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Election Wrap – 22 September

By johnboy - 22 September 2008 40


The Canberra Times reports that the Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is going to push for more ethical investment of the millions of our dollars the Government currently invests on our behalf in tobacco and cluster bombs. Amanda’s statement has now gone online


Andrew Barr is accusing the Liberals of plotting to return entry fees to Floriade. (*GASP*)

Katy Gallagher’s promising to sort out locum GPs in aged care facilities if she gets another swing at the pinata.

John Hargreaves reckons that he’s already delivering “most” of what the Motorist’s Party is promising.

Katy Gallagher has also decided that she can afford to promise a $12 million “multi-pronged and workable plan” (as opposed to what dare we ask?) to support local doctors, particularly the endangered General Practitioners.

Motorists Party:

The AMP have produced a laundry list of things they’d like to do with roads. Starting with “take direct control of all planning and decisions regarding investment in, and development of, Canberra’s road infrastructure.”

They’re also promising to harmonise ACT rego with NSW.

Richard Mulcahy’s Canberra Party:

The Canberra Party have rediscovered their website and pumped out 16 media releases today. Here’s a quick look at them:

Liberal Aged Care policy is no good.
Richard would like to debate Jon Stanhope if anyone cares.
Richard sneers at Zed’s demands the Canberra Party declare who they’d support to form government.
Richard would like to know more about Labor knobbling the WIN newsroom.
Richard would like two nurses specialising in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
Richard wants to know if the Liberals are really as bone-headed as he is on drug paraphenalia.
Richard is worried that Green Square is going to be ripped up.
Richard is worried about internal divisions in the Liberal party.
Richard think both the major parties are arse and you should vote for him instead.
Richard thinks the ALP and Greens are silly for not agreeing with him on the sale of drug paraphenalia.
Richard has a chuckle about his nemesis Bill Stefaniak walking out on the Liberals.
Richard says Bongs are Bad M’kay?.
Richard thinks you’re paying too much tax.
Richard is worried about limiting the power of body corp nazis.
Richard didn’t think much of Nicola Roxon’s speech last month.
Richard thinks parties should take it easy with election promises.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Election Wrap – 22 September
Skidbladnir 11:54 am 22 Sep 08

Almost everywhere else has 30 year C-in-C expirations for State documents, the ACT is just wierd.

Granny 11:49 am 22 Sep 08

Go ahead and have a drink, Jakez! You’ll feel temporarily better.


jakez 11:46 am 22 Sep 08

Granny said :

They would probably also have to answer to a pot pouri wielding lynch mob of preselectors who like their Floriade entry to be of the libertarian persuasion.

; )


Cheers Granny, that was the best laugh I’ve had in a while.

….and now after thinking about it, I’m kind of depressed.

Skidbladnir 11:44 am 22 Sep 08

Actually, I withdraw the above and wholeheartedly apologise .
I have just realised its been 11 years since the document was submitted as C-in-C, so is no longer classified (ten years by ACT Law).

Go ahead people, fight all you like.

Skidbladnir 11:40 am 22 Sep 08

… Pages 47 and 48 of Directions on Cabinet Procedure might be worth reading.

Skidbladnir 11:37 am 22 Sep 08

Minor points on Andrew Barr’s history lesson:
Who is Deborah Frankham, why is Octavo Graphic Design in Kingston handling cabinet-in-confidence documents (both from the document properties of Barr’s PDF), and why is the current government dredging cabinet-in-confidence documents from a previous Government of a different party (or been allowed to by whatever the ACT version of a Chief Archivist is), when its not really a continuity-of-administration issue, and is instead being used as part of an election campaign?

Pages 47 and 48 of Directions on Cabinet Procedure might be worth reading.

Granny 11:36 am 22 Sep 08

I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

johnboy 11:24 am 22 Sep 08

The Liberal campaign is showing every sign of being a marketing, rather than political, product.

Who knows, maybe it’ll work?

Something different.

Mind you the presidential thing is just to get maximum contrast between Zed and Stanhope, that’s just playing it smart in the current climate.

Granny 11:23 am 22 Sep 08



Thumper 11:13 am 22 Sep 08

Or be beaten to death with embroidered doilys.

Granny 11:03 am 22 Sep 08

They would probably also have to answer to a pot pouri wielding lynch mob of preselectors who like their Floriade entry to be of the libertarian persuasion.

; )

Thumper 10:57 am 22 Sep 08

Andrew Barr is accusing the Liberals of plotting to return entry fees to Floriade

This is wrong on so many levels. For one, I would be spewing if they reintroduced an entry charge for floriade, two, didn’t the ALP introduce an entry charge a few years ago and then drop it?, And three, it’s a baseless allegation at this stage.

Having said that, if the Libs are dumb enough to introduce an entry fee then they deserve to get a beating by a bowl of pot pouri at the polls.

jakez 10:53 am 22 Sep 08

What makes you think the lines originated from HQ?

Candidates being allowed their own corny line seems to be the sole remaining element of what Hare Clarke (and liberal believe in individual conscience) was meant to allow us.

Note that you could recite the corny lines, and therein lies their value.

MrMagoo 10:50 am 22 Sep 08

Unrelated somewhat, however what is up at Liberal HQ with their quiky little tag lines for the candidates. “a betta fella for Brindabella” Gulia with a G, Jack and I do live here (could be infringing on copyright for a certain beverage).

I mean didn’t we get enough of that purile crap when Hlen Cross ‘dazzled’ us with Don’t put a tick, don’t put a cross. C’mon Mr Heath if you can’t do better than that then what hope do your candidates have?

jakez 10:36 am 22 Sep 08

We could have Amanda Bresnan determine our investments, OR we could realise that if the ACT Government is investing in cluster bombs and tobacco it clearly has too much money and should return said money to the ratepayer for said ratepayer to use in a manner most efficient for them.

Barr’s media release is the stupidest thing I have ever read. What was going through his staffers mind when they wrote that silly drivel.

However I have to say that if the Liberals did bring back entry fees, it probably would be a vote clincher for me.

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