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How About Donating Blood As Well As Organs?!

By tylersmayhem - 4 August 2008 42

I’ve just finished reading the topic “Organ donor forms now to go with licence renewals”, and it got me thinking about why so many people don’t donate blood?  I’ve always been a keen blood donor, but since I have been overseas for about 5 years, I can’t donate for about 12 months.

The Red Cross have been screaming out forever about the need for blood, and often I think people don’t even consider it, until someone they know is in an accident, or worse – and need some of the precious red stuff.  Somehow I think if the Red Cross handed out coin (like they do in the US), there would be plenty more donors.  This is sad really!

Get out there and start saving lives Canberra – and I’m interested to hear why so many Canberrans don’t donate.

[ED – dubious locality and news value but I’ll let it through this time as I know Tylersmayhem has been gagging to get a story posted]

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
How About Donating Blood As Well As Organs?!
johnboy 9:28 pm 04 Aug 08

tylersmayhem said :

JB, I never knew about this Red Cross trying to flog blood for profit…do tell! That also is a shocker.

I linked to one of the articles, around the same time they also got in trouble for selling blood to the pharmaceutical industry for research purposes IIRC.

Pandy 9:11 pm 04 Aug 08

I have bad blood. Does that make organs crook?

dragonflygal 9:10 pm 04 Aug 08

I can’t donate for health reasons.

But what I’m wondering is – why aren’t new parents routinely asked if they want to donate their newborn’s umbilical cord?

sepi 9:07 pm 04 Aug 08

The govt is working with the Red Cross in partnership these days, so I doubt there’s any blood sales going on.

It is in all our interests to donate blood. Australia had one of the best blood safety records in the world for years and years, as we only used locally donated blood. For this reason we had far fewer aids cases through donated blood than countries like the US, who pay for blood (a lot of junkies used to sell their blood). Nowadays the US buys blood from other countries like India.

Australia is now looking to buy blood from overseas also, if donations continue to drop.

Vic Bitterman 9:04 pm 04 Aug 08

As a strapping young lad, after donating blood for the first time I passed out afterwards and crashed unconscious onto the table sending cups of tea flying.

I’ve consequently been banned from donating!

Whatsup 8:53 pm 04 Aug 08

Haven’t been healthy enough over the last few years to meet the criteria, they don’t want to bottle my fine red vintage at the moment. Will be back when I can to swap my blood for a milkshake… lime please !

tylersmayhem 8:22 pm 04 Aug 08

I think Peterh and New Yeah are shockers! I take it you are fishing for an argument. You might just change your tune and fish for some sympathy…and blood, should you or a member of your family need it. Then those bicuits might look pretty good. I must have been in denial to think that some of you would actually expect money for giving the gift of life to people?!

JB, I never knew about this Red Cross trying to flog blood for profit…do tell! That also is a shocker.

miz 7:33 pm 04 Aug 08

I used to donate heaps, but unfortunately was in the UK at the wrong time and had to get a shot made with blood products (AntiD). Probably now have mad cow disease! So, they don’t want my O neg anymore.

They also ask lots of questions on the form, about eg tattoos, piercings, sex workers (are you one or have you visited one), recent unprotected sex, etc. I figure lots of younger people are unable to give blood these days.

fabforty 7:15 pm 04 Aug 08

I am a blood donor but don’t donate as much as I should. One reason is the amount of time it takes. Even when I am booked in, it can take an hour and a half – sometimes even two if it is busy – and it often is.

They do a really good job but perhaps if they streamlined things a bit more to allow people to get in and out more quickly they would get people to come a bit more often.

I would be more than happy to donate if they come to Civic in one of their vans, but I don’t seem to hear about it if they do. Does anyone know ?

Granny 6:26 pm 04 Aug 08

I am guessing apathy, inertia, lack of awareness and … is there a word for fear of needles? … But you do make a very good point.

: )

bighead 6:01 pm 04 Aug 08

The fact that I just about passed out last time I had a blood test pretty much rules me out.

johnboy 5:59 pm 04 Aug 08

If only the Red Cross hadn’t been caught trying to flog donated blood for profit.

Frankly I’d prefer this activity was within the government health sector rather than run by a multinational NGO with an imperfect track record in times of moral crisis.

New Yeah 5:54 pm 04 Aug 08

You can get a biscuit AND a milk shake if you donate at the Woden Red Cross. Plus there is a program running whereby if you donate more than three times a year you can get some kind of trinket or bauble – last year I scored a diary.

As for Canberrans not donating, they seem to get a decent flow of people happening whenever the Blood Bus is in Parkes.

peterh 5:36 pm 04 Aug 08

what has tylersmayhem been gagging on?

blood donors? pay me to donate and i will give more. Biscuit doesn’t really cut it.

captainwhorebags 5:25 pm 04 Aug 08

Local angle: Canberra apparently has the highest rate of donors per capita in the country.

Completely anecdotal, but that’s what the phlebotomists at the blood bank say.

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