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Gungahlin shooting raids hit Tuggers – UPDATED

By johnboy 16 August 2013 44

ACT Policing executed three simultaneous search warrants in Kambah and Wanniassa this morning (Friday, August 16).

Around 6am Criminal Investigations detectives and the Specialist Response Group attended two premises in Sternberg Crescent, Wanniassa and a residence in Hardwick Place Kambah and executed search warrants.

The warrants are directly related to an incident which occurred last week in which bullet rounds were fired into a tattoo parlour in Gungahlin.

An appeal at the time by police for witnesses and information was successful, and police made a further appeal yesterday for information in relation to a dark coloured utility seen in the area and at the time of the Gungahlin incident.

Acting on information received, police today executed the warrants in order to potentially locate the firearm used in the Gungahlin incident.

Investigations are ongoing.

ACT Policing would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the public who have been helpful in providing information to Crime Stoppers and would invite anyone who can assist us with this ongoing investigation to call 1800 333 000 or via the website at

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

[First filed: Aug 16, 2013 @ 9:05]

Now with this update from ACT Policing:

· ACT Policing has concluded the search warrants from the Wanniassa and Kambah premises from earlier today.

· A number of items have been seized by investigators.

· No firearm was located.

· Enquiries are ongoing.

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44 Responses to
Gungahlin shooting raids hit Tuggers – UPDATED
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Tooks 4:10 pm 19 Aug 13

CraigT said :

Sandman said :

CraigT said :

I just ran your comment through Google Translate, but it was just as stumped as I am.

We get people like you in meetings – nobody knows what you’re on about, and you make the meeting go on and on forever.

Here’s a suggestion to help you clarify things: if the car dealer in Philip sells both Holdens and Mazdas, does that mean you can call a Commodore a Mazda?

An airgun is quite simply not a firearm, regardless of how legislation might be written.
We’ve accepted the appallingly low standards of the police PR unit for so long now we appear to have become almost completely inured to its heinous daily massacring of our language.

Hold on! Your beef with gun legislation is over the butchering of the English language and them applying a definition where it shouldn’t be defined? What “meetings” are these that you attend? The Canberra Grammer Police? Would I also be correct in assuming that you classify yourself as an excellent driver and refuse to fly any airline except Qantas?

As far as the air rifle vs .22 rimfire goes, I have both and the .22cal air rifle will put pretty much the same hole in things as a subsonic rimfire projectile.

Tell Tooks that.

While you’re at it, offer their forensic people some assistance with the Eastman case, which they apparently still haven’t solved, unlike the Italian polce who long ago figured out who their man is.

Hahaha. You are a conspiracy theorist. Who would’ve guessed. Forensic people don’t solve cases, they gather evidence. I look forward to listening to your testimony in the upcoming Eastman case.

They are looking for a .38 or .357 cal firearm (as reported in the media). The fact you think a bikie club’s weapon of choice for a drive-by is an air gun (and assuming police didn’t dig slugs out of the walls) is as laughable as every other comment you’ve made.

Here are a couple of tips:

1) Police always know a hell of a lot more than what you read in the paper.
2) Magistrates don’t grant search warrants so police can go on ‘fishing’ trips.

Take that as you will. Ranting about police PR conspiracies (and other conspiracies) only makes you look like a nutter. Did a copper root your wife or something?

bundah 11:01 am 18 Aug 13

DrKoresh said :

bundah said :

Besides I have friends who are associated with the Rebs and air rifles are not their weapon of choice.

O rly? Any chance you could ask them if they know who dunnit? I mean, you seem to love to speculate about crimes and the culprits, and here you have a genuine case just fall into your lap. I too can only speculate as to why you’d be mates with bikies, but they’re all good blokes, I’m sure.

I wondered who would take the bait and surprise surprise it’s the snarky young doctor.

Having been around the traps far longer than yourself and having had driven cabs for many years I have had the pleasure and misfortune of conversing with many thousands of peeps from all walks of life from the upper echelons to the scum.

That includes having conversations with Tezza Higgins in the past who I have been critical of on many occasions. You mention crime/speculation, well there’s nothing unusual there for everyone does it including Supreme Court Judges who also bugger it up eg. murder trial of Steven Hillier and here’s what the High Court said in relation to Higgins and Crispin:

44.Their Honours said[52] that “[a]t face value” these considerations provided “strong grounds for an inference that someone else may have entered the house and been responsible for [the] death” of Ms Hardwick. The majority went on to say[53] that “there may be explanations for these matters that are compatible with the Crown case” but said[54] that “potentially exculpatory inferences cannot be ignored merely because there may be other possible explanations for the relevant facts”.

45.This reasoning was erroneous.

So you see even certain Judges wrongly speculate in criminal matters. Of course the difference is they, unlike me, actually affect people’s lives deeply and in some cases destroy them.

As for the Rebs if you were introduced and had spent some time conversing with say an ex-president of a certain chapter not knowing his connection you would not have any inkling that he was a important figure in the organisation for he is very personable, mild mannered and respectful individual.

So speculate as much as you want but try and get some clarity before you mouth off.

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