Multi-storey, mixed-use development proposed for Giralang shops

Ian Bushnell 30 April 2018 18

An artists impression of the proposed Giralang shops development from the DA.

The Giralang shops may finally be reborn with a new $19 million proposal lodged for a four-storey plus loft, mixed-use development that includes a supermarket, other ground floor retail and 50 apartments.

The development application from AMC Architecture for developer Dimitri Nikias also seeks to allow residential development and community uses including a childcare centre, community activity centre, community theatre, cultural facility, educational establishment, place of worship and religious associated use.

It also seeking to almost double the present permissable floor space from 5,790 square metres to 11,000 square metres.

The supermarket would be 1000 square metres, with other retail amounting to 1275 square metres.

A street view of the development from the north.

Also included are new driveway entry points off Canopus Crescent, new off-site and on-street car parking to Menkar Close and a reconfigured car park, a new drop-off arrangement, new waste enclosure, bicycle enclosure and associated landscape to existing Giralang Primary School.

The application seeks re-approval of an already constructed basement, under-croft and podium works associated with a previously approved DA, and a new mezzanine parking level.

It proposes 189 parking spaces, including 48 for the supermarket, 116 basement spaces and 25 off-site spaces.

An artist’s impression of one of the proposed loft apartments.

Labor Member for Yerabi Suzanne Orr welcomed the application, saying it was significant milestone for the project and brings the realisation of shops for the Giralang community one step closer.

“The developer undertook an extensive consultation process as required under the ACT Government’s new Pre DA Community Consultation Guidelines, and I am pleased to see the community’s views have been incorporated into the development application,” she said.

Ms Orr said new off-site and on-street parking to Menkar Close would benefit people who would use the shops and the Giralang Community Park.

“I am also looking forward to the developer securing a supermarket tenant as part of the development process so the community has access to a quality supermarket within the suburb,” she said.

The development application can be viewed here. The period for submissions closes on 18 May 2018.

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18 Responses to Multi-storey, mixed-use development proposed for Giralang shops
Megan Montgomery Megan Montgomery 5:00 pm 30 Apr 18

Daniel wowsers, plenty of opinion 😬

    Daniel Church Daniel Church 1:56 am 01 May 18

    You should have been at some of the earlier meetings! Hilarious stuff. Consumerism, wood ducks, trolleys in the drains, drug dealers...c'mon now! 😆 We're almost there Meegs... and after almost 10 years you can finally have a break from me complaining about it! 😉🤗

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 1:57 am 30 Apr 18

How many more busses filled with hospital beds could we have on the road instead of this pink elephant?

Shaun Andrew Shaun Andrew 10:15 pm 29 Apr 18

Hi riot act.

The development is more than 4 storeys. The image you’ve got there is an old sketch plan. The ground floor is shops, 3 floors of units and a loft level which runs the entire southern face. Making it 5 storeys. Pretty good for a local centre which is limited to 2 floors high, for good reason.

Chris Hall Chris Hall 9:40 pm 29 Apr 18

About bloody time ! But Im sure they will put in a few speed bumps yet

Natalie Satu Brideson Natalie Satu Brideson 8:10 pm 29 Apr 18

Looks amazing!

Dan Power Dan Power 7:41 pm 29 Apr 18

I’m waiting for the old Giralang stiffs to pipe up-

“It’s gunna be too busy and I don’t want cars driving around my neighbourhood”

“It’s too high, what if a duck from the wetlands crashes into it?”

“What if someone leaves a shopping trolley on the footpath what thought has gone into that”

They have been whinging for the last 15 years.

    Narelle Ford Narelle Ford 7:53 pm 29 Apr 18

    With good reason. If you’d gone to the public meeting about this development you would realise that none of your comments were raised. The only concern GRAG had was that there mightn’t be adequate parking but it endorsed the plan.

    Dan Power Dan Power 7:58 pm 29 Apr 18

    The amount of carry on over it for over a decade demoralised the majority of residents.

    Just let them get on with it.

    Shaun Andrew Shaun Andrew 8:17 pm 29 Apr 18

    Hey Dan. Problem is the development doesn't comply with the CZ4 local centre development code, so Nikias diamond are going for a change of lease. The DA they've submitted refers to several differing codes which don't compliment each other and makes it a bit of a mess. The Local centre code specifies a maximum height of 2 floors. 4 would be suitable, 6 is over the top for a local centre. Letting this get up will affect so many other local centres and adjoining properties it really needs to be addressed.

    Dan Power Dan Power 7:01 am 30 Apr 18

    Shaun they whinged when there was potential for a bigger supermarket because a truck might need to drive past or reverse into a parking bay, or that their cats might be at risk of choking on a stray shopping bag.

    There has always been some sort of carry on.

    Either way the developers are taking a huge punt on building another apartment block in an already oversupplied Canberra market, be it 3 or 4 floors. But it’s their money and their risk.

    Shaun Andrew Shaun Andrew 10:07 pm 30 Apr 18

    Everyone likes to have their opinion heard, some like to be heard more than others.

    I don't think it was a huge group of residents whinged. The community was excited that the shops would be closed and redeveloped quickly. Then came the inept govt of the time and Metcash to halt proceedings for a decade.

    I can only think that Nikias Diamond don't have a Tennant locked in for the 1000m shop because neither IGA or Superbarn (the only ones small enough to have a go), are not silly enough to throw their money away by competing against their own stores within a small radius. Its not a viable location and never will be given the competition so closely situated in every other town adjacent (Kaleen x 2, Crace, Evatt, Florey. People won't be "ducking in" to do their weekly shop and it will need that to be viable. After 15 years of not having a shop, how many people are going to change their habits and preferred shopping locales to shop at Giralang?

    It would be a much better use of the space for the ACT Govt to extend the school to accomodate some of the kids from Crace and Lawson who can't fit into Palmerston or Kaleen. But schools don't produce rent so that won't get up.

    I also don't think its the developer taking the punt (the savy ones rarely do anything without significantly reducing their risk), its the buyers of the overpriced units once they're finished, who are going to be the eventual losers if there is one living above a derelict shopping centre.

Jim O'Connell Jim O'Connell 7:02 pm 29 Apr 18

As a Giralang resident I'll believe it when I see it.

Justin Watson Justin Watson 6:20 pm 29 Apr 18

Eagerly awaiting the first whinge on this. Heres a complaint... "the sort of people who live above shops are either drug dealers or hipsters and I won't feel safe going there" :-)

    Narelle Ford Narelle Ford 7:50 pm 29 Apr 18

    Do you live in Giralang?

    Lisa McRobbins Lisa McRobbins 9:26 pm 29 Apr 18

    Bhahahaha righto mate!

    Justin Watson Justin Watson 9:07 am 30 Apr 18

    Where I live is irrelevant. The theme in Canberra is common. Someone will have a complaint, based on some stereotype. I mean according to most Grumbletonians of Canberra, tall buildings are slums and attract drug users and dealers. My point is if there are factual and rational reasons to not build something, then that is fine and good. Most are just people having a whinge though and want something unobtainable like Canberra in the 1980's.

Kaye Sperling Kaye Sperling 6:11 pm 29 Apr 18

The Curtin Anti Progress Association really need to take note.

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