Dumping in Gungahlin

ThisIsAName 12 September 2011 19


Whilst in Gungahlin, I noticed there has been extensive illegal dumping around Anthony Rolfe Ave. It took one really wide angle shot to get the sheer amount of rubbish.


Builder dumping looks quite profitable & it probably doesn’t help when they are doing it in the middle of the day when most (?) people are out.

dumping site

More dumping!

crap dumped

Empty blocks also attract their fair share of rubbish dumping.

The pictured pile of garbage is right next to the footpathpath by a main road.

The block is undeveloped, with a few piles of dumped clay/dirt.

Someone has chucked several bags of household garbage, recycling, and old clothes.

There was a Newstart allowance slip in one of the bags – probably with the name and address of the dumper.

A used mattress and a deceased kids basketball ring have been dumped there too.

The junk mail and brick pallets are probably others taking advantage of the mess.


This junk is about 5-7m from the front door of somebody’s house!

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19 Responses to Dumping in Gungahlin
creative_canberran creative_canberran 4:50 pm 11 Nov 11

“Your Newstart Allowance”

Not only illegal dumping but putting financial records out with the trash. Suggest harvesting the details off that form, bluffing your way with Centrelink over the phone and getting them to reassess eligibility. That’ll learn them.

Lillypilly Lillypilly 4:41 pm 11 Nov 11

Anyone know how to report such jerks? Found someone dumping stuff in our communal skip bin but all I have is a rego plate.

IrishPete IrishPete 8:53 pm 13 Sep 11

if it’s any consolation, when the Newstart Allowance letter dumper is identified, s/he will be considered unfit to serve in the armed forces when conscription returns.


yellowsnow yellowsnow 2:29 pm 13 Sep 11

oh yeah – and rubbish dumping derros not in the building industry are bad too. Just thought i’d clarify my position

yellowsnow yellowsnow 2:26 pm 13 Sep 11

This only reinforces my view that the building industry in this town is basically the glorified mafia, with a few cashed up ute driving bogans thrown in.

Sadly, the ACT government only encourages them by creating huge demand for their services (all the big road and construction projects, as well as land releases which, on a per capita basis, far exceed anything in other Australian capital cities), meaning they can charge just about anything, take their sweet time building anything because they promise more than they can deliver, and flout the law if they feel like it. And they know that lobby groups like HIA and Property Council will protect them, and the govt will listen to these ahead of common sense or the public.

I actually think if the govt staggered its construction projects a bit more, and pulled back on the land releases and associated infrastructure, this would actually have the effect of reducing the cost of construction (inc of new houses), while also making builders more well behaved as they’d be forced to compete for contracts. Alternatively they could just get the police to crack down on these hoodlums. End or rant.

eily eily 7:39 pm 12 Sep 11

Had some illegally dumped stuff cleared up really fast one time. Outside the gate to our horse paddock was a regular dump spot.
A few years ago someone had dropped off three large garbage bags. Couple of riders decided to check if the dumpee had left any incriminating identification.
End result was we got the police to remove it same day.
Three full bags of marijuana.

Jethro Jethro 7:01 pm 12 Sep 11

How do you know the basketball ring belonged to a dead kid?

puggy puggy 3:58 pm 12 Sep 11

Gungahlin Al said :

Testing out the Gov 2.0 commitment, I tweeted @ESDD_Comms, and have had this reply:

Thanks @GungahlinCC. EPA is onto it and it has also been referred to TAMS.

Al, the large site in the first photo has been “handled”. They simply fenced the area and put signs up declaring that illegal dumping is, well, illegal. If I could find the job number they gave me, I’d pass it on.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 3:05 pm 12 Sep 11

Testing out the Gov 2.0 commitment, I tweeted @ESDD_Comms, and have had this reply:

Thanks @GungahlinCC. EPA is onto it and it has also been referred to TAMS.

p1 p1 2:31 pm 12 Sep 11

DUB said :

That bag with dolebludger’s letter-steal his identity!!

Should be enough info on there to call up and cancel his dole… Or at least report that he has begun a long term relationship with a man named Dave who makes $200k per year (that will seriously reduce his payment, and be damned funny when he tries to sort it out). 🙂

DUB DUB 1:29 pm 12 Sep 11

This junk is about 5-7m from the front door of somebody’s house!
That bag with dolebludger’s letter-steal his identity!!
Or, at least, call Canberra Connect and report it, rubbish will lead them to the address.:)

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:16 pm 12 Sep 11

It is a serious problem across Gungahlin. If you have a block of land vacant, it is fair game. Cretin builders looking to dodge a few lousy bucks in dump fees in the main.

Regrettably, the ACT Government seems reluctant to put resources into nipping it in the bud.

Because only car parking policing and speed cameras get the required resourcing in the ACT.

puggy puggy 12:40 pm 12 Sep 11

OverLord said :

I hadn’t noticed any dumping going on in that area, then, as soon as a fence and the sign went up, it was on.

I reported illegal dumping earlier this year, by the time they did anything about it (months later), the site had doubled in size. At least something did get done, “fix my street” FTW! Nothing more has been dumped there since they fenced it and marked it as an illegal dumping site.

Brindabella Brindabella 11:46 am 12 Sep 11

Probably done by the same people that deliver the Chronicle.

dungfungus dungfungus 11:22 am 12 Sep 11

Actually, it adds to the ambience of the suburb; also increases the status of Kambah and Charnwood.

fgzk fgzk 11:20 am 12 Sep 11

Thats nothing. Ive got photos of a real dump site in Weston creek. Its the kind of place you really don’t want to go at night. The rubbish has got so bad that the car burners have had to use the grassed area. Recently the complete contents of a house have turned up, including school photos.

OverLord OverLord 11:11 am 12 Sep 11

It’s like the sign ‘No Illegal Dumping’ attracts dumping though. I hadn’t noticed any dumping going on in that area, then, as soon as a fence and the sign went up, it was on.

ThisIsAName ThisIsAName 11:03 am 12 Sep 11

Keijidosha said :

Are you sure that the “dumping” in the first picture is illegal?

Yes – the area has been fenced off and there are signs to report dumping to Canberra Connect. I didn’t include a photo of them though.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 10:38 am 12 Sep 11

Are you sure that the “dumping” in the first picture is illegal? Developers now set up central areas for dumping builder’s waste within the development area to save time and haulage costs during construction. Once construction is complete the dump area is cleared. Usually these areas have temporary fencing around them, but that may not always be the case.

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