more burgs and thefts and ruining decent peoples lives.

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:45 am 13 Nov 05

councilgritter, perhaps you’d better read the article again – you’ve missed something.

He was on a GBB – less than a year for selling drugs when this offence occurred. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he has NO REGARD for the law and will continue to break it even with a GBB.

What about the liberties of those who bought his stuff? Or better yet, the average Joe Blog who’s house is broken into for monies to purchase drugs from this idiot. The sooner he is off the streets the better.

He’s an adult. He was on a GBB and BREACHED it by being charged again. What magistrate – in their right mind – would allow someone to walk the streets after that?

Innocent until proven guilty? Fine, that was for the first trial – which he was convicted. Are you saying “he made a mistake” for the second and the poor little “darling” should be held up as the epitome of a perfect judicial system here in the ACT.

Do you see what goes on in Civic? It isn’t “just the alcohol”. Perhaps you’d better take off your rose coloured glasses before responding. Sales are going on everywhere in Civic and you wouldn’t even notice them. Most of the clientele come from the ABC flats and surrounding areas.

FYI, my younger sister was and still is a junkie – heroin. She can buy it in a heart beat in Civic. Not only did her addict affect her, it affected her son (who luckily was not born addicted) and her family. I have nothing to do with her because of her addiction. My disabled mother cares for her son.

Also, didn’t you watch the news the other week in Kings Cross were dealers were selling outside the Govt owned shoot-up gallery and in front of police – that’s how sneaky they can be?

Oh but they’re saints….bless them all.

councilgritter councilgritter 2:07 am 13 Nov 05

Presumably, since this is a bail hearing, the accused has only recently been charged with this second offence? Nyssa76 you seem to equate this with the accused being convicted of the offence. However this is absolutely incorrect. The conviction cannot occur until the accused’s guilt has been proved in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt. Until such time the accused is to be presumed innocent and deserves to be treated accordingly. You and I are afforded this same protection under the law. I for one am grateful that my liberty is protected in such a manner.

Also, if you want to talk about “how bad [Civic] truly is” you might want to direct your summary imprisonment without trial at alcohol sellers, since alcohol is primarily responsible for the anti-social behaviour that you refer to. Coincidentally, alcohol is also the main cause of drug related deaths/injuries/other health problems (ie ODs), despite it being legal.

So perhaps your next ill-informed tirade should be directed at alcohol retailers, instead of the magistracy?


nyssa76 nyssa76 10:19 pm 12 Nov 05

Considering some people OD from drugs or almost die from the “crap” they take – which they think are their drug of choice – the bloke should have been locked up.

Giving someone a “slap on the wrist” allows him to go back out on the streets and sell more. Who’s going to watch him 24-7?

vg vg 10:16 pm 12 Nov 05

That Magistrate? What she dished out was harsh compared to the rest of them (bar maybe 1 or 2)

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:23 pm 12 Nov 05

That Magistrate should be sacked.

Honestly, what message is she sending?

Personally, I don’t want my taxpayer dollars going to that woman. She needs to go out to Civic late at night once a week to see how bad it truly is.

steveu steveu 7:42 pm 12 Nov 05

why not put an ad in the papers while we are at it, to all the dealers in sydney to come move here because there is a guarantee that if they do get caught the judicial system wont take it seriously.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:42 pm 12 Nov 05

I think it’d be better to tie this bloke and the 41 year old bloke who was screwing the 14 year old in exchange for heroin together, douse them in petrol and make a humna candle out of them.

vg vg 1:27 pm 12 Nov 05

Welcome to the ACT judicial system

johnboy johnboy 1:05 pm 12 Nov 05

i’d like to think we could find a middle ground between execution and no punishment at all.

Special G Special G 12:52 pm 12 Nov 05

Maybe we can all get together in Gareema Place and light a candle for him.

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