Glenlock chicane gone

Ntp 1 June 2007 25

As part of the new Glenlock Interchange arrangement the underpass on William Hovell (Belconnen to City, the bit just above LEGEND) has been opened up in the last 24hrs taking out the 40kph loopy chicane and significantly straightening the road. Looks like it’s all starting to come together.

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25 Responses to Glenlock chicane gone
ant ant 1:33 pm 21 Jun 07

Agree, Diane. Most people seem to think that driving well consists in pressing their accelorator. (they’re the ones who disappear from my rear view mirror aroudn curves and corners. funny that).

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:05 pm 21 Jun 07

people who speed crack me up. Drive dangerously all for a couple of seconds advantage.

I know that there are probably a lot of good drivers out there, who can drive well at speed – but there are more shit drivers than good and that is why the laws are there.

cranky cranky 12:21 pm 21 Jun 07

The abuse of reduced speed limits by those given the authority for temporary reductions continues.

The limit on the Monaro Highway from the prison to Hindmarsh Drive is 60kph at the moment, without any sign of road works, paper picking up people, or any other reason for the reduction. Just the sign at the end of the merging lane after the prison saying 60 limit.

Plod could have a field day. Sonic would be mighty pleased with the revenue.

Oops, my contempt is showing.

andreas andreas 5:56 pm 05 Jun 07

“i choose to drive at a speed safe for my vehicle and the conditions”
But unfortunately not everyone can be trusted to make that call about themselves. Sow what else can the authorities do but have a blanket speed limit that applies to everyone?

The point about roadwork speed limits being perceived as unfair is true. Even I speed through them (though not at 80km/h) and I am usually a road rules nerd.

bonfire bonfire 9:22 am 05 Jun 07

so because i choose to drive at a speed safe for my vehicle and the conditions, instead of obeying pavlovian style an arbitrary limit, you wish my family death and pain ?

and you reckon i have the problem.

why do you live in such fear ?

ozmreeee ozmreeee 8:41 am 05 Jun 07

Perhaps the sole occupant of the vehicle which hit a tree on Kingsford Smith drive late last night – with not a soul around – didn’t think the speed limit was reasonably and sensibly applied.

FFS – what does it matter if you guys have to slow down for a few hundred metres because someone has put up a speed limit sign?

The machismo is impressive but why not take it out to Wakefield Park?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:56 pm 04 Jun 07

I have read a number of articles that suggest that when the general public feels a rule is unfair, they ignore it. Roadwork speed limits are a good example. I have no problem getting down the 40 when there are guys around, and especially at school zones, but when you drive through a construction site on sealed roads at 7pm with not a soul in site, 40km/h is a dangerous thing. Because various people drive at differing speeds (anything from 30 to 90 for an 80 zone with a 40 roadwork limit), the speed differential is huge – much larger than on a 110km/h freeway.

The bottom line, of course, is that if speed limits were reasonably and sensibly applied, much fewer people would break them.

Oh, and the V8 got through chicane at over 80, but I needed a clear run to set up for the corner exit.

JC JC 7:29 pm 03 Jun 07

Cranky you are most right. Funny thing is there is no consitancy. In some roadworks sites they will alter the roadworks speed limit, I think for example they did that when building the bridge over Ginninderra drive, had 40 when the guys were working and 60 at other times. Yet others they have 40 24×7. That is when they loose respect. But the bottom line is people driving at 80 in a 40 zone, whether we beleive there is danger or not are risking one hell of a fine and their license. These guys should be thankful that speed camera’s operating in ACT roadworks sites can only book people going over the normal speed limit, although coppers can book for the lower limit. (Well that was the rule when I last looked a year or so back)

Special G Special G 5:41 pm 03 Jun 07

Fair call cranky

cranky cranky 4:28 pm 03 Jun 07

40Kkm/h zones are abused by the people setting them up. All to often they restrict speed when there is no danger, and when no workers are within cooee.
Last year I watched as plod booked traffic on Mugga Lane in a supposed construction zone on a Sunday. The restriction was to allow trucks to enter/exit a gate at the tip. This behaviour leaves a very bad taste, and is a PR disaster.

Certainly, impose and enforce reduced speed limits When Necessary. I would suggest one in ten sites really need the limits applied at all times. Unfortunately it appears beyond the wit of man to tailor a system that is only applied when really necessary.

sim_m_o sim_m_o 4:22 pm 03 Jun 07

even better than the chicane is turning left down to parkes way and then swerving across two lanes to turn right onto lady denman at 8:10 in the morning everyday. They’ve tried to counter this with a white line, but everybody still does it. Won’t be long before they either extend the exit beyond that turnoff or put concrete along the Lady Denman exit.

bigred bigred 2:49 pm 03 Jun 07

I have a mate who is a “stop/go man” on the North Coast. I always do 40 km/h (or close to it) through roadwork zones.

el el 6:11 pm 02 Jun 07

Might’ve been worth trying it in a rental car then, Andy.

Genie – Could you repeat that in English?

andy andy 5:30 pm 02 Jun 07

el – nah, i tried at 90 and it got a bit slippery.. so i decided not to do that again.

Genie – little tip for you, noone, but noone, in canberra, drives at 40Km in the roadworks zone.
except maybe for you.

Genie Genie 4:51 pm 02 Jun 07

you know what i hope some other jerkoff the same as you speeds through a school zone and runs over your kid, or you yourselves next time you speed through roadworks lose control and kill someone.. preferably yourself!

Maybe then you’ll have some respect for why the speed limit is 40k’s an hour.

el el 12:29 pm 02 Jun 07

It is shameful, isn’t it Genie.

A well set up car should be able to get through there at 100km/h at least…

Genie Genie 11:24 am 02 Jun 07

im a little ashamed to be hearing that most of you drove through there at 80k’s an hour… If it was during the day do you have no respect for the lives of the men working there ?? Hence one of the reasons why they inforce the 40km an hour speed limit.

bonfire bonfire 4:23 pm 01 Jun 07

the steamer has a similar effect. old last century steel is somewhat tougher than a hyundai.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:45 pm 01 Jun 07

unfortunately me screaming that at the top of my lungs does not manage to penetrate the air gap between our two vehicles as they travel side by side and I am quickly running out of avaliable roadspace.

That said, some people often look quite offended when they realise I have not braked to get out of their way, and am quite cheerily awaiting their impact on account of my vehicle is worth a whole heap less than theirs, and is radically insured.

bonfire bonfire 3:32 pm 01 Jun 07

a good rule for driving fast and not crashing is:

“always brake in a straight line”.

you can accellerate out of a corner, but braking halfway through it is how people lose control.

you should not be going into a corner faster than you need to be going in any case.

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