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Hey cheap light rail?

By Solidarity - 23 March 2012 29

Ok so I don’t agree with that whole light rail idea, I think it’d be a waste of money but….

They’re talking of pulling down the Sydney monorail because they want to refirbish some building or something, would taking the Sydney monorail and moving it to Canberra be a way to save money on building this light rail utopia y’all keep talking about?

As long as there is no chance that the track could bend.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Hey cheap light rail?
dungfungus 2:03 pm 28 Mar 12

Stanhope and fellow aborists could have it installed at the tree theme park. It could be on the boundary a la Disneyland. Friends of the aboretum could take turns to drive it with their Mickey Mouse ears affixed.

HenryBG 1:54 pm 28 Mar 12

Chop71 said :

Hobart wants it

Good. Let’s sell them a bridge, while they’ve got their cheque-book open.

Chop71 1:41 pm 28 Mar 12
AAMC 4:01 pm 23 Mar 12

You know I was sitting in traffic on Northbourne, only yesterday, thinking that an elevated rail system running right down the middle would be a good idea and wouldn’t even affect traffic.

But I would suggest we try to avoid getting Mono from Sydney.

bd84 3:36 pm 23 Mar 12

Cheap? No way that idea would be cheap. It’s over 20 years old and would need significant repairs and maintenance or upgrading to be being close to useful. It would be cheaper to build a new one from scratch.

HenryBG 3:33 pm 23 Mar 12

Get real – that monorail is useless. It’s slow and its capacity is minuscule. (It fits about a dozen people per carriage, from memory)
It couldn’t possibly be a component of any kind of useful mass-transit system.

buzz819 2:49 pm 23 Mar 12

johnboy said :

Au Contraire!

Well it’s sorted, this city has been gearing up to get a mono-rail for at least 6 months now.

We are all systems go for mono-rail.

WhiteRabbit 2:48 pm 23 Mar 12

I like it..
city-commonwealth ave – gallery etc – kings ave – Russell – City

Could be a centenary of Canbera gift

johnboy 2:45 pm 23 Mar 12
buzz819 2:41 pm 23 Mar 12

But we don’t have any giant doughnuts in case it goes out of control to use as an anchor point.

WhiteRabbit 2:19 pm 23 Mar 12

Maybe a loop through the city, over commonwealth avenue, down past the gallery & library and back up Kings avenue to the city again. maybe it could be a centenary of canberra gift from sydney?

Chop71 2:06 pm 23 Mar 12

Where would we put it? Shelby-ville? Northbourne? or around the utopia on the hill?

arescarti42 1:43 pm 23 Mar 12

A monorail like that in Canberra would be an even bigger failure than it was in Sydney. More of a tourist attraction than an effective form of transport.

Monorails are also generally not considered to be light rail. The existing proposals for Canberra envisage a system somewhere between street trams and heavy commuter rail.

M0les 1:43 pm 23 Mar 12


I think one of the reasons for its dismantlement is that it needs mainenance (new cars and the like). I can’t imagine using a 22 year old white elephant that’s actually past its “use-by” is going to save anyone any money.

(But I’m glad you’re at least thinking about it!)

enrique 1:34 pm 23 Mar 12

Insert obligatory Simpsons reference!

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