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Hoon in a Nissan Pulsar

By MartyMcFly - 15 May 2009 155

Spotted this morning a driver in a nissan pulsar acting like a complete hoon while I was on the way to work.

He looked to be wearing a black cap (backwards) and blue sunglasses.

1st bit of hooning was a drag race from the lights on drakeford drive up the parkway with another car (Audi TT) and at pace.

I was trying to catch up to get the Audi TT reg and the Pulsar but could not catch either car, bloody street racers cars are quicker than my Decent Holden Barina which has NOS. After that I finally thought I was catching up to him to give him a piece of my mind when we were coming up to some bends, I slowed down cos I didnt wanna treat it like a race track but he just went flat out still.

In his defence the car handled like it was on rails, wouldnt look out of place at Eastern Creek!!!

Sadly I lost him and never saw him again this morning.

Strangely enough this is not the first time I’ve spotted him…seen him parked at the Mustang Ranch in Fyshwick.

Wonder what his Wife/Girlfriend would do if she found out, what a shame.

I really think we dont need such individuals in Canberra.

This is exactly why I moved from Broadmeadows…… Also why I was happy to see them cancel the V8 cars from racing around parliament. We dont need that. This is the Nation’s Capital! Not Kings Cross!!

[ED – not entirely sure I’m not being wound up here]


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155 Responses to
Hoon in a Nissan Pulsar
MartyMcFly 11:34 am 15 May 09

pptvb said :

you idiot

I hope this was not directed at me? I don’t see why as a law abiding citizen I should have to put up with this blatant hooliganism.

MartyMcFly 11:33 am 15 May 09

Spideydog said :

Get a rego or 2 ??

was hard to see the pulsars one cos it was a custom plate in the horrid lime green colour which made it hard to see from a distance… no idea about the audi, only saw it when they left the lights. Given the audi was a prestige car it would have prolly had personalised plates too. car was a silver colour. Pulsar was white.

pptvb 11:30 am 15 May 09

you idiot

punkarella 11:29 am 15 May 09

Hey – Clown Killer I meant no malice, other than to have a cheap shot at the south side. I got plently of hoons around my part of town.
Anyway you all can take it, I think…I reakon thou if you got your webbed feet looked at, you may be able to beat vin Disel in a drag race… * ducks and covers*

Spideydog 11:24 am 15 May 09

Get a rego or 2 ??

Clown Killer 11:22 am 15 May 09

I live on the south side and I drive an Audi (not a TT though), I don’t know about lower middle class socio-econmoic slums in the Tuggeranong district but I love Top Gear … but my Audi is only supposed to be filled with low-sulpher diesel so I probably wouldn’t chance it with Vin Disel?

MartyMcFly 11:19 am 15 May 09

G-Fresh said :

Marty, you’re a twat. Get over yourself you’re no law enforcer.

I bet it was u wasnt it???? If it were up to me all you hoons would be off the street.
Do you belong to that group i see hanging around Kambah called Rushing hours or something?
always there with their rubbish cars and hooning.

grundy 11:10 am 15 May 09

This rant is funny…


LadyBhaal 11:07 am 15 May 09

Wednesday night there was a matt black car, Toyota Supra type with a huge rear wing doing drags down Barry Dve by ANU, with a white Subaru Forrester following, with some boy standing up out of the sunroof *sigh* They would lurk until there was no traffic and then floor it. They went through ANU for a bit (yes, hooning down those narrow twisty roads), and then up into Black Mountain Ridge 🙁

G-Fresh 11:05 am 15 May 09

Marty, you’re a twat. Get over yourself you’re no law enforcer.

Hamilton 10:53 am 15 May 09

“Maybe it was stolen, cause nobody on the south side can afford an Audi?”

Do you consider Deakin, Redhill, Griffith to be on the north or south side? I’m pretty sure there is more money there than the north side (Melba, Charnwood, Spence, Hawker etc)

The Brad 10:46 am 15 May 09

punkarella said :

I blame the lower middle class socio-econmoic slums of in the Tuggeranong district, and Top Gear, oh and don’t forget Vin Disel.

I don’t think anything has really changed except that cars are cheaper, faster, and more powerful each decade. Meathead drivers have and will always be around. They just have access to faster and more powerful weapons than ever before.

punkarella 10:39 am 15 May 09

Yeah I saw the audi TT nearly nearly smash into another car on Drakeford this morning, weaving in and out of traffic.

Par for the course really in hicksville, I work down here and the drivers and driving is much worse than further north, more P platers it seems with nothing else to do.

I blame the lower middle class socio-econmoic slums of in the Tuggeranong district, and Top Gear, oh and don’t forget Vin Disel.

Maybe it was stolen, cause nobody on the south side can afford an Audi? 🙂

ant 10:35 am 15 May 09

what was the second piece of hooning? I was agog to read about that, but all we got was the first piece!

MartyMcFly 10:29 am 15 May 09

And can I just say for the record, if I catch him doing stupid stuff like that around me I’d have no issue running him off the road. It also begs the question whether licences are being handed out like sweets at a carnival.

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