Gatecrashing, the latest Sunday Times fear campaign

johnboy 11 March 2007 1

The Sunday Canberra Times continues its efforts to make you wet yourself, this time with tales of the perils of text-message fuelled gangs of gatecrashing youths and police who just don’t give a damn.

“The parents rang police and they didn’t turn up,” he said.

“A police car arrived later in the night but when the kids tried to wave the car into the house, it didn’t stop.”

The parents who hosted the party could not be reached for comment.

Knowing the Sunday CT as we do we wonder, yes we wonder. Gatecrashing has been a “problem” as long as their have been parties. Personally I recall a gatecrasher, who turned out to be an apprentice carpenter, who was immensely helpful in fixing the house, back in the day when I threw that kind of party.

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One Response to Gatecrashing, the latest Sunday Times fear campaign
miz miz 11:12 pm 11 Mar 07

Some teens in my cul de sac had a small gathering ‘crashed’ a couple of years ago by about fifty people – from all over Canberra. Texting had been the communication medium, and friends of friends of friends had got word. It was VERY scary, for the teens themselves (who hid in a bedroom) and for the street. The police did not fully understand what was going on at first, they just asked them to turn down the music. Result was a trashed house, roaming groups of drunk testosterone-aggro boys, a couple of noisy fistycuffs, smashed windows in a house in a neighbouring street, damaged letterboxes, P-plate cars zooming and screech-braking round the circuit in the wee small hours, smashed bottles everywhere, pissing on fences, etc. Me and another neighbour got together (not getting any sleep) to get the police out again, and they finally were able to move the crashers on (breathalyzing the ones that drove down the hill). They said they had been reluctant to intervene on the first visit as it was a Sat night and they were overstretched- there were several crazy parties on that night as it was the start of College holidays.

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