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Graffiti watch – Something we could live without

By johnboy - 28 February 2007 46

As seen on various footpaths in the Inner North:

Interesting choice of colour, are they trying to be ironic? Also it appears to be painted rather than sprayed so my money’s on an old nutter rather than stupid kids.

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Graffiti watch – Something we could live without
bonfire 4:18 pm 28 Feb 07

so if i go on a crime spree – say running around town with a claw hammer, smashing windows – thats bad.

but if i only smash the windows of nazis – thats ok ?

you can see my confusion.

i thought a criminal act was a criminal act, irregardless of its intended victim.

RandomGit 4:08 pm 28 Feb 07

You don’t think a hell of a lot, do you Apehammer?

apehammer 3:54 pm 28 Feb 07

‘Except for Nazis’
Yep, that’s pretty much it. That and the fact that it’s really badly done.

Danman 3:50 pm 28 Feb 07

Bonfire neck up softhead – theres a world of difference between this and legal graffiti – You can write words – but it dont mean your an acomplished author.

Maybe its tru that wanking makes you go blind – because if you can not see the difference between this and something else…..

RandomGit 3:13 pm 28 Feb 07

It’s because the meeeeaning of graffiti as art outstrips property rights. Except for nazis.

‘Except for Nazis’ is the disclaimer of all relativist tripe, the sort of which apehammer is hammering at us.

bonfire 3:04 pm 28 Feb 07

well thats interesting, i thought graffiti was a beautiful art form, a right in fact.

now its defiling society.

im vexed.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:58 pm 28 Feb 07

Scrub it off and get over it…

Danman 2:48 pm 28 Feb 07

This is vandalsim at its lowest – I cn not condone this kind of behaviour that just sets out to defile and offend the majority of society

bonfire 2:32 pm 28 Feb 07

its also the rune of perkinus, my favourite nordic god.

shiny flu 2:29 pm 28 Feb 07

Ahh rednecks…
Tilt your head 45 degrees and it’s the ancient symbol (hindu/tao) for peace. Hmmm, counter-hitler-symbolism-ism.

apehammer 2:27 pm 28 Feb 07

You don’t see the difference between painting an anti-war mural, with people hugging each other, and a swastika?

bonfire 2:23 pm 28 Feb 07

no, not me, but the irony apropos recent comments does not escape me.

i dont see any difference though. graffiti is still graffiti.

apehammer 2:17 pm 28 Feb 07

Now here’s some grafitti I can’t defend. Are there really Nazis in Canberra, or could it be a Hindu trying to reclaim what was once a very beautiful and positive symbol? Nah, Nazi dickhead, no doubt.

Mr_Shab 2:14 pm 28 Feb 07

bonfire trying to make a point?

gurunik 2:11 pm 28 Feb 07

Dickheads. From the beautiful public art in the stormwater drain a few days ago, to this idiotic attempt to offend. We’ve got the full spectrum covered.

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