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GDE to be a wonder of the earth?

By johnboy 7 September 2011 63

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is having some fun comparing the construction time of the soon to be completed Gungahlin Drive Extension with other major construction projects.

“Of the ten years since ACT Labor came to power, approximately seven years have been spent with the road under construction.

“This is in contrast to the span of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was built almost 80 years ago within four years.

“The 40 kilometre Westlink M7 freeway, a major piece of NSW infrastructure which includes 38 overpasses and underpasses, was completed in two years.

“The 2.8 kilometre Sydney Harbour Tunnel took only four years to complete.

“In Victoria, the 22 kilometre Melbourne City Link, one of the city’s major arterial roads, was completed in four years.

I think Alistair needs to broaden his imagination with this exercise.

So Rioters, what other things were built in under seven years?

I’d like to start with the Temple of Solomon.

What’s Your opinion?

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GDE to be a wonder of the earth?
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Skyring 11:01 am 01 Oct 11

As a cabbie, I could always be assured of a brisk conversation if the subject of the GDE was raised. A textbook case for project managers and politicians of how not to do things.

The money wasted, first by the NIMBY court case(s) and then by the delayed duplication, could have been spent on useful public needs, such as health or schools or other roadworks. Building the thing with one lane in each direction was a false economy.

But blaming external factors only goes so far. Just what the hell were they thinking of when they put in the Aranda access? That’s got to be the most stupid intersection in Canberra.

As for Gridloch Interchange, at least it now operates without traffic lights, but I honestly can’t see it working well when Molonglo really gets going. Cotter Road will be a nightmare at peak hours.

Cloverleaf intersections are things of the past. They might look pretty, but they just don’t work under load because you’ve got conflicting traffic flows trying to use the same bit of road. An example is the northernmost lane of Parkes Way under Commonwealth Avenue. However, Glenloch isn’t quite complete – coming south from Gungahlin/Belco, you can’t turn right to go west towards what will be the northern suburbs of Molonglo. That’s going to be an interesting piece of road to slot into what is going to be a very busy interchange.

LSWCHP 8:58 pm 08 Sep 11

Spectra said :

p1 said :

Spectra said :

The bulk of the US’s first trans-continental railroad (aka “The Overland Route”) took 6 years and totalled 2860 km, including through terrain considerably more challenging than O’Conner Ridge 😉 Though I think it was probably subject to considerably less law-suits.

Being able to legally shoot the equivalent of locals protesting probably streamlined the process somewhat.

Totally, although the locals here mounted far fewer horse-back attacks and rarely resorted to scalping 🙂

Scalping! Now there’s a thought!

LSWCHP 8:56 pm 08 Sep 11

p1 said :

Captain RAAF said :

The Maginot Line,one of the most complex constructions of its time took 9 years to build and stretched across the entire French border with Germany….pity they forgot the bit next to Belgium…….

Are you suggesting that, rather then using the GDE, it would be quicker and easier to drive through Belgium and defeat the French army?

You are probably right.

Without a doubt. A mate from my days in the green machine joined the fabled French Foreign Legion. After doing his enlistment (7 years I think) he was rather disillusioned. I recall him saying that a bunch of school cadets in a bad mood could’ve cut through his unit like a chainsaw through toilet paper.

Tomorrow I intend to drive to work in Fyshwick via Belgium. The French Army should step aside.

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