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Dude, where’s my driveway?

By JessP - 19 October 2011 19

road base

We have come home yesterday afternoon to a load of ground up concrete (called road bases I think?) on our driveway.

Haven’t bought a load of road base, do not need a load of road base so we are not sure what do do next.

We live in the Evatt area.

Anyone expecting a delivery that didn’t make it today?

Anyone want to buy a cheap load of road base?

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Dude, where’s my driveway?
JC 8:41 pm 19 Oct 11

A truck spilt some of that kind of stuff all over Osbourne Drive in Macgregor yesterday afternoon. It was so bad the coppers were out whilst they were wiating for the road sweeper. Wonder if it was the same truck?

JessP 4:56 pm 19 Oct 11

Corkhill Bros and CSG don’t know anything about a delivery to Evatt and tell me it could any one of a number of landscaping companies in Canberra.

eyeLikeCarrots 4:22 pm 19 Oct 11

Der… this is what you get for not taking up the offer from that guy with the red hair who said he would repaint the house number on your drive way….

Innovation 2:27 pm 19 Oct 11

Probably stating the obvious but have you rung CSG or Corkhills? I would have thought that they are the most likely to have dumped such a small load and, whichever company dumped it, they would be responsible for removing it – assuming of course that you can”t make a buck getting rid of it more quickly.

JessP 2:15 pm 19 Oct 11

No delivery slip in the letterbox or at the front door. Nada.

Madman: Perhaps it was a hint but the driveway is concrete.

Padoof 2:03 pm 19 Oct 11

did you check your letter box for a delivery advice slip?

bd84 12:34 pm 19 Oct 11

Have you tried door knocking your neighbours or houses with similar numbers in the street? I’d assume the delivery driver has made a mistake in the house number or driveway.

poetix 10:02 am 19 Oct 11

It’s just crying out for a mountaineering gnome perched on the top, to contrast with the carefully random stone wall.

JessP 9:55 am 19 Oct 11

For sid: Havent pissed any one off (that I know of) and it could have been a lot worse – it could have been dumped in front of the garage.

For scorch76: Not looking to make a profit – I would be more than happy if when we get home today the stuff is gone. However, it is wise to have a Plan B, which is where Spectra comes in.

Spectra: I will keep you in mind.

Madman 9:51 am 19 Oct 11

Looks li someoe was doing you a favour for that dirt driveway you have…..

Classified 9:27 am 19 Oct 11

scorch76 said :

Buy?! nice how you’re looking to profit of someone else’s mistake.
would have thought removal from your driveway would be payment enough…

In a deal where it is bought cheaply, everyone wins…

Mysteryman 9:27 am 19 Oct 11

Sell it to someone cheaply. Then you both win!

scorch76 9:19 am 19 Oct 11

Buy?! nice how you’re looking to profit of someone else’s mistake.
would have thought removal from your driveway would be payment enough…

sid 9:15 am 19 Oct 11

Pissed anyone off recently? I’ve heard of this happening in the past as a method of revenge, but never actually seen it.

Spectra 9:14 am 19 Oct 11

If you don’t find the rightful owner, give me a yell – I live relatively nearby and need some fill for some landscaping work.

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